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Cosplaying went great today hehe x

3/15/09 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
かのこん Chizuru

I am a one tailed fox spirit.

♥ Kouta♥

Hair colour : Blonde in fox form
Brown in human form

The Other Half Of Me


♥♥♥Naruto is an awesome other half♥♥♥

Final Distance
Ki ni naru noni kikenai
Oyogitsukarete kimi made mukuchi ni naru
Aitai noni mienai nami ni osarete
Mata sukoshi tooku naru
Togirenai you ni Keep it going baby
Onaji kimochi ja nai nara tell me
Muri wa shinai shugi demo
Sukoshi nara shite mitemo ii yo
I wanna be with you now
Futari de distance chijimete
Ima nara maniau kara
We can start over
Hitotsu ni wa narenai
I wanna be with you now
Itsu no hi ka distance mo
Dakishimerareru you ni nareru yo
We can start sooner
Yappari I wanna be with you
Hitokoto de konna ni mo kizutsuku kimi wa
Kodoku wo oshiete kureru
Mamorenai toki keep on trying, baby
Yakusoku toori ja nai kedo trust me
Muri wa shinai shugi demo
Kimi to narashite mitemo ii yo
I wanna be with you now
Futari de distance mitsumete
Ima nara maniau kara
We can start over
Kotoba de tsutaetai
I wanna be with you now
Sono uchi ni distance mo
Dakishimerareru you ni nareru yo
We should stay together
Yappari I need to be with you

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Naruto Sasuke and the Third Wheel

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  • first part yaoi please read it ^ ^

    NaruXsasu: Konoha high

    Naruto woke up from his restless sleep and looked out of the window. The blond boy got changed into his black trousers and blazer; after he got changed he looked into the mirror to check his appearance, he combed his blonde locks of hair but this made his hair flat.

    The blond boy slipped two head phones in his ears and his sling on bag on his back. He slowly walked out the house and walked to his new school called Konoha high.

    As soon as he arrived at the school the bell had rung loudly, just loud enough that Naruto could hear it. Naruto Walked to his new class room and entered the door were eyes watched him walk in and sit down. Everyone stared at him except one boy with black raven hair. Naruto took no notice of the boy and looked out the window. The teacher standing at the front of the class was Iruka sensei; He started to call out the names of everyone in the class. “Sakura Haruno” Naruto didn’t now anyone in his class so he just ignored his sensei “Sasuke Uchiha” Naruto’s eyes lit up as he heard this unusual name in his ear. He looked at the raven haired boy as he answered to his name, Iruka carried on calling out names. Naruto looked the other way but he could still see Sasuke out of the corner of his eye.

    The bell rang loudly and everyone walked out the classroom. Naruto walked slowly thinking about this Sasuke boy. He went onto the field were he sat under a blossom tree looking at the clouds. A figure ran over to him and hid behind the blossom tree. “Huh?” Naruto looked at the raven haired boy who stood behind the blossom. “Why are yo...” before the blond could finish his sentence, the raven haired boy covered his mouth and dragged him behind the tree” Naruto looked at the boy suspiciously as he stood up off the grass covered floor. He could see that Sasuke was out of breath, because his eyes were closed and he was trying to catch his breath.

    Two girls, one blonde and pink haired walked over to the tree calling in a high voice “Sasuke” Naruto looked at Sasuke, but Sasuke’s expression was emotionless. “What’s up?” Sasuke looked at him with his dark gleaming eyes “I need you to help me” Naruto smiled happily because he wanted to help “sure…what do you need help with?” Sasuke pointed to the two fan girls walking over “I need help to get rid of them” Naruto laughed “why would you want to get rid of girls who adore you?” Sasuke ignored Naruto and watched as the girls walked over. The raven haired boy suddenly hugged Naruto tightly and whispered in his ear “Don’t say a word” Naruto blushed madly as his heart beat was faster than ever. Sasuke looked at the girls getting closer and looked into Naruto’s blue crystal eyes. Naruto started to breathe fast as Sasuke’s soft lips touched Naruto’s tanned neck. Naruto let out a moan.

    The two girls heard Naruto and walked over behind the tree, as soon as they saw Naruto and Sasuke they punched Naruto in the face “huh? Will you just leave me alone can’t you see I’m not interested in you” Sasuke ran over to the blond boy and held him tight “sorry about that” He gives out a little laugh “it’s ok I just wanted to help you” Naruto’s smile made Sasuke’s stomach tight “So your name was Naruto right?” Naruto touched Sasuke’s stomach to soothe the pain “yeah that’s me!” Sasuke helped Naruto up but as he grabbed his hand it was like they had fallen for one another. “I better go now!” Naruto ran off leaving his lover behind.

    Naruto arrived in class early to sort out his looks. Iruka suddenly appeared behind him “hello Naruto how was your first day?” Naruto blushed madly thinking about Sasuke. “It was g-good thanks” Iruka looked at Naruto and rolled his eyes.

    Everyone arrived at the class on time except Sasuke…Naruto looked around desperately trying to find him, his heart sunk low and as he looked down his lover arrived at the door with a

    4 Comments 226 weeks

  • Kairi (soz jess i stool this off uu^ ^)

    1.I _____ Kairi.

    2. I want to _____ Kairi.

    3. Kairi is _____.

    4. Kairi and I are _____.

    5. If I was alone in a room with Kairi we would probably_____.

    6. I wish Kairi could _____.

    7. Kairi is going to marry _____.

    8. Kairi reminds me of _____.

    9. If Kairi was an animal, she would be a _____.

    10. One day, Kairi and I will _____.

    1 Comment 234 weeks

  • loves this song^^

    This was a triumph
    I'm making a note here
    It's hard to overstate my satisfaction
    Aperture Science

    we do what we must because we can
    for the good of all of us except for the ones who are dead
    but there's no sense crying over every mistake
    you just keep on trying until you run out of cake
    and the science gets done and you make a neat gun
    for the people who are still alive

    I'm not even angry
    I'm being so sincere right now
    even though you broke my heart and killed me
    and torn into pieces
    and threw every piece into a fire
    as they burned it hurt because I was so happy for you!
    Now these points of data make a wonderful line
    and we're out of beta, we're releasing on time
    so I'm glad I got burned
    Think of all the things we learned for the people that are still alive

    go ahead and leave me
    I think I prefer to stay inside
    maybe you'll find someone else to help you
    maybe black mesa
    that was a joke, haha, fat chance
    anyway this cake is great, it's so delicious and moist
    look at me still talking, when there's science to do
    when I look out there it makes me glad I'm not you
    I've experiments to run, there is research to be done
    on the people who are still alive

    and believe me I am still alive
    I'm doing science and I'm still alive
    I feel FANTASTIC and I'm still alive
    While you are dying I'll be still alive
    and when you're dead I'll be still alive
    STILL ALIVE, still alive

    0 Comments 234 weeks

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My result is: Twitches

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You're the mystical moon. You're never the same person for very long. You're attitude and personality both are almost consistently changing. This feature makes it hard to fully understand you but it's also what makes you such an amusing person.
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FIRST SCHOOL: clyst st mary

FIRST CELL PHONE: samsung thingy

FIRST FUNERAL: ive never been to one

FIRST PET: dog jake

FIRST BIG TRIP: scotland




FIRST JOB: havent had one yet

FIRST BEBO FRIEND: my sister ^ ^


LAST PERSON I HUGGED: cant remember


LAST TIME I CRIED?: few days ago

LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: princess mononoke



LAST SHIRT WORN: ????random

LAST PHONE CALL: my phone broke

LAST TEXT MESSAGE: my phone broke

LAST THING I TOUCHED: wot kind of a question is that

LAST FUNERAL: ..................




LAST THING I DRANK: lemonade^ ^



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close What do the naruto characters think of you!(prefer

What do the naruto characters think of you!(preferably girls)


Your very dark and quiet your also a ruthless killer. Except when your with Neji you seem to have an effect on him that make you both happyer

Good point: Strong,smart,kind,resorceful,unjudgemental

Bad points:

Cold,unrelenting,overly ruthless, unmerciful

Naruto: scary..but cool its strange but i like her in a weird way

Sasuke : i dont talk to her and she doesnt talk to me, she acts like my brother, i am unfeeling towards her, atleast shes not a fangirl.

Thinks: im going to keep my eye onher

Sakura: She kicked me in the stmaoc because i said that sasukes hair was cute..she said it looked like a peigeon butt...

Kakashi: stong willed but arragont, hrmph if only she was a little more friendly and rational she would have some serious potential as hokage

Choji: She eat...the..last...chip...need i say more.....

Ino: Crys (you told her if she ever said the word sasuke again you would break her nose and...well)

Shikimaru: troble some and scary...atleast shes not spunky, she actally very good at shogi, but i dont play with her, she threw the board in my face when she lost...

Asuma : I actally really like her

Thinks: hmmBeatiful and strong theres just so must to her its unbelivable.....*blush*

Kiba: Erm she kicked akamru in a strop, she may be beatiful but boy is she mean...she need a sharp slap in the face

Hinata: *so scared she faints...*

Shino :hrmph..amazing, i feel at peace around her..mabey shes the one...for me , Neji -gives evil look*

Kurinai; err..well shino seems to like her an awful lot..

Lee: NO youth, and she goes out with neji, i must train to beat her

Gai: Her emotinal block has made her a strong oponiant yet she does care for her friends, i think theres more to her than meets the eye

Tenten: She took my nejiknis..die

Neji: is unexplainable the feeling i have for her, its our destiny to be together, all i want to do is lie with her, be with her this is true love!

Kankuro : Hmm i like the dark kind especially , i think i might actally try to get this girl..i like a challange

Temari: Kankuro is fixated with her...shes a bit creppy

Gaara: She has no idea what true pain is...i hate her

Orochimaru: She will join me, whether she likes it or not

Itachi:That bratswill either be mine..or die

deidra: Hrmph i hate to disappoint itachi, hes just in it for her looks...but i see somthing past that, i love her *blush

Tobi: shes a scary girl

Thinks: Uf a equals the astrinomiacal square root of.....

Sasori : Spitefull and cruel, shes perfect for the atasuki

Pein: shes not only beatiful but strong a perfect asset, shes perfect for me, i shall marry her

Tsunde: Another orochimaru, i dislike her intsnsly, a possible traitor

Jariya: i must reasearch her * you kill him*

haku: Merciless killer,zabuza says i should be more like her *crys*

Zabuza: I shall capture and if i like her well....i may just make her my wife

Iruka: Like sasuke only scary...i wonder could she be with the atasuki

Unbeknownst to all, Hyuuga Neji had actually figured out he was attracted to Team Azumas newest kunoichi at fourteen, when she had fallen out of a prison of water and into his arms. A quiet ?thank you? had done more to change the way he saw you than any of your fierce battles had ever done.

Now at eighteen, Neji felt the same way, if not more, towards you. And, as he had pleasingly learned during a particularly wayward training session about a year after their return from Sand, your feelings for him were just as true. So he was not the least bit opposed to Gai?s and Azumas request that he got with you to gather firewood on their team training/camping trip. Nor was he opposed to the unprecedented grab you made for him to guide him into an outcropping of stone not one hundred feet away from where Gai and Azuma were erecting the tent.

But if she didn?t quiet that inconspicuous (and confessedly adorable) giggling, they would be discovered mid-make out session and the years Neji and you had spent perfecting an abrasive, unyielding persona would be made worthless.

?Don?t be so stiff, for goodness sake,? you murmured, one hand gently kneading his left shoulder in an effort to make him decompress. ?They?ll never hear us so far away.?

?I just don?t?see what?? It was so hard to speak coherently when you were teasingly nipping at the side of his neck. ?What?s so humorous.?

you laughed again. ?Your never-ending propriety, for one thing.? With a small pause, you tilted her head and met his eyes. ?See, Neji? I?m still unkissed enough to use a word like ?propriety?. That?s bad.? Neji had the one thought that if anyone was going to kill him before he was twenty, it would be this weapons mistress with her come-hither eyes ? before you seized him by the shirt collar and yanked him bodily against you.

Despite the fact that it would have been gentlemanly to let you know that your hair was beginning to fall out of its plaited style or that your shirt had begun to ride up, it was truer that he liked your hair messy and the glimpse of muscled midriff was nothing to sneeze at. Emboldened by your obvious show of affection, Neji encircled her waist with his arms and inclined his head to claim your mouth with his own. His jet black hair fell forward, stark against the white fabric she wore.

When they broke apart for air, Neji was pleased to find that your lovely eyes were perfectly glazed over, and anything beyond two-syllable words would most likely be impossible for you to manage by now.

But then again, he was just getting started.

Switching angles, he pressed you to him with a hand over her shoulder blades. you responded by slinging one long leg around the backs of both of his. you had a domineering side that he was still undecided of whether it was a good or a bad thing. Bad during battles, he reflected, perfect for moments like this. Unless, of course, he was feeling a bit domineering himself.

Twirling some of your loose hair around one finger, Neji ran closed-mouth kisses just below your ear. This time, you were the one who tensed and curled her hands into the back of his shirt. They switched angles and deepened their kiss. you began to arch backward against the solid wall he had pressed you up against, and Neji followed your lead, taking hold of your wrists and wrapping your hands around his own neck to give him better access to you. He moved forward?

And fell, quickly and gracelessly in their narrow crevice. He had forgotten about the you she had pinned him with.

You treid to supress it being the cold suave person you were. But your giggling began, this time so uncontrolled that even your raised hand did little to muffle the sound. And you were loud enough to alert?

?NEJI! -------! How glad I am that you have decided to unleash your YOUTHFUL SPIRIT in this wondrous work of nature!?

Gai boomed with such zeal that small pebbles began to tip out of the recess in the stone cliff face, right on Neji?s fuming head. Behind Azuma grinned Throught his ciggarette

?I think they forgot about our firewood, Gai-sensei! After all, we did not required rocks!?

With as much dignity as he could sitting on the dusty ground as the kunoichi of his affections laughed, Neji shot a glare that would inflict ideas of death upon any other recipient. Azuma merely cocked an eyebrow, which only made him want to Jyuuken the hell out of your sensei.

?We?ll go get your firewood,? you relented when you had sobered enough to assist Neji in getting to his feet.

?Actually, Azuma can go with you,? revised Gai. ?I need Neji to search our packs and make sure no enemy ninja with an invisibility jutsu have placed harmful articles within!?

It was a bunk excuse to keep the Hyuuga from you, and all of them knew, but Azuma and you were too amused to argue and Neji was disinclined to waste his breath ? especially since he was still fairly robbed of it from his stolen minutes with you.

The new assignments didn?t keep you from catching the edge of his sleeve and whispering to him. ?If you?re not doing anything later, I?ll meet you in that recess.?

Gai began exclaiming something pointless to him (?I?m SURE we?ve dangerous enemies to concern ourselves with even out HERE where the lands are not ninja-affiliated!?), but Neji watched as you went off with Azuma, the first traces of a smile flitting along his lips.

Did you like it. Then message.

close Naruto Spin The Bottle (for girls only)

Naruto Spin The Bottle (for girls only)


the bottle stops after only a few seconds and lands on... Naruto.

He grins madly, walks over to you and kisses you on the lips.

later he asks if you want to go get some ramen with him, you walk down the streets hand in hand

and your relasionship blossoms afterwards.

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close Which Naruto Girl Are You?

Which Naruto Girl Are You?

My result is: You Are Sakura Haruno!

You are the beautiful pink haired kunoichi of the Hidden Village in the Leaves, Sakura Haruno. You despise being called weak, and take every opportunity you can to let yourself shine! You also have monstrous strength and incredible healing abilities, therefore you are a valuable asset to your fellow ninja.
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how random are you?
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Who is your Disney Prince? (girlz only)
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