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Photo Album Downloader

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  • App created: September 2008
  • www.bebo.com/app-photodownloader
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About This App
Work in progress :)

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  • Whoops...Back up and running again.

    Sorry about that ='[
    All should be working again.

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  • Work in progress

    This is work in progress
    While this isn't fully perfect/automatic it saves a lot of time so far from doing it manually :) :)

    You will need
    1.A download manager/application on your computer to download the files. (You should really have one installed anyway, can also do this manually but takes an extreme length of time)
    I'd reccomend FlashGet if you don't have one http://www.flashget.com/download.htm
    2.A bebo account, currently can only do your own photo albums but this will be extended soon to all profiles you have access to.

    Ok, this app generates the list of urls for all images in a single photo album, very handy if you need to download all of your images (or someone else's) or want to create a backup of all upload images.

    Add the app here:

    Then click the link to choose a photo album: http://apps.bebo.com/photodownloader...
    Choose the album you want to download.
    You will then be present with the list of urls like this
    http :/ /i4.bebo.com/046a/14/large/2008/0
    http :/ /i4.bebo.com/046a/14/large/2008/0
    http :/ /i4.bebo.com/046a/14/large/2008/0
    http :/ /i4.bebo.com/046a/14/large/2008/0
    and so on.
    If you have FlashGet installed or another download manager then when you select them and choose copy it should give you the option to download using FlashGet. If not save the list into a file, open FlashGet and go to 'File -> Import' , then choosing the file to import the urls. You will need to choose a folder to save them into obviously, no authenciate is required and after entering settings for the first url choose the option to use the same settings for all the rest.

    They should then be downloaded super-quickly :)
    You might be asking how come it only downloads the large and not original (super-large) versions of the photos.
    Well some images don't have original versions so this causes a problem.
    If you want to download all the original images off an album which you know contains original sized images then follow this:
    1.Copy the list of urls in notepad/textedit.
    2.Edit Menu -> Replace
    large with original
    l.jpg with o.jpg

    Import this into Flashget using the method above
    Bear in mind flashget will return a 'not found' error for any images which does not have an original version if you try to retrieve one.

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  • Daniel Teisina
    Daniel Teisina


    May 12
  • Shameena Ali
    Shameena Ali


    Mar 11
  • Gail Lee
    Gail Lee

    hi all, need a little help. i have over 70 photo albums, but when i click on the link to go to albums, only 6 albums are actually showing up!! any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

    Feb 25
  • Zia Khan


  • Scott And Kirsten
    Scott And Kirsten

    team chaos hit glasgow many moons ago

  • Aileen T
    Aileen T

    can some1 please help how do i get all my pics from here onto my facebook xx

  • Cushty

    just using the photo downloader. Just wondered...all my photos are saving into the folder on "flashget" is there anyway i can move them to another folder, one not in flashget?

  • Steven Moran
    Steven Moran

    how do u create an accont on slide.com i cant see create account any where

  • Brian Johnstone 5/4/11
  • Danielle
    luv Danielle

    hey micheal just wana say a big thank you ive ben tryin to get bebo pics to facebook for a long time cheers it worked brilliant

  • Big Joe

    @Micheál Fitzgerald - Thanks m8. www.slide.com Works nicely :)

  • Micheál Fitzgerald
    Micheál Fitzgerald

    Easy Download Bebo Photos / Copy Bebo Photos to Facebook 1. Go to www.slide.com. [This is a trusted website] 2. Create a free account. 3. Click on Create & Click Create a Slideshow. 4. Click Add Images from Bebo. 5. Enter your Bebo Username & Password to connect to the Bebo Account. [This is a secure connection] 6. Click Get My Images. 7. Select All Images. 8. Click Save Code [Any style will do] 9. Click Save Slideshow 10. Click on your username [this will list your slideshows] 11. Find the Slideshow you just created 12. Select Options and 13. Select Download Images 14. Save the Zip file to a location on PC/Laptop 15. Unzip the file of your photos to PC/Laptop 16. Job Done 17. Happy Days 18. Upload as normal to Facebook To download Facebook photos to PC/Laptop, repeat the same steps but substitute Facebook for Bebo. More Info: http://www.corkracing.ie/easydownloa...

  • Mary Therasa Beyonce
    Mary Therasa Beyonce

    Why is this not working?

  • Live Fae The Nut Hut
    luv Live Fae The Nut Hut

    saw this n thought of u xxx

  • Laura-Loo

    So does it work or not then?

  • PhotoLister
    luv PhotoLister

    Try PhotoLister, inspired by this application but with an easier interface. http://apps.bebo.com/photolister

  • Donnacha Gayer
    Donnacha Gayer

    Have you made an extended version of this which would generate the urls and allow similiar downloading of friends photos? Thanks.

  • Chris White
    Chris White

    thanks, got it working at last, with Jdownloader.... Have to click on go to app as the link "click the link to chose a photo album" wasn't working! hopefully that will help some other people!

  • Craig M
    Craig M

    it only works every now and then :(

  • Barry

    Couldnt get flashget to work but got flashgot to work wen using mozilla firefox