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feel for all those in Canterbury at the mo.... my heart goes out to you ...xx

2/22/11 | me too! | Reply

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Tony Wright

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    First before you read any further, fill in the four blanks below with the names of the followin people you know....

    1- Your best friend________
    2- Girl/Boy friend or love interest_________
    3- Your boss or teacher_______
    4- An acquaintance (who has your phone number)_________

    Now, drop the four names in their numbered spots and watch how Bizzaar things can get!!!!


    It was a tuesday night. My good friend (1)________ was crashin at my place and had already fallen asleep in my bedroom. I was just about to kick (1)_________ out my fuckin' bed and tell 'im to go to the livin room when some idiot started bangin on my frot door. I walked down the stairs, stil half asleep, and opened the door. Lo and behold, it was (3)____. I asked, "wat the hell are you doin here?" Lookin dirty, sweaty, and scared as hell (3)_____ said, "i'm fuckin' sorry, but i didn't know where else too go! Somebody is lookin' for me, and they're gonna kill me if they find me! You gotta help me!" So i said, "fuck it." I let the weirdo in. I said, "before you even explain anything to me, you need to take a shower. You smell like an anus," As soon as this freak closed the bathroom door to take a shower, my phone rang. I picked it up. "Hello?" the voice asked, "Hey wats up? Its me, (4)_________. Listen, I hate to call you so late, but i have to tell yo somethin very, very important. It just cant wait any longer...." Right then i heard another knock on my "fuckin" door. This shit was gettin crazy. I told (4)_______ to please hang on for a second, and I ran to the front door. What the fuck??? It was my baby cakes, (2)________, lookin' pssed as hell. Before I could say anything, (2)______ yelled, "Where the fuck is (3)________?! I'm gonna kill that bitch!!!! I asked, what the hell happened?" (2)_________ (whose face was all red from cryin and screamin' and shit) said, "I needed to talk to my mom, so I went too see her a few hours ago. When I walked inside the house I heard some giglin' and moanin' and shit comin from my mom's room. I walked in and somehow (3)________ ws fuckin' my mom!!! They were 69'n and lickin' each others buttholes and all that shit!!! Can you believe that?" Wow. I didn't know wat to say. Luckily, (2)_______ still didn't know that (3)________ was chillin' in my fuckin' shower. I was trapped on the spot. I quickly told (2)________ to just have a seat on the couch for a second and calm down. I ran back to the phone where (4)_________ was still waitin. I picked it up and said, "Hey, you ain't gonna believe whats goin on here." (4)________ cut me right off and said, "Well you ain't gonna believe wat i'm bout to tell you......I don't know any other way than just to say it flat out. I've been hidin this for a long time....... Here it goes..... Me and (1)______ are in love with each other. We have been havin sex with each other for the last two years, and we both want you in our mix. We both want to feel your bittersweet ass." I was like, "WHAT THE FUCK?!?!" I hung up the phone as fast as i could. I was completely in shock.
    Just when i thoght it couldn't get any worse, it did. Suddenly, (2)________ noticed (3)________'s shoes by the bathroom door. Before i could say anything, (2)________ looked right at me pissed as hell and said, "You fuckin traitor! Them are (3)_________'s fuckin' shoes right there! I'll bet that (3)__________ is hiding in your 'fuckin' bathroom right now! (2)_______ jumped up, walked over, and kicked in my bathroom door. Bang! It was on.
    (2)__________ snatched (3)________'s naked ass right up out the shower and next thing I knew it was a nude wrestlemania right in my fuckin' livin room. They were swinging and 'kickin everywhere, and steady breaking everything around them. I tried to hide. I ran into my bedroom and thats when it got even worse!
    As soon as I opened my bedroom door, there was (1)________ lickin a pair of my underwear while

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    WAT U WNNA B???
    My friend -
    My SEXY boyfreind-
    My mummy -
    My daddy -
    My big brother -
    My little sister-
    My best boy m8 -
    My sxc best friend -
    My personal shopper -
    My slave -
    My fairy god mother -
    My sexy biatch -
    My lil cutie pie-
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    My cleaner -

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  • something for u

    hw cn i spel PRECIO_S witot U? C_TE witot U? evn GORGO_S? i cnt evn sae H_G ME witot U! c hw hard lyf wld b witot U!

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  • luv Nyamy Lysandra Haskins

    um went to www.bebo.com like a normal person would do lol <3 <3 <3

  • luv Nyamy Lysandra Haskins

    hey skank xx

    10/27/11 via Mobile
  • luv Nyamy Lysandra Haskins

    yay my 1st frend lol when u accept haha =]

  • luv Im ThAt Bitch.

    heya oh dat kewl u got a wee gurl now ae im good ae still living in chch boring lol.....

  • Insane Clown
    Insane Clown

    hey you THIEF you stole my blog lol did ya do it funny aye took me ages but not long too type it lol and no love for you THIEF lol

  • Insane Clown
    Insane Clown

    Hey sis did quiz but i shit lol and its old et mum and tony do my quiz's see i tagged up tony and did his truth box lol

  • Tania C
    luv Tania C

    that bloody stinks bout ya car we have the net on again so we can keep in touch more hows the family?hope all is well

  • Kelz
    luv Kelz

    hae biatch.... watz ya bn up2? aint hurd frm u n awhle gee dnt evn wna tawk 2 me n e mre... hw was ya xmas n new yrz??? xxx

  • Tanz F
    Tanz F

    hey kel hows everything down south miss ya heaps coming down after xmas so that would be good

  • Tony Wright
    luv Tony Wright

    Hey babe your the most awesome woman in the world too me i am the most happy guy in the world shareing my life with such a great woman. I love you babe XXX OOO :-)

  • Pauline Betts
    luv Pauline Betts

    Was lovely to be over for the birth of Brooke p- wouldnt have missed it in the world .. love ya lots and miss ya heaps xxxxxx