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Buddha Quote

Buddha Quote is Back

8/14/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • App created: September 2008
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About This App

Quotes from the Enlightened One...
About This App
Quotes from the buddha displayed on your profile... Choose from a large selection of sayings from the buddhas life.

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  • Nik Ruiz Tuxcha by Nik Ruiz Tuxcha Im Buddhist what shall I write, what tell you? Maybe one thing: Its everytime I see the App and read the words I just took.... I am smiling or laughing at the sky and feel a thank you for all that was expressed by the Enlightened and other Boodhis that got this gift,this fruit of work too: Enlightment - my Karma shows another way as it seems.... then: My sweet Lord, I start with praying!
  • Snowy by Snowy Very nice, i love this and it is a worthy addition to my profile. Thank you:)
  • by Rochelle interesting
  • Jazzy Tina by Jazzy Tina I love it... =)
  • by Pete I'm very close to Buddhism and it brings a moment of dignity & devotion on my page!Thanks!!
  • by Caroline Wyse so true
  • Oliana Aiga by Oliana Aiga AWESOME!!!!
  • Glasslippery by Glasslippery Most wondeful!
  • LaNno Kaneko by LaNno Kaneko BIBI
  • Beth Loughran by Beth Loughran ITS A LOVELY OUOTE
  • by Bubby This makes you think about life...how you are living today...
  • Margaret A by Margaret A Never a truer word spoken
  • T.J by T.J SoO true, my mother has had it all
  • Rosella S by Rosella S brill!!!
  • 'Oto'Ota Kakala FaUlaopohahau by 'Oto'Ota Kakala FaUlaopohahau luv this app
  • Trox by Trox Perfection of beauty is found in the pedal of a Cherry blossom .. fore within its heart is ones own heart.
  • by シ -Nıɔoןǝ Bnɹɹonƃɥs i love it
  • Ms. Inna TeO by Ms. Inna TeO 5 stars
  • Luvkss by Luvkss life sucks..lol

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  • Julie Pauloosie
    Julie Pauloosie

    you suck

  • Pete

    IT STILL DOES NOT WORK.......... Care 4my Enlightment People & Checkerzzz, U software & App Gurus...U digital Dudes fix my Buddha Quote or are U analog Dopes and used for these APP a 'All Ready For Dummies Fast Made WOW All Inside Box' from 1 & 1 ?? Seems so coz since weeks and weeks nothing so I wait one more week & then is Delete Day such a pitty it is but I have fine books with pics and words just like these. I'll then lay it beside my PC! Tranquility is fine, but yours ...lazybones &dopes, as sad as it is another way to see things does no longer exist...maybe Ur Buddhism is sweet Smoke! U are NO Gurus, U just give as a little thing black.. Don't Fool Me by makin sum up to date thing bad, I'm terrible old kids choice!!

  • luv Pete

    Why does my App not work? Do U have a problem or I wid my page? Shall I delete it and try it new, now can anybody answer....my Valium is destroyed:L :L THANKS

  • luv Pete

    MY APP DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE :) The Center, the Temple of my page is a black spot HELP ME, PLEASE U INTERNET GURUS:::HELP !!! I NEED IT TO RELAX.....GIMME BACK

  • Scuddy McChudsworth
    Scuddy McChudsworth

    Cool app, you can use my skin if you want too.

  • Trox

    I am glad there is an app like this ... would luv to see something in the cup turning of the Tea Cup .. a Japanese thingy ... Luv the app ... Two Thumbs Up and 4 Stars ! Dannie

  • CoxCyy Divah
    CoxCyy Divah

    bitch dis shit is ugly

  • Johnz

    kool app :D