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  • from Aberdeen / Dunfermline
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About Me

your eyes they hypnotise me every night im in a dream..
Me, Myself, and I

Okay so I dont really use bebo anymore but if you happen to come across my page take a look at my fashion blog...


Its for uni so let me know what you think..thanks xx

Meet me in outer space.
We could spend the night; watch the earth come up.
I've grown tired of that place; won't you come with me?
We could start again.

Meet me in outer space.
I will hold you close, if you're afraid of heights.
I need you to see this place,
it might be the only way that I can show you how it feels to be inside of you.
How do you do it? Make me feel like I do.
How do you do it? It's better than I ever knew.
You are stellar.
The Other Half Of Me
Johanna Nelson
The girls..pretty floral dresses..student discount..my vogue subscription..titp.. korova..fashion management..prison break..online shopping..malia times..gin and cranberry with fresh lime..dior make-up..tigi hair products..bidding on ebay..Got to dance and so you think you can dance!..dundee nights out..spontaneous piercings..tattoos..guys with tattoos..guys with guitars =)..curly hair..cheese fails, knee fails and life fails..when amy brings me chilli cheese..when tasha makes me tea..friday rock nights =)
not so much
saas. my wii fit telling me in 29.

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  • Malia 2008

    Arrive in Heraklion airport and follow Natalie into what I thought were female toilets then having to hide until all the men had finished at the urinals

    Jen jumped in the pool, fined 25 euros and on our last warning from the owners on the first night!

    Jen gets a brithday lapdance from Gilly, the most terrifying yet erotic experience of her life!! We all planned this from the start of the holiday!

    Me and Jen enter wet t shirt competition and lose to a transvestite named "Phylis" who has thee smallest penis EVER.

    We meet Mr Sandwich and Mrs Sandwich and show them and the rest of Malia SNAIL

    Bruce and his News of the World

    First night we sing Karioke and barely make it halfway down the strip..Lindsay falls off the bar and we have to take her home!

    The PR with the MASSIVE hair..and the one with the cardigan.."Mate its 39degrees and your wearing a cardigan? any chance??

    Mine and Kerrys cave being haunted by Samara..she showered four times in the middle of the night and her hair came out of the drains

    Saying Yiasou to Gerorge at the supermarket, Zorbas and of course mr Sandwich everynight on the way to the strip everynight without fail!

    Simple breakfasts for 3euros

    Eating dog at the bbq on the first night

    Finding dead cat on the way home from the strip and Kerry having it for a curry the next day

    Meeting the great people at the 4 seasons..Kerry Marsella Natalie Arlie from Kirkalday Mario the sexiest glass collector Spiros and his moped Van the Man Van the Chef Antonio and Zilos..

    Meeting Mr Spew

    Discovering Red Vodka and Lemonade

    Coyotes everynight at 2am for the doorbell dance!!! EVERYBODIES SLOW SWIMMIN!!

    4 for 1 in Newcastle Bar

    Being caught on cctv and the whole of the Four Seasons finding out

    Waking Scamo up on his night off to come and see Claire



    The pole dancing competition that was a fix!




    Staying up all night to wait on the pool opening at 8am..turns out to be 9am

    Waking up in a different room everynight

    "WHOS RYAN??"








    doorbell doorbell doorbell doorbell doorbell, DOUBLE DOORBELL DOUBLE DOORBELL DOUBLE DOORBELL DOUBLE DOORBELL..........ICE CREAM CONE ICE CREAM CONE ICE CREAM CONE ICE CREAM CONE. bash it bash it bash the fuking bishop! feed the pigeons feed the fuking pigeons...

    we'll be comin, we'll be comin, we;ll be COMIN down the road.... when you hear the noise of the tartan army boys, we'll be comin down the road!!

    Best clubs:

    Zigzag, Club 69, Candy, Malibu Club, The Venue, Coyotes, Newcastle Bar and the 24hour bar at 4Seasons.......

    0 Comments 263 weeks

  • Ayia Napa 2007

    "Dae we care? Dae we fuck!"

    "Louisa Louisa!!!"

    "Excuse me but your blocking the flow"

    "Hi do u speak french? Yeah i can speak french! "Jai un chat"

    "El Skunko"

    Back Door Exits


    "Dun na na na na na na na Batman!!"

    "No spill chips in taxi please" "shit carly i spilt the chips" while i speak greek to the taxi driver and amy bolts into the hotel and we hide in the stairs

    504 505 506 rebels

    "milk lemonade chocolateeeee"

    "is dumbledore dead then?"

    long island ice tea

    amys injury hop dance in starkskys after her brawl wiv a carwash bouncer

    "Starskys or carwash??" "STARSKYS!"

    "Il make your bedrock" (in a geordie accent)

    The dark road to the square with no shoes

    Little Lambrini

    The Yarrrrrrd!

    "Dad what the hell are you doin in the square at 4?" "Goin for a walk" (ended up on a sunbed)

    Randoms on the walk home

    "your from scotland?" "celtic or rangers?" every bloody time

    Fan making with Christos

    "Hello ladies u wnt to come disco dance with me?" (in a fucked up foreign accent) "No fuck off please"

    "And then she sat on my face, now im a believer"

    Our many friends from around the world pedro mike scotty b from blazin sqaud ellen ryan graham barry kyriakos and everyone called chris lol

    Pannayiotis legggggggggend!

    Third degree burns on our boobs

    Simos Magic Bar (Our Local)

    3 litre buckets of sex on the beach

    Snuggle up bags

    Amys love of wine and martini

    Amys face after a tequilla slammer! lmfao

    "Sky bar is a connnnn!"

    Our maid Fanny who we miss

    "Vodka jeliiiiiiiii for £1"

    The big horrible salmon and the octopuss ewwwwww

    The guy with the real shark bite

    The man on the bike "puuuuuuush" awwww bless

    Our bedrock mobile

    "Collection of crap"

    The taxi with the swedish girls goin the wrong way and gettin lost

    "Tasia Maris $4??"

    The frickin stalker chicken


    Razzlers mmmm

    Sunstroke on the first day soooooo not good

    Results - "f for fucked" "b for buggered"

    The moth in the lift and the ants on the ground us screamin!!

    Amy to her mum "i can safely say its buggered"

    "whats that guys name?" "Chris yeah thats what everyones called"

    To spannish people "yeah haggis run about in the hills and yeah iv seen nessie shes huuuuuge"

    to be continued....

    2 Comments 309 weeks

  • Memory Box

    -x-write in a memory that weve had -x-

    Here is my memories box.

    Please leave a comment of any kind of memory with me!

    Thanks x

    7 Comments 312 weeks

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  • Stavros

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  • Johanna Nelson
    Johanna Nelson


  • Why

    Owel stranger, i phoned you to catch up but you fobbed me off lol your pob away back to Aberdeen now so il deffo need to catch up with you next time! No excuses. I hope you had a good christmas and new year anyway. Send a text my way if your not too busy. I hope your mums doing alright too. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Natalie
    luv Natalie

    Mate!! wots up with those photos!! we look like rite asbos!!!! Hahaha!! what's our problem!! Haha!!! xxxxxxx

  • Kerry Noonan
    Kerry Noonan

    fuck off lol xxx

  • Marty
    luv Marty

    fars my bacon sandwich? mm??? xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kerry Noonan
    Kerry Noonan

    like mt new flasbox then?! x

  • Why
    luv Why

    Im the inspiration of your blog!?! lmao im a legend eh, haha! It's only 11 days untill i get home now, looking forward to seeing everyone but not the cold weather! Ive got a nice present in mind for your christmas so that l make us even, ive sent you a private mail with my underwear size for la senza, thats great thanks alot cause the underwear's gorgeous in there! Yeah il come up to ' the deen ' in jan, il just need to clear it with my work, but shouldnt be a problem, you 'l need to be a good influence on me though! haha. When is it you go back to Uni after christmas? Thats really good that your still passing your essay's keep it up! I miss you & your older sisterly guidence lol! i love you, see you soon! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  XX

  • Kerry Noonan
    Kerry Noonan

    hahahaha fuck off bettert than KERRANG CARLY !!!!!!!!!!1 XX

  • Marty
    luv Marty

    wooo xylo!!! xxx

  • Marty
    luv Marty

    you steal jackets from korova.... xx

  • Mgtfraser
    luv Mgtfraser

    hi carly..hows u,,hope ure well.. r u likin uni ok,,,tell ure mum im askin 4 her,,xxx

  • Why
    luv Why

    Hey Carly!! I miss you to! Aw i bet your doing fine at uni dont give me your shite! lol we need a night out when i get back im maybe having an 18th too so you l need to come, its about time il be bloody 18 eh! oooooooh la senza! i love that shop in stirling like! yeah il be demanding you to get me sum undies for christmas! :D il phone you when im back in the UK lol! love you, p.s send my love to your mum, ive been thinking of her. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Why
    luv Why

    Helloooo! Hows Uni? Miss Me? Love you! x xxxxxxxx

  • Christine
    luv Christine

    carly when you coming back down chicky !? :( been ages ! X

    10/27/09 via Mobile
  • Johanna Nelson
    luv Johanna Nelson

    loveeeeeee for youuuuu xx

  • Kerry Noonan
    Kerry Noonan

    I FUCKING HATE SASS BTW !!!!!!!!!!! R A G I N G cant wait till bulgaria xxxx

  • Mark
    luv Mark

    i'm good thanks! cool, how many people are you with? is it near your old flat? haha your right, saas is a hassle! freshers was great thanks! don't remember all that much of it though. started lectures on monday, its torture :( when do you start urs? the plant is no longer with us im afraid lol. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Steven Porter
    Steven Porter

    Alrighty? How was YMAS? Am gonna be in Abdn next weekend, fancy meeting up since we didn't gret the chance last time?