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Nigel W

Corrofin 1-6 St. James 1-10

11/1/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 22, Luv 476
  • from mervue
  • I am Down for Whatever
  • Profile views: 4,324
  • Member since: August 2008
  • Last active: 7/5/11
  • www.bebo.com/NigelW053
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Out for the nite
Me, Myself, and I
"You cannot run away from weakness, you must fight it out or perish. And if that be so then why not now where we stand"

Robert Lewie Stevenson
Going out:)

Ag obair:)



College bar:)

Sport (muuupppp)

New found sporting position bench warmer! :)

Shanes house b4 a nite out:)
Ryanos after:P

I never kicked a door in pearse stadium because I was a sub!

Sean Glynn Leavin Cert-buzzin:L :L

Every1 who abused me 4 repeatin and is now repeatin, well payback is a bitch!:P

Stevo were have you gone???

A great combo
1-Sir Richard
2-bobby suits
3-Sir bobby himself=a great story in the morning:L

Life has limets, but my stomach does:P
i lik most types of music. fav band, hermes house band (lik the name). mostly n2 indi rock but it depends o the type of song.
my fav film remenber the titans. Favourite modivation film Rocky 4
gealic soccer and i try 2 play hurling come on columbas
Scared Of
elevaters, weman bouncers, heads up in poker
Happiest When
drunk nd playn sports, hanging out wit th lads........
The Other Half Of Me
Shane Coughlan

Shane Coughlan

Sir Bobby Coughlan

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forever-the veronicas

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  • Amhran rob

    Leis an meid strus in ar dtimpeall
    leis an meid ata suil in ar saol
    nuair ata me ag isligh
    lasann tu mo chroi

    Nuair a nach bhfuil na focail agam
    feicim do aghaidh alainn agus tagann si chugam
    lasann tu mo chroi

    curfa-Is tu an te ag am ceili a bheith ann o gra samhlaigh
    tar eis an la i rangana
    lasanna tu mo chroi

    Cailleamar na leigeanna agus chuaigh me sa leabhar bearla
    agus tar eis dinneir ta glantican ti
    lasannn tu mo chroi

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  • Top 5 tings heard in a team talk

    1 Lads there from mayo, your from Galway, You were born better then them!
    Sean De Paor

    2-Hes dancing round there like Cindrella hope along,
    Ciran Hoolan

    3-Watch pudden features in goals, start talkin bout supermax for a cornor and hell start daydreaming
    4-If your cant go down on the ball after god knows how many years of football you should jus give up and take up tiddly winks!
    Gerd Lennon
    5-Lads act like fucking men. Take a pis standing up. Your not girls
    Mick Lundy

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  • Believe

    R.I.P kyle
    yesterday, a nightmare became reality
    as you became a memory,
    but every memory of you makes me cry,
    i guess i'm sayin....its hard to say goodbye
    i understand why you were needed in heavan
    cuz here you were such a blessin
    but even knowing God needed you there
    it doesnt make this easier to bare

    as you move on to better places,
    while leaving us all in basket cases,
    i want you to know....
    from your head to your toe
    you were a legend..
    and in our hearts you will never be forgotten...
    until we meet again....
    until we meet again.....

    0 Comments 251 weeks

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From Nigellus, a Latinized form of NEIL.
It is sometimes associated with Latin niger "black".

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  • Amy L
    luv Amy L

    there are no comments on my page from u....u lied to me!!

  • Sinead Fahy
    Sinead Fahy

    I just made $4 in a week just working at home! Check it out at - http://goo.gl/kOqJA You will thank me!

  • Sarah

    hey wat u up ta xx

    7/24/10 via Mobile
  • Niamh Ní Chorcoráin

    well well :) how r ya? Long time no see :) :) xxx

    4/12/10 via Mobile
  • 1/13/10
  • Mee Bee Here

    WHAT? :L Fair play, sin an chead cluiche final roimh i do saol? :L Ta favour beag ag taisteal uaim.... an bheidh tu sasta piosca fior beag caint a deanamh dom le haghaidh mo lcar raidio?! Just piocsa beag! Please :D

  • luv Sinéad Ní Chathasaigh

    Hey congratulations! Dats gr8- i no u trained so hard! :)

    11/1/09 via Mobile
  • Amy S
    Amy S

    aw cool congrats!!!! yup yup sur am ar u??

  • Mee Bee Here

    Heya! Conas ata? :) Dul go dti an Oireachtas?

  • Pearse Mc Crann
    Pearse Mc Crann

    No i was over age!! Where u at it!??

  • Eanna Keane
    Eanna Keane

    No man is it any good? were you out this week?

  • Amy S
    Amy S

    ha well how it go??? wer ya a rite off?? xxx

  • Ellen Duffy
    luv Ellen Duffy

    eh Ellen Duffy... My name.... ya your a bit behind gettin on to facebook but sure

  • Amy L
    Amy L

    hmm dno if i should tell ya!! but twas laura and uzzman (dno if thats spelt right) scab not givin them a lift:P ohh and congrats!! played good today :) x

  • Mee Bee Here

    Cen fath?! :L yeah v coisuir i teach mo chara agus tar eis v muid timpeall eyre square, piosca craic a v ann :)

    10/17/09 via Mobile
  • Amy L
    Amy L

    haha why dya say that?! oh not too bad! eh...that i wasn with ash when she was askin ya 4 a lift the last day! x

  • Eanna Keane
    Eanna Keane

    cheers man best of luck v na breathnaigh...be a good game between ye again i'd say....nah im useless enough at poker...but i'll give it a go anyways.:)

  • Amy S
    Amy S

    wat is a fact???

  • Ellen Duffy
    Ellen Duffy

    thats good... ya only for the last year n a half!!!

  • Mee Bee Here

    Sin an fath d'fhag tu go luath? Omigod bhi an cruinni caic!! Cheannaigh Carmel deoch duinn mar gheall go raibh se chomh uafasach! :P An raibh an coisuir go maith? :)