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la la la lala

8/16/09 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
Wtf is with bebo?
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Tonicha Rebecca
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  • The alphabet of me :D

    A~ art
    B~ becky readdin, my awesome other half, BFG, Ben&Jerry's, Butterflies dance studio
    C~ computer, camera, chocolate, clothes
    D~ Dancing, dad, daniel davies, drunkness
    E~ exercise balls
    F~ farmtown, yeaaaa!, friends, family, food
    G~ grandad, games
    H~ home
    J~ Joel, Jemma Jackson, Jam&Jerusalem, jokes
    K~ Kuzan, Kooie, Kings of leon
    M~ misha hatton, mum, music
    N~ Nanna's
    O~ Omelettes
    P~ photography, pictures
    R~ ruby, ruth evans
    S~ Sparks&Spikes, sleepovers
    T~ trisha casanova, Tonicha!, Topshop
    W~World wide web, wii

    If you think i should add something or think you should be added, leave a comment! (:

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  • Tonicha&Trisha's msn convo about gameboys!

    ///trisha.# lmao. says:
    i'm depressed

    " Tonichaaa♫ says:

    ///trisha.# lmao. says:
    i had gotten so far on pokemon and i just went on and it said 'your file has been deleted' and i was gutted cuz one time i had spent on whole day trying to get out of a cave full of wild pokemons!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    " Tonichaaa♫ says:
    omg :( what an ass is your gameboy

    ///trisha.# lmao. says:
    like a bum cheek the size of a watermelon

    " Tonichaaa♫ says:
    watermelon 'ey, thats one big ass cheek

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  • 'ey up (:

    HelloBonjourHola!! I'm Tonicha Rebecca Kuzan, but i kninda got into the habit of telling everyone to call me kooie, just to carry on the family name like. I'm a born crewey which is pretty damn cool maaannn, an' go Stm (: I dance, but you should know that by now! I love photography and can't wait to get my nikon slr camera!! Oh, & i also love Kings of leon!! I literally bum off 'em. I have an awesome family, and that does include my cat Ruby, she is the aceness! I have bloody amazing friends, especially Trisha Casanova, Misha Hatton and Daniel Davies, and there are to many others to write, but they all know anyway 'cause i probably stress that to them enough anyway! Topshop is waaaayyyy overated, but i still like to go and treat myself in there! My life is pretty amazin' at the moment, and yeah, i have some big family problems, but you gotta laugh otherwise you'll cry, and anyways, you learn to deal with life as it comes and keep anyhing that happens with your family, in your family, although, it doesn't hurt to tell your besties, 'cause they can alwaaayys help! Well, i know mine can anyway. I always say to myself "come on Tonicha, you're not that healthy& you need to go on a diet", but then i just think WHY? You shouldn't live your life trying to please others, and you only live once, so why not have a bit of fun. So what, you eat six chocolate bars less than a day!! yeah, i argue with my family, but who doesn't? At the end of the day, i know that they'll always be there for me.

    Au revoir,
    Tonicha Rebecca Kuzan.

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What Kings of leon album are you

Because of the Times

You are Kings of leons third album Because of the Times. You contain such songs as Knocked Up, Charmer, On Call, Black Thumbnail. My Party, Ragoo, Fans and Arizona.

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what type of dancer are you?

My result is: your lyrical!

To be a lyrical dancer you have to know how to move to the lyrics and pace yourslef and make sure you don't speed up. You are flexible, very strong, and can pirouette around your friends until you pass out. You show lots of emotion in your dance.
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    tonichaaa. i say,me.you.your dp. ;) ;) hhaaaaaa stunning i have 2 say darl . lalalalalaalal SCREAM! hahahahaahah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    aww how is dancing? i've been aswell today (: no love left sorry xxx