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Pat Bennett

Fucking coo coo cachoooo baby

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  • Male, 24, Luv 3
  • from United States
  • Profile views: 333
  • Member since: August 2008
  • Last active: 2/25/11
  • www.bebo.com/PatB2523
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
well hi everyone i just figured i would say a little about my self well any way i like partyin with my homies in i.p and i like snowboarding /skateboarding and the usual stuff im a really nice guy and i respect my freinds respect is the key in life it helps everything im living in brownington right now and i think its freakin cold up here but anyway i hope u guys and gurls like my profile cause i put alot of work into it so enjoy.
eminem 50 cent akon kanye west nickleback lincoln park insane clown posse alan jackson brad paisly and a bunch more
beerfest, grandmas boy, 50 cent get rich or die tryin harry potter movies and christmas movies
basketball baseball soccer hocky and kickball football to and snowboarding skateboarding and of course fishing
Scared Of
bees bugs dying
Happiest When
hanging with my freinds partying talking to cute gurls and fishing
favorite ciggerett
marlboro red
favorite drink
bud light

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    hey everyone im just bored so any one want to chat tell me mail me a message and i will get u write back

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    • Brooke Naramore
      Brooke Naramore

      I profited $362 in a few hours doing simple tasks! I went to - http://bit.ly/bmizLb You owe me one!

    • Nevada

      nothing u? and don't fucking call me sexy PLEASE!!!

    • Pat Bennett
      Pat Bennett

      seei told u im really a nice guy when u get to know me and its no prob everything i said i mean ok so keep chasing ure dreams and u will find the right one ok tam have a wonderful day ure the best

    • Tammy Lynn
      Tammy Lynn

      um ok thank you that was very sweet... but i wasnt expecting that but that was very kind and i really do thank you for saying that so have a great day to pat luv ya tammy-lynn

    • Tammy Lynn
      Tammy Lynn

      ya um w.e that is fine i was pissed becasue randy told me what happened and i am sorry i flipped the fuck out... no hard feelings tammy-lynn

    • Tammy Lynn
      Tammy Lynn

      hey kow what you little doggy rapper fuck with my little brother and i will kick your ass or my dog can go after you you ever tuch my dog i will fucking kill you so you better back the fuck off and leave my little brother the fuck alone, and tell ricky for me that he is fuckin nasty and i want nothin to do with him and i never fucked him so the next person he tells that to than he will have fucken trouble any ways people are after him so fuck with me!!!! peace man

    • Chris Crease
      Chris Crease

      pat shut up u know ill beat your ass

    • Kelly Merriam
      Kelly Merriam

      they didnt go but jeremy mom and me went up... so yeah i kinda got back with my ex bf its not patrick lol its someone else lol hes 27years old n tell u wat i got that boi whipe heheheheh but ya that sux wat did u do to make him so mad

    • Chris Crease
      Chris Crease

      fuck you u fuckin dog touchin queer ill beat your ass

    • Kelly Merriam
      Kelly Merriam

      wtf y wont ur dad let u its thanksgivin???? thats low omg that fuckin sux ass

    • Kelly Merriam
      luv Kelly Merriam

      heyy when i cum up we should take sum pictures so i can put them online hehehee

    • Kelly Merriam
      Kelly Merriam

      umm i cant remember jeremys but you can get his off mine.... but its www.myspace.com/shorty_gurl2001 so ya add me boi

    • Robert K
      Robert K

      dude u fuckin stole timmy o'keefe's background dog fucker

    • Kelly Merriam
      Kelly Merriam

      i will be there the 27th of next week.... so u gonna be there or wat???? its just me n mom cumin up

    • Kelly Merriam
      Kelly Merriam

      so ya u gonna be at grams house next week or wat????

    • Chris Crease
      Chris Crease

      u a snitch as bitch pussy

    • Kelly Merriam
      luv Kelly Merriam

      ya thanks... its like 6am right now im goin to work at this time cuz i goin shoppin with my boss fun fun lol.... no i dont got msn if u got yahoo i got that lol....ya i will nichole when ic her again or talk to her lol....but im out i will ttyl -kel-

    • Kelly Merriam
      Kelly Merriam

      if i remember right i will tell him lol!!!!! but yeah im doin good i guess kinda sick right now :( u got myspace???

    • Kelly Merriam
      Kelly Merriam

      heyy pat!!!! long time no fuckin talk1!!! how hav u been??? im gonna be 19 soon woohoo fun fun