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Karl McNicholas

on facebook now much better

12/11/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 28, Luv 30
  • from Ballybrehony North, Claremorris, Co Mayo
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Profile views: 1,950
  • Member since: August 2008
  • Last active: 6/19/12
  • www.bebo.com/karlmack
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About Me

keep her lit
Me, Myself, and I
hi my name is karl aka mack i live in a place called barnacarroll between Claremorris & Knock i work in a garage as a storeman & mechanic also am a part time farmer.i went to college for 5yrs in tralee did agri engineering down there finisihed last jan. i like driving cars & tractors..have a look around at the pictures & videos. if u know me add me as a friend. good luck

TDI's are the TORQUE of the town
dance, old skool, trance 80s & 90s music. daft punk, alice deejay, oasis, paul van dyk , chemical brothers, coldplay, madonna, kt tunstall, the prodigy, nelly furtado, amy mcdonald, garbage, new order, dido, artic monkeys, blur, keane, the cardigans, gwen stefani , duran duran, bryan adams, kelly llorenna, ian van dhal, kosheen, no doubt, fleetwood mac, deep dish, run dmc, atb, booty luv, the cranberries, sash, vengaboys, robert miles, corona, luan parle, faithless, snap, culture beat, duffy, fragma, chicane, the verve, delerium, la Roux, Florence & The Machine. etc etc too many to list
tv programmes
father ted, the panel, the bill, csi, coronation st , emmerdale, top gear. mr bean, allo allo, podge & rodge, the fast show
JD 6920, JD 6820, JD6900, JD 6420, JCB 414S, MF 290.
Scared Of
running out of tea bags, milk, sugar, diesel, going off the back of the pit with the loader, mowing the back swarth, geting the baler blocked. wet spots in a field, snakes, my computer crashing & losing my i tunes. my i pod getting broke. getting caught speeding.
Happiest When
crusing, drinking, tractor driving, making money. baling with the fusion. mowing. brining in 3 bales at a time. driving deeres.
slow drivers, speed ramps, potholes, bad roads, Amy Winehouse., coffee. people who leave there fog lights on or who dont dim there lights or indicate, waiting, farmers who dont trim the silage pit, small gaps into fields
tractors, cars, farming, tea, music, bottles of bud, john deere's, Volkswagens, the smell of fresh cut grass, a good song on the radio when drivin the tractor. the sound of tdi engines.

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m walsh john deere 6920 & pottinger torro wagon silage 2009

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  • !!!!!!10 reasons to date a farmer!!!!!!

    1)We dont mind gettin dirty!
    2)We dont mind a bouncy ride!
    3)We like to be Hands on!!
    4)We always finish a job!!
    5)We work day and night!
    6)We can work at many speeds!
    7)We aim to satisfy!
    8) We can handle large loads!
    9)We work in all conditions!
    10)And if the moistures right we drill all night!

    0 Comments 229 weeks

  • The Culchie Commandments!!

    01) - Thou shalt drink only pints and/or "whiskey."

    02) - Thou shalt always ate the skin of yer rasher.

    03) - Thou shalt always stand at the back during mass, or even better,
    in the porch talking.

    04) - Thine Wife shalt emulate Biddy from Glenroe.

    05) - Thou shalt emulate Miley.

    06) - Thou shalt "Suck Diesel."

    07) - Thou shalt pretend to know all about "The Headage."

    08) - Thou shalt look after your tractor better than your car.

    09) - Thou shalt have no "Revershing" lights or number plate on your

    10) - Thou shalt display a "Travellin' to Flavin" sticker on the back
    window of all vehicles.

    11) - Thou shalt wear your Ivomec Pour-On fleece with pride.

    12) - Thou shalt not use but half-inch Wavin or "a good Sally Rod" for
    beatin cattle.

    13) - Thine sons shall play GAA.

    14) - Thine daaawwwthur shall marry the local centhur-forward.

    15) - Thou shalt hold regular arguments with d'telly.

    16) - Thou shalt reminisce the Fair Day, the Threshing, Kickin'Cabbages
    and the Corncrake.

    17) - Thou shalt know a Mickeen Tomeen Joe and a Paddy Joe Paaaack from
    "the top of the parish."

    18) - Thou shalt ate "Hang Sangwiches" at all GAA matches.

    19) - Thou shalt hate "Those Backstard the Tans."

    20) - Thou shalt be edumacated by the Chrissshtian Brethers.

    21) - Thou shalt pronounce 'Yellow' as 'Yella'.

    22) - Thou shalt carry the A.I. Man's mobile number on you at all

    23) - Thou shalt not visit Dublin ( except to Croker and to bring the
    wife shoppin' on the 8th of December ).

    24) - Thou shalt not fail to attend the Ploughing Championships and all
    Steam Rallies.

    25) - Thou shalt always know how to reek turf bether than thine

    26) - Thou shalt use balin' twine to hold up thine trousers.

    27) - Thou shalt not ever visit the dentist.

    28) - Thou shalt not miss an episode of "The Weather."

    29) - Thou shalt have many many injuries from "that Hooooor of Charlois
    I got from that cowboy calf-dealer."

    30) - Thou shalt wear cap crooked.

    31) - Thou shalt love all Big John Wayne's fims, especially "The Quiet

    32) - Thine son shall be nicknamed "Bungalow," 'cos "he's got nothin'

    33) - Thou shalt shoot stray dogs.

    34) - Thou shalt drown cats.

    35) - Thou shalt think all Lesbians are from Lesbia.

    36) - Thou shalt annually run the tractor off the end of the pit when
    ramping silage.

    37) - Thou shalt taste all barrels of Molasses.

    38) - Thou shalt think it's great craic to ring PJ and roar into the
    phone while he's with "the bit of stuff."

    39) - Thine favourite chat-up line shalt be "Howya fixshed for a bit a
    howya goin' on ?" whilst winking like an epileptic.

    40) - Thou shalt paint "Whatever County for Sam!" on all of your round

    41) - Thou shalt never leave the country.

    42) - Thou shalt have a Heinz-57 mongrel of a dog which is good for
    nothin' except terrorising the neighbour's sheep.

    43) - Thou shalt only bathe on a sathurday niyat, using only carbolic

    44) - Thou shalt read the Farmer's Journal.

    45) - Thou shalt always support your county GAA team whilst curshing
    them for being "pure shite" at every given opportunity.

    46) - Thine sweet of choice shall be either Ritchies After-Dinner Mints
    or Silvermints.

    47) - Thou shalt only be aware of strippers of the bovine kind.

    48) - Thou shalt refer to Soccer as "The Foreign Game."

    49) - Thou shalt always sing to dirty line to "Alice."

    50) - Thou shalt always receive Communion on the tongue, licking the
    priest's hand in the process

    0 Comments 237 weeks

  • Farmers Guide to computers!!

    MODEM............. What you do to silage fields
    INTERNET.......... Where ferrets chase rabbits
    KEYBOARD.......... Where you hang your keys
    LOG ON............ Making the fire hotter
    LOG OFF........... Now it's to hot
    HARD DRIVE........ Getting home during bad weather
    DOWNLOAD.......... Taking bales off a trailer
    MEGAHERTZ......... What you get when your not to careful downloading stuff
    REBOOT............ Putting your wellie on after it got stuck in the mud

    0 Comments 242 weeks

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  • Marci Casado
    Marci Casado

    heyyy whats up substantial nature, however supersensuous. Neithe

    8/23/11 via Mobile
  • Fitzy

    hi..... how did u make the swarter on the jd mower

  • John O Keeffe

    udimoretractorshop have a savage 4240 1:32 on ebay karl looks unreal :)

  • Marty C

    Prob didnt take much heed of size . Ud get them prob out in trevigio in de same shop if a man really wanted id say ! Unreal place worth a visit some time !

    3/7/10 via Mobile
  • Marty C

    Was prob de laser saw a model of one in agri store in roscommon out de lansboro road though they had it marked a explorer in de shop twas clearly a laser .

    3/4/10 via Mobile
  • Marty C

    Would u ever come across 90 series fiats or a same explorer model on ur travels lad ?

    3/3/10 via Mobile
  • John O Keeffe

    got the landlever from udimore tractors from the uk very good detail i got the adjitator from model farmer from northern ireland happy with them nw did u trow up photos of your new models karl?

  • luv John O Keeffe

    that show sounds good must hav bein a big crowd up there.some amount of gear up there too.the lads be a gud lauf up there did ye go out?did billy buy the rake and tractor?he a millonaire after the fusion :L :L we hav to get 1 to make a few pound:L :L .the new 416 looks class.i got a tex from brendan last nite saying he had the mower ready i collect it nw in the morning from his brother and trow up a few photo's of it.i got the adjitator the last day.u be geting ur xmas hols soon?im off nw from next monday

  • Marty C

    not abig deere fan but like i said any of them older ones hard bate

  • Marty C

    not so bad u ever drive a 3350 they classic rigs better than some of de electronic filled machines now :D

  • John O Keeffe

    hws tings karl?hw u get on at the show must have being sum gear up there?the bucket and silage fork looks class.did u get different wheels on the 416?the 3350 looks class it were well made.i send away for a adjitator the last day.we'll be geting our vaccum tanks soon we be like children at xmas:L :L

  • Matty Gilligan
    Matty Gilligan

    Conroy is bullin !

  • SHifts Now
    SHifts Now

    ill give ya a gud cash deal

  • Mark Gibbons

    Sound job jim


    id never hear de end if i didnt :L :L want someone from each county in connaught

  • luv Mark Gibbons

    All out off gas lad but should be gettin them filled up in a week or so!!!

  • SHifts Now
    SHifts Now

    ohhhg shi i must fnish ur harddrive.... ammm not yet... buy the 306 sure..... no luve left hey

  • luv Mark Gibbons

    Wel lad!!! Ya not a bad nyt at all!!:L :L

  • John O Keeffe

    Sound again karl:) gave him a ring today ordered a swarter for the mower,Hi spec vaccum tanker,silage pike and lowloader.i forgot about the adjitator i get that some time next year.he mite be able to do a ford 8630 conversion i have to see a few photos first.i droped out muni and im using my own mower he has relations in abby it was handy that way.ya mite call to him too and see what he has that be our christmas shopping :L :L


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