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Rachel Quinn

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  • Female, Luv 286
  • from Dunfy™ Obv... x
  • I am Single
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  • Last active: 7/25/10
  • www.bebo.com/Quinbert_x
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
never on this now, always on facebook :) xxxx

call/text - 07578305011 xxxx
The Other Half Of Me
X Hot Scot X

X Hot Scot X

wow.. jersey just pulled mate ;) xxxxxx

top notch
strawberries, lyrics, fake tan, pearls, jack wills, the hills, parties, dresses, fairy lights, cardies, uggs, big hair, banter, pashminas, having money, music, comfy socks, highlighters, white wine, the ship, champagne, cookies, hot chocolate, pink lemonade from harvey nicks, cold beds, country, perry the platapus, phillipa-jade, pippa-jade's theories about aliens, mr mcfadyean, long journeys, straightners, oscar (me phone), canada banter, making brown bear stressy, my school jumper, rascall flatts.
callaway park. dennys. wendys. driving haha. nae brains. scott the human repeller. de de de. re-re. clerks 2. worlds most unromantic man. moose. puff/poof. crazy helen. psyco kim. join the force? freaky toes. whhoorreee. foreigner. porch monkey. mcnigglets. scammin mcds pah! hi, this is bob! norrrth devon. FLAMES! root bear *boke*. pet world. 7/11. trevor and jen. "are you some sorta freak"?! straight rum. juicy fruit. mountain dew. "drink it real fast nd it tastes like pepsi". the lake. war mart! brown bear slamming my hand in a door. being told i was hittin on scottttyyy. logan. barbeques. ICP *shittt*. vegeta *shittt*. ddoooaaannnttttt. --best days of my life babes. love and miss you all--
ahh cuz cuz
my darling cuz cuz was brought into my life for a reason. and the reason was uber laughter. benji as he is known to others has a fond place in my heart, he rolls into the ship everyday and through clever use of humour brightens up my day! i often roll up to his house uninvited or poorly dressed, my (fake) uggs fit him perfectly and his little cousin doesnt cry when i hold her... it must be love i hear you cry! cuz cuz is like the brother suzy q denied me, we dont always get along, but our twin moments come through thick and fast when we do. im second in his friends list. it says it all really. dont leave me cuz cuz. iloveyou xxxxx

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  • From Benny xx

    Aww Rachell Thee Times Weev Had You Mad Raj Fanny !!! I May Not Always Be That Nice To You And May Sometimes Throw YoOr Glasses Over Thee Wall but I do love yahh pal !!! As you Know I Can Be Deep... But Where Is Thee Retnabb In That Ae ?? You Have Thee Voice Of An Angell!!!! pml Natttt !!! You Butchured Thee Classic Footloose !!!! We Have Thee Longest Phone Calls And You Are Thee Reason I Fail Aht SchoOl !!!! Just Trying to Think Of Banterr we Have I Had...I Just Membrd Spencers I was Told I Said " This Is How Drunk I ahm" * squeezes Rachels Tit !! Pahahaha Never Again Oh !!! and Our Retnabb With Jan On Thee Way Home...What A laugh that jan is ae ?? We Often Discuss Thee Future Like Your Wedding Day Where You Can Not Wear Whitte And We have also Planned YoOr Funeral!!! I will dress up Like You And Burst In ShOuting " dont worry !!! Im Not actualy Dead!! "

    Oh And Mcgrady Thee Cheese Lady !!! ...Bolt Ihts Thee Nesbitts And yOor dads wee haggis tool Im PoOr And Shee Gives Meh Her Coppers Ive Got Thee reputation of being thee dollar Hobbo in Ellies Rachel And I are Thee Bastards Of Dollar Academy....Im not Goin To Lie To You Reader !!! We have Talked About You...Repeatedly Ryteee Welll Rache !! I could Go On And On And On Bt ill Stop May Thee Laughter Continue Rach!! God Bless Yah !!! Love Yahh x'3

    1 Comment 268 weeks

  • Neww Quizzz :)

    put a x nxt to ur answer :)

    would you:

    protect me
    laugh at me
    kiss me
    hug me
    f**k me
    have you:

    made me cry
    made me laugh
    made me happy
    made me sad
    made me a present
    made me a cd
    do you:

    like me
    love me
    hate me
    dont kno me
    are you:

    my friend
    my enemy
    my ex
    my boyfriend
    my girlfriend
    my best friend
    have you got anything else to say b4 u go??

    4 Comments 293 weeks

  • R.I.P Baz - Loaddy Of The Year

    well baz my boy i cant beleev that ur not here nemre its so weird, i miss argueing with you about fuck all really. i miss how u threaten any lad that talks to me lol membr wen craig fell down tht hole at comely! u almost fell ovr laughing! although we've had our differences (a lot lol) weve got more "splendiferous" memories than "shitcunt" ones eh. jinkies nd harlem "willnae" be hav as "kicken" wth out ye laad. i was ther yesterday nite it was so weird without u screamen abuse at dodger behind th bar. he didnt kno it was me wthout u lol. i had a reef 4 u tho babe. nd dont worry il always remember th last thing u sed to me. always. iv got yer ring on atm evry1 takes th rip cuz its a boys wun lol but its awrite eh hun.nd its weird tht u wont get to meet r dave, cuz hees sum1 speshal nd heel look after yer wee "toddler" dont worry, one day i'l tell him all bout ye bazzer, jst so he knos. courtney is so diff wthout u, u guys wer suposed to be together forevr i cant bleev ur not gonna be. its scary matey. but she still loves you so much. we all do. well hun i better "dash" but i lv u nd thinkn off u lds. "it could hav been brilliant, but we made it splendiferous" - Baz Hamilton 1989 - 2007 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    0 Comments 333 weeks

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  • Bee Purtell
    Bee Purtell

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeello. How are you/ What you getting up to next weekend? Its my birthday, if your up dunfermline come party with us? x

  • Katie-Marie
    luv Katie-Marie


  • Freya

    IM BRINGING BEBO BACK. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • AnnaMariia
    luv AnnaMariia

    I LOOVE YOU QUINNY BEAR! Hey babes... You all ready for English? xxxxxx

  • Katie-Marie
    luv Katie-Marie

    Hiya Trip-n-Fall Retardo! :) How are you? Been up to much? Have you seen the adverts for the movie Fighter? I know it dont sound like our type of movie but Chanin Tatum is in it! :D Lol And you know how we love him! ;) Anyway ill give you a text about it in the week! :) love you x x x

  • Rachel Smith
    Rachel Smith


  • Uber Girl
    Uber Girl

    Hey Rachel Quinn Uber Girl......Scotland's very own social online magazine aimed at MALE & FEMALE. And its all for FREE! See our BEBO site for details and website address. GIRL'S Have you got what it takes to win £ 10,000? Are you Scotland's most desirable Girl? APPLY NOW on our website COMPETITION STARTS 4TH MAY 2009. GUYS go online and vote for your favourite Honey! Love Uber Girl xxx

  • Kaytii
    luv Kaytii

    i havent seen you in so bloody long bub :( :( i was thinking about it the other day and was like sad :'( im in spain atm but when im back we HAVE to do something xxxxxxxxxily

  • X Hot Scot X
    X Hot Scot X

    love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Bee Purtell
    Bee Purtell

    Hello sexyface!!!!!!! I hate to point this out, but we have no partied 2getha in YEARS! Why is this Bailey-Rae?! x

  • Katie-Marie
    luv Katie-Marie

    Happy Valentines Day!! Love you!! x x x <3 x x x

  • X Hot Scot X
    luv X Hot Scot X

    Dont worry i'll be home soon :( love you and miss you too :( bullshagger xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx p.s oh yeah i went there AND im stickin wiv it oooooooh yeeeaaahh :) x

  • AnnaMariia
    luv AnnaMariia

    Well thats why im so cool ;) aint that right my dearest Quinny :) Im good thanks. What about yourself? I know its been FAR TOO LONG! Well ... i mean ... who doesnt? haha :P How were your exams? Oh and hate to break this to you my love but ... Mr. Allan is taken ... Infact MARRIED ... to ... wait for it ... thats right ... MRS. ALLAN. so you might wanna change your future plans ;) LOVE YOU! xxxx

  • Kaytii
    luv Kaytii

    aha why thank you and their not sore at all lol a ee bit when i got them done but not anymore and im good ta howr you? and college is bleh as usual but what ya gonna do and yes! I DID FALL AND SERIOUSLY INGURE MY FRINGE!! ilyyyyxxxxxxxxx