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11/29/12 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
David bihary.

Danielle Grendon

be yourself,because life's to short to be anybody else :)
The Other Half Of Me
David Bihary.

David Bihary.


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  • .

    Hacked By Alex Grendon.
    Danielle ur the best sister in the whole world:) i love you to bits :DD ur not just my lil sister ur also my best friend :)) we fight sometimes an all but we always get back talking :L obviously:L i honestly dont no what i would do without you? :/ ur very picky danielle with your fellas :L :L but sure thats the best way to go :P i always know when u can do better then some1 and i always give u advice :DD u tell me everything:DD well some things yi dont :/ buh ye :DD Danielle your the best lil sister in the whole wide world and id do anything for you im off now to read ur mail and see who uve been texting ;o :L nah jokes:P right g2g now because ull kill me for going on ur laptop ,so talk che when i see yu next :L :P i love you best sister ever :DD 1:55pm 28/12/10:)

    hacked on the 22, febuary 2011 at 18 : O3 beurrrrrr;) . well danielle wha can i say bouche ?:o your so sound :] & youreh lil stunner:O , its act not fair anymore:Z any lad would be lucky to have yih but too bad you your MINE! ;o . iknow yi ages now :oall the way tru primary skewl bu then i had to move house:/ bleeedin miss you to bits danielle , but i know that i can always talk che whenever i want your the sweetest girl ive ever came across tbh; your just too nice babes:* your eyes:o omg id die for them :)) meomories we had never gonna be fogotten baba.(H)
    well wella baba time for me to goo ,:*
    jussst thaught id tell yi how much i love yi even tho words cant describe ih:o
    yourr bloody amazing chix and i love yeh to bleedin bits!. <3

    signed ; rachel bradley .

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  • :]

    were to start, danielle grendon is absolutely beautiful, and boys she's all mine so back off (; .shes some mad yoke, all our memories our in my heart love<33, were always toghether now, were so close now, i no all you secrets and you no mine, and we promised we will never tell them to anyone because that's what you call BEST FRiENDS. i could write a book about you but, i don't wanna let everyone to see how lucky i am to have you as my best mate, so i'm of your page gergeous laveyou with all my heart;7:04pm, 03/12/20i0:* x

    daniellegrendonbaby; its jessica connor here , i just wanted to take a stop off on your page and let everyone know what you mean to me :)) . boys and girls,ladys and gents,danielle grendon is a Lassh;) anny fellah is lucky t have her, as long as they pass my standerd;) :L you were my first proper best friend ever i no you since we were ickle babiees:*
    you moved across from me and straight away we became best friends:DD
    i no everything about you and same with me your the sweetst most harmles girl ever :))
    .well baby you mean absoultely the world to me,your jus the bestfriend anyone could wish for,even tho we have are ups and downs [ thats gna change ] but i stil know that if i need a friend you wil be there no matter what:)) well you dont have a choice cause il jus come runnin across the street to you neways:L but thats not the point the point is your a great friend + i love you so mucch:* we have some good memories:olemme see;us robing all the vodka outa ur kitchen press ah alex's birthday:L ^^; then sneaking over into meeeh gaaaf for some more:L and all of us tenting out in yer bedroom :L instead of puttingg the tent out ye back gardeeen:B :L awh baby there good memories :DD and there gna stay in my heart forever just like you:)) well your comen out tmorro anyways cause im gonna make ye, so il talk che then bubz:DD :L bye baby ilove;youu bestfriends always 2:04pm,02|03|20i0 x

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  • hacked by sophia corr <3

    sophia corr here; well danielle what can i say about ya, know you like nearly all my life; wonderfull years so many memories together <3 i think everyone will agree with me when i say you are drop dead gorgeous:* connor is one lucky lad ill tell ya thatill never forget halloween night 2O1O:o:L hope 2O11 will be even better:P you stayin in my house you always fall asleep on me and leave me talkin to myself:/ buh i always try to wake you up buh ih dosent happen:L us talkin bout who we would ride for a thousand euro ;o dat man dat wanted you ti go with him :o you wanted fifty euro to ride him :L jeeeeesus danielle your fukin cheep :o we have our ups and downs:/ buh we manage to get trough them:) ! we dance like we're retarded,laugh like we're freaks, sing like we're on drugs, but hey! We're having FUNi LOVE your little brother scott hes like so cute:) i have juss a few more words to say before i go:) i love being your friend,doing little things to brighten your life and watching you burst into a warm smile dat say thank you for being you – but what i like most is how you and me became friends. there are no demands, no using each other, no pretentions, no lies just letting those wonderful feelings to grow and in return realizing that being friends is a rich and rewarding experience especially when that friend isyou. dat makes all the differencein the world. glad to have you around.
    everyone should have,a friend like you. You are so much fun to be with
    And you are such a good person. You crack me up with laughter and touch my heart with your kindness. you have a wonderful ability,to know when to offer advice. and when to sit in quiet support, time after time.
    you've come to my rescue and brightend so many, of my routine days
    and time after time, i've realized how fortunate, i am that my life includes you
    i really do believe that, everybody should have a friend like you
    but so far it looks like you are one of a kind.

    and if you were to jump off a bridge, i wudden jump in after you, id be at the bottom ready to catch you^^; . well am off babes:* danielle i love you with all my heart bestretardedsisterfriend for life(: ,ᶤ ♥p.s you are trully amazing <33; [1/4/2O11] [12:3O PM]

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