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Something happened for the first time, deep inside.
Me, Myself, and I

Do you have a crush on someone special ?
Maybe you're already in a deep, meaningful relationship ?

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2009 has been a wonderful year , lets make 2010 the best year for CRUSHED.
Are you planning to spend it with someone special, or just with a group of friends ?
Whatever the case, we hope you continue to tell us about your present and/or future crushes .
All the dramas, the situations, the awkward moments and sweet ones too .
To trust us, & because we'll always be here .
From us to you .

Aren't we awsome ?
according to Misa we aren't LOL we are all noobs ^^


Est .18/8/08 ♥

est 18.o8.o9
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  • Losing Faith

    Marydanica by Marydanica
    Well after being single for a little while, Ive kind of liked my freedom. I can go with friends whenever i please and just hang out and have a really good time. My friends love to drink and go out to bars and clubs after my 3 year serious relationship it just felt go to go out and let my hair down. I was never one to go out all the time but found it good. i went out once and meet this guy that i thought was really awesome but now im starting to think that he and a lot of other guys just want to be with me for sex or money and or whatever else il give them. Im sick of the boy crazy random texts to meet up at stupid times of the mornings in the weekends. Sick of the comments that they think im really hot and good looking. im just starting to get sick of the stupid games they play just to get me hooked. its crazy and plagues my mind. im really starting to dislike guys with a passion, i know all men arent that way and sure a few of them out there are kind hearted and gentle natured just like me.
    Thinking of throwing this hetrosexual thing in and just becoming a dike. would girls treat me any better than men? Im already bisexual so go for different qualitiies and sexual body parts be a wrong turn for me?? Or having a different attitude towards things are in order?? dont know if i could find me a life partner of the same sex.
    always feeling confused. i think i am in love with a guy i havent seen since january of this year. it was only just a causal sex thing because we live so far away from each other. my best friend introduced us to each other. she told me that since him and i meet he doesnt hook up with anyone else and is never mean or selfish when im around. i cant stop thinking about him. and just got to wait til july before i can get away to see him again. i want to know if what i think im feeling is or could be a reality. or am i just fooling myself.
    gosh better come out with the 3sum story then....... well two weeks ago i meet this real sweet married couple, and one thing lend to another and i ended up having a 3sum with them. it was heaps of fun. we exchanged phone numbers and now the wife has been sending me texts. wanting to be my friend and wanting a more meaningful relationship besides just in the bedroom. which is cool if i think i could handle it, i dont know if im actually ready for any kind of relationship right now????
    like i said this is a bit confusing, so folks heres what i want to know from anyone that took the time to read this!!!

    should i: a) become a dike and invest in relationships with girls?
    b) just ignore all the players and users and solider on being single for now?
    c) try and rekindle the broken 3 year relationship i just dont think i can get over?
    d) start a friendship with the married couple i had a 3sum with?
    e) just stop thinking and texting guys and go for the unselfish guy thats long distance and waiting for me.
    f) stop thinking about any kind of relationships and just be happy with what i have right now, in hopes that mr or miss right comes my way and treats me the way i treat them?

    opinions are more than welcome about one or more of the puzzling questions i have running through my head. because right now i think im losing my faith in the word love and what i thought it meant to me.
    2 Replies 166 weeks
  • different person

    Cee by Cee
    one day i went to my friends house and this boy maia was there. maia was very good looking and he thought i was 'beautiful' but i didnt believe my friend when she told me. until he rung me and was asking me questions. i suddenly felt so happy that i decided to ask him out. but before i could he asked me out. he said that i was all he could think about. inside i thought that was cute. earlier that day he was at my friends house and rung his cousin and his cousin said he kept talking about me. i blushed and told my friend that was cute. the next day i texted him to ring me so he rung me and we had a wonderful conversation. afew days later on the last day of school we met at the mall and things felt different, like he had someone else on his mind. my boy mate was with me and we were just talking. then when it was time for me to leave its like he couldn't wait for me to leave. on christmas eve, he texted me and told me he didnt want me anymore. thats the worst thing anyone could have done to me. i forgot to tell you when he asked me out, that same day he said he loved me, he said he didn't know how i could of not been with him earlier. somehow i felt embarressed that i wore my heart on my sleeve. i really liked him but it was too early to say i loved him. i said in a way i do. but i havent been in a serious relationship since. alot of boys have told me they like me but im just scared that the next boy wont want me too. please help me :/
    3 Replies 171 weeks
  • help!

    Joanne by Joanne
    hi everyone. i really need some advices at the moment.

    this guy's name is liam. i met him like 2 1/2 weeks ago when me and my friend were walking home and my friend rachael happened to know him. he's definitely younger than me maybe a year or months. yesterday after school he was hanging out with me coz he lives near me and he followed me everywer i went. so i sat down in a small corner coz i thought he wouldnt follow me there coz my friend and his friend were there and it only has a small space but he sat down next to me. and he started talking about anime and i was like "OMG! U LIKE ANIME?! DO U READ MANGAS TOO?!" and we started talking and he went so serious and held my hand and said "ur like the first person that i talk about anime to" and that made me real happy. and today i saw him at school and asked him if he was gonna hang out with me today again and he said yes and said that he'd wait for me. so after school i went to our usual place (wer we hang out- me and my friends) but he wasnt there. and i really wanted to see him that my heart aches i couldnt tell my friends coz i thought they'll think im a cougar. and i realized that i missed him and i like him more than a friend. and i ended up telling my friends coz i was in pain (idk why) and they said it doesnt matter that he's younger than me as long as i like him. but there's other things thats bugging me coz at school this guy, lauchlan keeps asking me if he could "kidnap" me which is really funny. he;s older than me and today he asked me "hey can i kidnap u again?" and i thought he asked my friend and i said "me?" and he said "of course u! i'll put u at the back of my car" and i was like "U HAVE A CAR?!" nd he smiled and said "nah, but i could carry u" and i thought it was really sweet.
    idk. im just weird ryt? coz idk what i really feel.

    anyways thank u. i really wanted to talk to some1 but no-one would wanna listen
    2 Replies 173 weeks

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    Hello All Crushed members and mods, Aangskiies here !

    I, Aangskiies along with all our active Mods and Members have agreed to make an outing, for crushed celebrating the end of the school year and also Baka a.k.a Leng Jai's HSC grad thingy >< :L cos she's too damn SEXY .
    like the rest of us... rawr!

    the TIME and DATE::

    So if you want to come, just comment & we'll add your name to the list!
    all nationalities welcome! we are united by Crushed and our feelings of love :P

    Details will be out!

    the PLAN
    *~* To meet in SYDNEY CiTy and go crazy from there!! may include karaoke and possible hotpot JAPANESE FOOD !!
    In addition to going crazy.. The other Mods and I (Aangskiies) have decided to do a Chubby bunny challenge!! Make sure you have enough for a pack of marshmellows as well! ( BRING YOUR CAMERAS! THIS IS GOING TO BE ON YOUTUBE! and facebook ;) )
    this is family-rated entertainment!!
    There will now also be crazy(1) random Crushed members and mods wearing 'free hugs' signs on the day =)

    the PEOPLE (who)
    *~* ANYBODY who wants to come:: again leave a post thingo here & we'll contact you with details via email

    For obvious reasons, details will not be posted publicly(2).

    the REASON (why are we doing this :O )
    *~* cos we're cool =)

    Kitty says
    agrees with nicole below:: yes u hav to come. if u don't we'll be... well. i dunos yet. but im pretty sure one of us will be banging our head on a brick wall =]
    A beach ball will make EVERYWHERE... feel like a BEACH :D ahha

    Encee . says
    Hm. i reckon i needa go cause i made this thing :L :L

    peekay says
    i'm the one who helped you loser, without me it wouldn't have gotten this popular (H)

    Aangskiies says
    LOLOL! haha i have to agree with peter . he did do that luv cheat one day where CRUSHED had like a whole comment box full of luvs :L nice one peter (Y)
    LOLOL good point.. BEACH BALL FTW! does anyone actually have a beach ball?

    Last updated:: 09.01.10 ~*^o^*~

    Current Attending::
    1 ) 8) Aangskiies (3)
    2 ) 8) Kittyhoe + randoms
    3 ) 8) Misa Misa + fwens
    4 ) 8) Baka
    5 ) 8) Raptor ;)
    6 ) 8) Encee
    7 ) 8) Peter
    8 ) 8) Cathay-Uzumaki
    9 ) 8) PamelARGH

    This outing is now endorsed by the free hugs program ©:

    est 18.o8.o9
    © Not for profit organisation

    (1) They're not really crazy... just a little wild, spooky and loves random noises!
    (2) But don't worry! @.@ on the day there will be four strong boys (and one girl masquerading as a boy) protecting the free hugs agenda! >=] alsoalso, we are only giving details out to those people we trust and know~ but dw, there is still plenty of time to sign up for this~
    (3) He's awesome :D + he's bringing a few girls along~

    23 Comments 212 weeks

  • Crushed Topic Discussion #1

    It's that time of the month again (hehe) for the periodical rambollings of a bored kittyhoe!
    So here goes!
    It's like a panel, where mods and participators of Crushed give their opinion on a topic concerned with love~ maybe weekly, maybe monthly; better than polls & also if people are bothered to read these topics, maybe might help them with their love lives~
    just our opinions on love (based on our experiences); some of us have been thru rough relationships, while others are in decent ones; some of us hav been cheated on, while others hav been faithful; we're speaking from our hearts, so don't think we're too harsh when some of us may say harsh things; so saying that, here goes!

    Topic for Discussion
    In a sentence to a small paragraph, an opinion of a boyfriend/girlfriend who cheats

    a heartless lowlife bitch who doesn't care about pplz feelings and obiviously dunno the true meaning of love..

    depending on the person, a second chance may be given; obviously I'm a romantic & believe in working thru the troubles.. =/ after all, everyone makes mistakes =X

    people cheat because their hearts are unsettled .

    girlfriends that cheat are sluts, they toy with us and see if we suit them, they are misguided by their so called "girlfriend" magazines.. those magazines are for teens who want to grow up to be sluts, just like the magazine.. the magazine is a slut too..            

    If boyfriends cheat? well find out why he did it first~ then if the reason is like "ii didnt mean too srslly" then dump his ass~ if his gonna cheat his not worth your timee~ hopefully he realises his wrongs and doesnt even think about oding it agen..~

    misa misa
    a player D: <

    So that's just the mods and supporters of Crushed' opinion on love!!!
    If anyone else's opinion differ, feel free to discuss! Any other topics to suggest, just randomly post one up in the comments, and mysteriously will be here the nxt day!

    Last Updated: 31/05/09

    16 Comments 216 weeks

  • Supposedly a Life of Love.

     Love is interpreted in so many different ways. It can be felt in different ways too. What does love do for you? Is love that tingly thing in your (insert organ here)? Is it how your religion states love (1 Corinthians/Bible)? Is it what your parents tell you? Or is it a pile of mud (not literally, but meaning unclear to you)?

     You probably don't know this, but most of CRUSHED's moderators indeed do have a love life. Publishing these lives would be able to help assist all Crushed employees with their love affairs and mishaps and advice is almost always attainable. The posts will be, as a whole, monitored by the rest of the moderators, and even potential moderators such as Aangskies, Baka, Mirotic and Toan will also have your say. You can't hide! You won't hide!
     When the posts are put up, originally, they are listed on the forum. They are published here in a very neat format so it could or not could be more easier to read, decision is up to you, so we'll see. Your opinion also doesn't need to be on the blog, it could be just on the forum itself. If you think that all the entries below are by only one person, think again, they're just neatly clarified and epigrammaticated here.
     What would you think? Would they be wonderful excerpts of love or do you have a different opinion/perspective over this? Have some time to discuss and to ratify whatever you would require for want. Since CRUSHED hasn't had a new blog recently ever since the competition, I (Briggs Jay) would have figured we should do something. The 20th of May for Crushed will be the situatious day. See how you cope with this. Are you willing to show/expose your love life to the rest of the Bebo world?
     Have fun while you're doing this, don't be pressured/forced, and remember to update your entries. Even if you don't have a love life, just add input to your views on love. You know that love is always everchanging. Anywho, you can read about them right below, once they're done of course. Let's contribute!

    Mirotic/Fionah's entry. The life of mirotic so far...
     There aren't any character limits are there? Oh good none.

     Hey everyone, Mirotic/Fionah here if you didnt know my actual name. Where should I start... Well earlier this month I cried over a guy 2 in less than 24 hrs, I didn't sleep that night, why? Because, well he was an ex (lets call him guy 1) and I suddenly had feelings for him again and I confessed to him, cause well I usually confess to people. And well yeah, I told him and then a few weeks passed and his like "*a shocked expression* You like me? I thought you were over me." I told him that I told him I liked him before - and then he was like "Aww nah, there's nothing good about me... you'll get over me soon." I got really sad because I was thinking, "Why do I fall for the people that I can never have?" and I just like started wondering if I would end up like one of those grannies with like 50 cats or something. Then yeah, I got real sad (It was little I know).
     Then later, like a few days I met this new guy (guy 2) online. As the days past I started to talk to him more and more, without realising I started to like him again. I thought to myself: "I don't really like him do I? Am I like trying to replace guy 1 with him?" and my friends knew something was up so ii told them. She was like "Mm, just think it through" and so I did. Then as more weeks passed, I realised that I was really starting to like him: just when we talked I felt so happy, and even if my day was like really bad, I like forgot about it when I started talking to him. I introduced him to one of my close friends, and he was like talking flirty and everything, and I was like, just reading the conversation. I didn't really talk, I just sat there.. slowly I just became sad, because i was like "Oh, he talks flirty with everyone, maybe it's a bad idea to like him". So I'm like okay I'm gonna move on forget about him, but yeah didnt work

    6 Comments 218 weeks

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