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Ann Thompson

Baby Lizzie arrived August 1st!

8/21/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from United States
  • I am Married
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Born & raised in the Banner County. Went to Ocean City, Maryland with Noelle, Deirdre, Flash Ash & Emma for the summer of 03. Met Casey at the Mug & Mallet restaurant, later I moved to the US & married Casey! We have a cute little Golden Retreiver dog called Duce! Working as a lease administrator for a company in Salisbury called Clear Channel Outdoor, the largest outdoor advertising company in the world. I love it... I have my own office & we get lots of half days! The people I work with are soooooo laid back not even funny!!! We moved to Salisbury & bought a house!
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England, France, Spain, Belguim, Cypress, Majorica,
My goal is to travel all 50 US states - have 10 done - Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennylvania, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georga, Florida
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Spiders. Walking down escalators - have to let everyone walk in front of me - No problem walking up though!!! Snakes - saw one for the first time in July. It was a big long black slithery disgusting thing
Happiest When
On Assateague Beach with Casey & Duce during the summer, I see and/or hear from my friends from Ireland, It's Friday & On Holidays!
Missing From Ireland
My mam & dad, all my friends, Taytos, Crunchies, Malteesers, Chicken Curry, Uncle Bens Sweet and Sour Chicken, real Irish Breakfast that I get every so often at Slainte in Baltimore & Barry's tea!!!
"Marley and Me" by John Grogan - BEST Book EVER, Merle's Door, "P.S. I Love You" - Cecelia Ahern, "The Horse Whisperer" - Nicholas Evans
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Limerick Institute of Technology, 2004
Business,Business with Computers
Salisbury University, 2008
Information Systems
Colasite Muire, 2000
Gaelscoil , 1993
Barefield, 1995

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Clear Channel Outdoor
Lease Administrator
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May, 2006 - Present
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Acre Mortgage
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January, 2006 - May, 2006
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Berlin, MD
Mug & Mallet
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July, 2003 - October, 2005
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Ocean City, MD

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  • hey hun

    sorry very bust again 2day @ work, will email ya tom !! all well, heading out later 4 the crack!!! im mean it is wednesday, the whend starts 2nite!!! decided not 2 go off drink 4 november!! think il take it on more!! any news

    Noelle Gallagher 0 Replies
  • boss in

    boss in thick!!!! it sure was tuff but great day. dont know if id do it again!! only quietened down now and im about to go home. headin in2 town to get outfit 4 tom nite!! excited!! its so funny, i actually think ur on line everytime im on the comp, u halla! any news

    Noelle Gallagher 1 Reply
  • hey woman

    hows it hanging missus ? call me soon 4 a chat! i love u

    Noelle Gallagher 0 Replies

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  • Grace
    luv Grace

    Hey Ann!!! Congrats on the new arrival! I was only thinking of you the other day wondering if you had had the baby!! How are ye all getting on??

  • Lorraine T
    Lorraine T

    Hey ann, wish i was writin 2 u wit better reason but mrs. Guthrie (elizabeth)on de lahinch rd passed away today.

    8/21/09 via Mobile
  • Ashling Kelly
    luv Ashling Kelly

    ah thanks lady! jaysus im getting auld!!!! yes this is our only form of comunication so keep it!! how are u getting! u must be getting excited!!!hey to kc!!!!

  • SF

    Hey hun, hows it going? Any pics of preggers bellys to be seen yet????

  • Ashling Kelly
    Ashling Kelly

    hey missus!!! how are ya keeping! all good good good i hope!!! hope ur relaxing d whole time!! jan and ian home next mon!! so so so excited!! tears like!!! ha! hey to KC!! xxx

  • Ashling Kelly
    Ashling Kelly

    yo mama!!how are u!!! sorry havnt bn in contact, broke my laptop-boo!! fixed now!!! wow a little lady joining ye in august-dats brilliant!!! im soooooooo happy 4 ya!!! jan and ian got engaged sat-swit swoo-bridemaid like!! ha ha, d cut of me!!! flip tis all good news lately, long may it last!!!! met ur ma monday or tuesday!!! hope ur minding urself now!!! oh ann i have loads of news!! miss ya!! xxxx

  • Aoife Burke
    Aoife Burke

    Hey ann just cn your havin a baby wow...1st you change your surname and now a little bundle of pink joy is on the way congrats on it all...god were really grown up Haha x

    3/10/09 via Mobile
  • Maggie O
    luv Maggie O

    O my God your having a baby.... Maggie May would be a lovely name for her........joking. Congrats girl, in shock.

  • Lorraine T
    luv Lorraine T

    Hi ann, congrats on ye're news!

    3/10/09 via Mobile
  • luv Tishy O'Keeffe

    hey ann, oh my god a gril, thats great news, ur mam and dad will be delighted. u wont feel august coming around. have ye any names picked? ye arent missing much in ennis- same shit!!

  • Aidan Kenneally
    Aidan Kenneally

    my god are you serious congrads!do ye know what its going to be or ye going to wait for the surprise?!ah work has gone very bad over here at the moment you as you have heard i'd say,my god the country has gone to shite,myself and another lad were out on our own for a year or so plastering but that went pear shaped because of the way things have gone!ah i'm still doing a bit though

  • Aidan Kenneally
    Aidan Kenneally

    hi,how are you?yeah it has been a long time!hope all is well with you!my god your married now and everything!Getting up to my old tricks i wish ha ha!! I think i'm all tricked out ha ha!!Hows the states going for you?

  • Michelle Sheehan
    luv Michelle Sheehan

    hi annie, im the worst friend in the world i havent talked to you in ages. how have you been . tell me all about the wedding you can email me in work michelle.sheehan@avvio.com its probably easier.

  • Xxdonna Coleyxx
    Xxdonna Coleyxx

    Thaks for the card- I didn't manage to send any cards ths year with the comotion of Esmé and moving house!! SORRY!! I hope you had a great one. Did you get much time off? My Dad said he was talking to your Uncle and you were back in Ennis recently. Did you have a good time? Esmé is ill at the moment- with her first cold. I have her strapped to me in her sling. We had a good one, ate far too much!!! Happy new year xx

  • Maggie O
    Maggie O

    Hey girlie.. all good here just gettin ready for xmas. Workin a bit over it so not that much time off. Not up to much these days still with your man from Laois think sheila filled you in on that before all going well... How you? Seen your photos on bebo you looked fab and so did everyone else. How you since? Maggie x x x x

  • Ashling Kelly
    luv Ashling Kelly

    hey lady!! howray! havnt bn on bebo n ages!!!! long story!!! anyways any news for me!! u coming home for xmas, did i hear dat or am i just spreading rumours! hows kc! miss ya! xxx

  • Roisin Moloney
    Roisin Moloney

    Hi how are you? I haven't beem on bebo in ages! So a very very late congrats!

  • Noelle Gallagher
    luv Noelle Gallagher

    hey woman all good!!! last wk of contract and still no word on job!! dont know whats goin to happen!! did u enjoy hen party? weather is miserable over here unfortunately!!! depressing!! sending u a card in post so will have a letter in it 4 ya with all the news . love u