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Kerry Burley

she is, in fact alive - just in dissertation hibernation: see you all in October! :)

8/29/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Glasgow (via Killie, Bochum and Vienna...)
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Me, Myself, and I
"That is why we have to keep objecting to it (sexism), as boring as it is. Because if we're not allowed to have the important jobs, how on earth will we be able to afford the pretty shoes?"

"Agnus Dei was a woman composer famous for her church music" (answer given in response to a music examination question)
The Other Half Of Me
Alex Adam
This made me giggle this morning...
The Guardian:
Brian Duffy has no problem with people laughing at him on stage. "For God's sake, " says the man behind the Modified Toy Orchestra, "I'm standing in a suit and tie fondling a Barbie doll. It can't be anything but funny." And it's not just Barbie; she's joined by other primary-coloured sound-emitting toys, including Speak & Spell, the Happy Farm Chorus...It's a gleeful sight, six grown men in suits groping, prodding and drumming 25 or so toys on stage...The background to this orchestra is, however, a matter of serious philosophy... One review spoke of "mythic revelations", claiming that one track, Where Is My Sock?, turns "the act of getting dressed in to an existential enquiry".
Far too many to mention - although am partial to the old (pun intended) historical drama. Some favorites: Count of Monte Cristo, Mansfield Park , anything Austen/Bronte; Bright Young Things, The Pianist, Goodbye Lenin and Gossford Park. Also harbour an unhealthy obsession with Poirot. Actually, I want to be Poirot. That's the unhealthy part.
'We are the Arabs.'

That is all.
Scared Of
Stopping smoking. Tory immigration policy. Tories in general actually...except the ones I deign to tolerate as 'eccentric' (you know who you are). Tap dancing *sob.* It's sick and wrong.
Happiest When
Partaking in 'the banter;' reading; singing; watching Q.I (Stephen Fry, another unhealthy, not to mention entirely futile obsession); dancing outrageously (and often alone); playing board games with mates; eating; drinking red wine (in moderation of course ...he he he *falls off chair*) Ahem. Actually, nights where this all happens simultaneously are good. Also, Dressing up as superheroes/pirates/rocky horror characters; stalking Germans and Austrians (not Swiss, never Swiss, nooooo); ranting at the news/TV; playing with my kittens; bashing various instruments attempting to make what could, very loosely, be termed 'music' and writing long letters to my granny. Oh, travelling too, i.e. I like to do all of the above outside Scotland. Much to the amusement of the local populous.
I'd like to meet
Stephen Fry; Philip Roth; Jim Caviezel (oh please please please God, Santa, Uri, anyone...); Tom Selleck (but only if he grows the 'tash back); Hmmm, think the rest are dead.
Yeah, so the dead ones: Soren Kierkegaard; Emily Davidson; Cole Porter; Virginia Woolfe; Nick Drake; Elgar; Don Juan; Catherine the Great; Mary Wollstonecraft; the ancestors...to name but a few.
People I'd like to meet in order to kill: Gillian McKeith; Gillian McKeith and Gillian McKeith's offspring.

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  • Booo eternal studentdom...

    With evil essays and exams looming on top of that pesky 'work' thing, I thought I'd try and garner some Bebo-based sympathy for me and my fellow (physically) mature students. How to sum it up.... hmm.

    What I would write in a slightly warped press release:

    'Easter eggs, daffodils and lighter mornings aside, Spring can be a difficult time of year for students. Finals, dissertations, the last meager pennies from the benevolent SLC and resultant alcohol withdrawal can all have serious implications in terms of mental health.'

    What I actually mean: I've eaten all the bloody chocolate, the sun keeps waking me up at 6am (you know where he can shove his hat), I'm skint and I've drunk the wine rack.

    Sympathy (and wine) gratefully received.

    Kerry :)

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  • Three down four to go...

    Having a ball (with music and dancing no less) so far, great show, excellent cast and yummy yummy orchestra (go Hugh); and by that I mean the sound of course, not the brass section. Although... :L

    Got the hilarious fawlty towers-esq show out of the way on Tuesday (sorry Mel, Emma etc.), so can enjoy the rest of the week now. Voice is getting smaller and less angelic by the day, but hey, that's what mikes are for. Am, rather smuggly, still off the cigs (although have been unashamedly sniffing George after the interval), and have managed to stick (mostly) to pints of gay (or 'Dave' as they shall hencefourth be known), but last night was so good (not a dry seat in the house after death scene - 'better than Yul Brynner' Richard) I felt that a meagre pint of Dave could not accurately reflect my celebratory mood. Cue: 2 glasses of red wine, and, in true light-weight stylee, very loud, giggling and now hung-over Mrs Anna. Ho hum. Time for pot of tea no.3 I think. Croak.

    Croak? Did someone just stand on a duck..?

    4 Comments 324 weeks

  • The fear...

    ...has finally set in...really set in. Twelve days until 'The King and I' opening night at the Kings. Didn't hit me until this morning precisely how soon that is. *GULP*

    It all started with a perfectly innocent bottle of Irn Bru...

    During our monthly 'big shop' yesterday, I picked up enough of said beverage to sink an oil tanker; Chappers is coming up from London to see the show, and since she absorbs the stuff at such an alarming rate I thought it prudent to stock up. This morning while in search of breakfast, I happened upon said bottle, thinking 'Lucy will be here soon, yay.'

    Then it dawned.

    By the time Lucy arrives we'll be four performances down.

    Cue mass hatching of gargantuan and very active butterflies.


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  • William M
    William M

    hey you how u doing hope life is treating u well

  • Yvonne

    Hey Kerry How have you been? What million and one things are going on in your life at the mo? xxx

  • Musical Mair
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    hey chick, how ya doing? what ya been up to?? hope ya well and causing hunners of mischief xx

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    how are you missus? hoping to see you soon for gershwin fun :) x

  • luv Aimee Toshney

    Boo! ***Pokey poke poke*** :D

  • Andrew Gray
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    Happy New Year, just to let you know, Minerva Youth Theatre are doing "South Pacific" in the Mitchell Theatre from 5th February to 7th February 2009. If you wish tickets, let me know a.s.a.p. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Greenteaface

    Thank you so much for just being you. Have thuroughly enjoyed being a part of your new year...was amazing...this place doesn't feel the same without you both. Big hugs babe have a great night tonight x x

  • Joss

    Pls text me, my phone has died so I have no numbers x x

  • Michelle Leitch Aka Tierney
    luv Michelle Leitch Aka Tierney

    Hey Mrs Hows it going? Been ages since I last seen you, hope you're keeping well. Have a great Christmas Mich xx

  • Janet Stone
    Janet Stone

    HI STRANGER how are you are you still treading the boards then xx scribble back janet x

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