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dreading my injection :3 x

12/3/12 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 18, Luv 38
  • from Doncaster
  • I am Engaged
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  • Member since: August 2008
  • Last active: 1/4/13
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About Me

Screw all my ex's, I love Cassidy! ><
Me, Myself, and I
Hey, I'm a whole new person now..
I accept blow backs from my gorgeous fiance Cassidy Floyd, we're engaged & have been since August of this year & I cannot wait till our wedding, he means everything to me..
I'm still in love with vodka&coke, it's the best alcoholic drink that's ever made but yet I can't take shots? Too strong & I can't hack it.. I'm still close with Kat Stocks, Beth Worthington & other people.. My best mate is now Nikki Evans & if anything happened to her I don't know how I'd live my life.. Same as if anything happened to Cassidy, if he died.. I'd commit suicide straight away, not caring about who loves me I'd just take my life right away! I ain't a virgin anymore & I'm proud!...
I Want
To marry Cassidy Floyd
To be with Cassidy forever
Kids.. Maybe

I Need
That's all I'll ever need, ever again
I Would Hate
To lose Cassidy
To lose any of my friends or family
To forget about my Granddad R.I.P

I Wanna See
Cassidy Floyd, Emma Gascoyne, Josh Whysall, Declan Jameson, Chantelle Dance, Nikki Evans, Kat Stocks xx
My Msn
xxsweet-kayxx@hotmail.com :)
x-princess_kay-x@hotmail.co.uk :)
I Would Nor Dare
Smoke properly, Beat someone up, Go anywhere without Cassidy
Pets Names
Sadie: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Sam: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Pheonix: Cat
Maggy: Cat
Rico: Guinea Pig
Toffee: Rabbit
Cinders: Rabbit

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  • Do this plz

    1)Whats Your Name?:

    2)Wud U Say Wer Close?:

    3) Wud U Lyk 2 Be Closer?:

    4)Whats Your Fave Fing/Fings =P Bout Me?:

    5)Do U Fink Im good Lukin?:

    6)Wud U Eva Get Wi Me?:

    7)Kiss Me?:

    8) Hug Me?:

    9)What Wud U Do If U Saw Me In Town?:

    10)What Reminds You Ov Me?:

    11)What Do You See Me As?:

    12)Could You Ever Love Me?:

    13)What Wud U say If I Said I Love U?:

    14)Anyfing 2 Say B4 u Go?:

    3 Comments 202 weeks

  • MEE

    ♥// Mummy= Tracy
    ♥// Daddy= Chris
    ♥// BabyBoy= Gaz
    ♥// My Best Buddy= Sarah
    ♥// Drinking Partner= Dont drink
    ♥//OtherHalf= Sarah
    ♥// My SexxyBoy= Gaz
    ♥//MyStripper= Eww
    ♥//My Date= Gaz
    ♥//SoulMate= Sarah
    ♥//Sex Partner= Eww
    ♥//Crush= Gaz
    ♥//Son= ? , Kristian
    ♥//Daughter= Anastasia
    ♥//BeboChatter= Lauren,Chantelle,Gaz
    ♥//SexyTimeeBoy= Gaz
    ♥//MyBoyFriend= Gaz

    Now you can copy and paste this and tell me about yhu

    3 Comments 226 weeks

  • Auup

    Auup people,
    If anyone knows owt about George Sampsons
    where-abouts can ya send me a private message


    And if anyone wants to chat just come along.

    am not tht harmful xxx
    meanwhile enjoii my profile

    0 Comments 232 weeks

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The Ultimate Personality Survey - 100 Questions

Do you help others in your neighborhood?: No, We Don't Talk :3
Are you a greedy person?: I Can Be Sometimes :3
Do you have an inflated ego?: Huh? :3
Are you a popular person?: Bit Yeah :3
Are you a prep?: A What? :3
Should you be sent to heaven or hell?: Heaven :3
How cruel are you?: I Can Be Very Cruel Sometimes :3
How good are you at accepting challenges?: No :3
Do you have a likable personality?: Yeah :3
Are you a selfish person?: I Can Be :3
Are you taking life for granted?: Yeah :3
Do you display leadership skills?: No :3
Are you an extrovert?: A What? :3
Are you narrow minded or broad minded?: Narrow I Think :3
How nice are you?: Very :3
Are you stone-hearted?: No :3
Are you soft-spoken?: Yeah :3
Are you living a beautiful life?: Kinda :3
Which brain are you- left or right?: Right :3
How cynical are you?: Huh? :3
How well do you handle criticism?: Depends Who It's From & What Criticism It Is :3
Do people take advantage of you?: They Have Done Before :3
Are you a procrastinator?: Huh? :3
Are you a God-fearing person?: No :3
How self confident are you?: Not Very, But More Than I Used To Be :3
How assertive are you?: Huh? :3
Do you pick up fights easily?: Not Anymore :3
Do you have good people skills?: Yeah, I Think So Anyway :3
Are you a nature lover?: Suppose :3
Do you give enough time to yourself?: Yeah, All Day Everyday :3
Are you a good party organizer?: Yeah, I'd Say So :3
Are you religious?: No :3
Are you a good listener?: What? :L Not Always, It Depends Who's Talking & What They're Talking About :3
Are you an optimist or a pessimist?: Pessimist :3
Are you distracted easily when working?: Not Always.. Ooh Shiny :3
Do you fight or take flight?: Take Flight, Fuck Dat :3
Do you live in the present or the past?: Present, But Sometimes In The Past :3
Are you a boastful person?: Can Be :3
Do you take decisions with your heart or your mind?: My Heart, Because My Mind Fucks Everything Up :3
Are you narcissistic?: Huh? :3
Do you test your limits when needed?: Yeah :3
Are you an emotional person?: Yeah, I Can Be :3
Are you far-sighted?: Huh? :3
Do you lie when needed?: Yeah :3
Do you cry easily?: Yeah, Only Because My Fiance Makes Me Soo Happy :3
Are you a visual or an auditory person?: Visual, I Think :3
How excited are you about life?: I Seem To Be More Excited About My Future, Now I'm With Cassidy :3
Do you vie for attention?: Sometimes :3
Are you original and mature?: Can Be, But I Can Also Be Immature At Times :3
What do you have unique in you?: Personality, Really Who Doesn't? :3
What are you looking for in life?: A Life, That People Can Be Jealous Of Me For :3
Do you have a devilish streak?: Depends, What Mood I'm In & Who With :3
How charismatic are you?: No Idea :3
Do you lose your temper often?: Often, When I Don't Mean To :3
Do you love kids?: Only If I Can Return Them, Or Walk Away From Them & Say ByeBye :3
Do you have a fear of anything?: Spiders, Dark, Loneliness, Losing Cassidy, Losing Anymore Family, Losing Any Friends, Failing At Life :3
Are you in control of your life?: Most Of The Time, Yeah :3
How good are your communication skills?: Very Good, Unless I'm Tired :3
Are you short tempered?: Yeah Man :3
Are you happy in life?: When I'm With The Right People/Person, Then Yeah :3
Are you absent-minded?: Huh? :3
Are you a miser?: Huh? :3
Are you adventurous?: Not Really, I'm An Indoor Person I Don't Get Out Much Unless It's To Cassidy's For The Weekend :3
Can people rely on you?: Depends What For? :3
Do you have a pure heart?: Yeah Man, Who Doesn't? :3
Do you know yourself truly?: I Think There's More To Me, Than I'll Ever Realise :3
Are you street-smart?: No Way :3
Are you an analytical thinker?: Huh? :3
Are you wasting your life via some activity?: Yeah, Facebook :3
Do you try to make everyone happy?: I Used To :3
How well do you handle a crisis?: Depends What It Is & My Mood :3
Do you have a sense of humor?: Yeah :3
Do you pamper your mind?: My Mind Hates Me -.- So No :3
Name your strengths: Humour, Sensitivity, Flirting (I Suppose), Listening To People's Problems, Sorting Bullying :3
Are you a honest person?: I Can Be :3
Are you a know all or a no all?: No All :3
Are you boring?: I Can Be :3
Do you criticize others too much?: Sometimes, Mainly The Ones I Love The Most :3
Do you think you are a loser?: I Don't Think.. I Know :3
Are you compassionate?: Huh? :3
Name your weaknesses: Showing My True Feelings, Telling People What I Really Think Of Them But Instead Just, Putting Up With Them :3
Are you witty?: I Can Be :3
Are you passionate about what you do?: Not Really.. Nothing Passionate About Sitting On My Arse, On Facebook All Day :3
Are you a forgetful person?: I Can Be :3
How active are you?: Not Very :3
Do you love yourself?: Only When I Do/Say Something Awesome/Funny :3
How courteous are you?: Very, Especially Of My Body Considering How Bullied I Got & People Called Me Fat & Ugly :3
Are you a smiley?: I Can Be :3
Are you a morning person or an evening person?: Evening :3
Do worries dominate you?: They Affect Me, If That's What You Mean Yeah :3
Do you reveal things about yourself to others easily?: Depends Who They Are :3
Do you think before you act?: Not Always :3
Are you ambitious?: No :3
Do you speak from the heart?: Not Always :3
Do you like travelling?: Yeah :3
Are you a day or a night person?: Night :3
Are you environment friendly?: I Suppose :3
Do you have any addictions?: Facebook, Cassidy, Kissing, Cuddling, Texting, Ringing, Singing & Making Random Noises :3
Are you a cleanliness freak?: No Way :3
Do you help others in your neighborhood?: No, I've Already Answered This Dumbass -.- :3
Did you like this survey?: It's Something To Do, To Pass The Time So Yeah?! :3

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The 30 question relationship survey

Your most romantic dream: Never really had one
Who wears the pants in your relationship?: Him
Do you trust your partner too much?: No way
Does your ex still have feelings for you?: I hope not, no use to him now
Do you take your partner for granted?: Sometimes
Are you being manipulated by your partner?: I don't think so
Your favorite vacation together was: We've never had a vacation together
How strong is your relationship?: Very
Are you acting too tough with your partner?: Sometimes, yeah
Are you emotionally cheating your partner?: No way
Are you a giver in a relationship?: Not really :( I don't know how to be
Are you enhancing your partners self-esteem?: Think so, dunno
How well do you relate to your partner?: Very well...... I think
Are you heading towards a break-up?: No way :'(
Will you survive a relationship breakdown?: No.. I'd commit!!
Do you balance your heart and head in early romance?: Yeah, sometimes
Will marriage make you happier?: Ooh yeah man :L
Are you feeling victimized in your relationship?: Noo way
How good are you in settling disputes with your partner?: Very good, in my opinion
Are you an interfering partner?: I can be sometimes, I think
Are you getting joy in your relationship?: Ooh yesh, very often
Do you have faith in your partner?: Loads :L I did doubt him at first because I've been hurt before but now I'm fine with him :) I trust him 100%
Will you grow together till old age?: I really do hope so
Are you in love even now?: Ooh yeah, happily in love & engaged <3
Are you happy with your partner?: VERY
Is your partner emotionally satisfied?: I think so :)
Are both of you loyal to each other: Yesshhh
The most romantic moment you have shared: Sex :L
Do you forgive your partner easily?: It depends on the situation but usually, yeshhh
What has been your most memorable gift?: The monkey teddy, he won for me :D that's the only thing I've got off him so far :D :D :D

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1.Whats your name?

2.How old are you?
13 But 14 In 10 Days

3.Are You single or taken?

4.Do you have a crush on someone?

5.How do you feel right now?
Sick, Backs Killing, Shite

6.Do you brush your teeth every morning and night?

7.Are you a happy person?

8. wink face or  angry face or  <-- that face?
Wink Face

9. cooool face or  ninja? :D
Cooool Face

10.Have you got msn? =p~
Yes Thanx

11. Whats your favourite songg?
Most Favourite Of All Time? Caramelldansen

12. christmas or new year?

13. Halloweeen or St patricks day ?

14. do you like lepricauns!?

15. Do you believe in santa?

16. <-- whats your tribal war chant?

17. do you talk alot?

18. do you like star wars?

19. Do you consider yourself a nice person?

20. Do you work well in a team?
Only, If Its With People I Know

21. Kisses or hugs ?

22. Do you hate anyone?

23.Pepsi or Coke?

24. Do you drink?

25. Do you belive in {a} god?

26. Can you cook?

27. Pancakes or Easter Eggs?

28. Want to get married?

29. PIRATE ;D! yaas lol

30. are you cool like him <-- :L
He's Not Cool

31. Vampires?  lol
Yeah, Love Erm

32. want children?

33.are you scared of clowns?

34. <-- whats that guy doing?
Wtf... I Think He Is Scrathing Hiself

35. whats your favourite boook?
One I Can Read

36.Have you got a sick mind?

37. Do you like Eygptions?
Not Bad

38.Ever fallen off a chair?

39. tea or coffeee?

40. Do you think you would be a good king/queen?
Probably, Yeah

41. whats the worst thing that you've ever done?
Lied, To My Parents

42.Does it always rain on youuu ? (8]

43.Last question .. did u injoy this quiz?

close Who Is Your Perfect Celeb Mate?

Who's Your Perfect Celeb Mate?

My result is: Ashley

You and Ashley are the perfect mates! You are a great friend to all your TRUE friends, but to new people, you can be a bit shy. Try and make some new friends sometimes. You also adore being on stage and just letting go and singing a song or dancing around!
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What Type Of Guy Are You
are you pretty or darn right ugly?
Try On the Hogwarts Sorting Hat.
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close Are you a Goth?

Are you a Goth?

My result is: Chav

You are a burburry advert. You have no taste and you will probably never get a wage. The council will give you money that you can waste on booze and ciggys. What a loser.

Your Motto: Lets all go and nick handbags in Maccy Dees

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  • CassidySBabe

    dreading my injection later on today :3 x

  • luv Terri Leigh Hirst

    its ok dnt worry about it :D is that quite a wile then that uve known her for? av been better hun,but thankyou for asking. av found out yesterday that my grandad has alzhiemers.:'( wbu? x

  • luv Terri Leigh Hirst

    lol yeah that we do :D half a year now i think :) you? x

  • luv Terri Leigh Hirst

    so kinda in between lol.i know wat u mean thats exactly how i feel today :) x

  • luv Terri Leigh Hirst

    y u suppose? oriet alittle like me lol,im doing exactly the same :P xx

  • CassidySBabe

    yeah am okay i s'pose and naah am just on msn and facebook and bebo the usual xx

  • Terri Leigh Hirst

    hiya chuck :D ive got your friend request :D hope you're ok :) u been upto much? xx

  • Gaz
    luv Gaz

    thank u and the same

  • Gaz
    luv Gaz

    hi u ok wuu2 i have had a lot of fun all day how's or day been

  • Fans Of George Sampson
    luv Fans Of George Sampson

    Thanx For Joining Fans Of George Sampsonn I Really Appreciate It So Have Luvv.... Thankyou.... I Can See U Really Love George Sampson lol Don't Blame You ( u dont have to write back )

  • - Robynn.
    - Robynn.

    heyyy,,,,, im goodd thanks, hows youu?.. did you enjoy your holidayss.......?

  • Mini Fucking Condom.
    Mini Fucking Condom.

    Heey Dear :] Thought It'd Be Nice To Leave You A Comment :] X

  • Chantelle Jade
    Chantelle Jade

    heyy :D :D omg bgt tour was ace i got warrens autograph out of diversity and thats it and i could not get georges autograph :( o well i will try and get it soon lol :L :L i have also got a sore throat with screaming and shouting for him i was standing on my chair going i love you geogre and he kinda smiled :D hows u ?? X