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NEW SCREW MINI-ALBUM [racial mixture] 8th April!!!

2/14/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

I havent seen a band for them yet, so...
Me, Myself, and I
The band is made up of...
Byou 鋲 [Vocals]
Manabu マナブ [Guitar]
Yuuto ゆうと [Bass]
Jin ジン [Drums]
Kazuki 和己 [Guitar]

NEW MINI ALBUM [racial mixture] 8th April
01. mongrelism
03. molder
04. 49
05. Self-Injurious
06. HEEL

Hehe, this is the first band i have seen for them on bebo.
Well, now there is one, ne way?

Please support the artist, I know that shipping costs a fortune but please actually but their music.

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  • Byou profile.

    VO. 鋲 [Byou]

    Birthday: February 9th
    Blood Type: A guy who takes charge
    Birthplace: Tokyo
    Height/Weight: 172cm/52kg
    Shoe size: 26.5cm
    Ring size: 15~19
    Habit, Favourite Phrase: Smoking, Miscellaneous matters*
    Favourite colours: Purple, white, black, red, orange, yellow, blue, indigo, silver, gold
    Cigarette brand: PIANISSINO One
    Favourite brands: CHROME HEARTS, Justin Davis, D&G
    Favourite perfume to use: The kind that gets hot
    The cell phone brand and ring tone you're using: DoCoMo Wheezing voice
    Favourite foods: Curry, pasta, meat, donkatsu ramen, cheap sweets
    Least favourite foods: All the vegetables in the world
    A present that makes you happy: Letters, things I can wear, cigarettes
    A present you were glad to give to someone: "Nejireta Shisou"
    Favourite type of the opposite sex: A girl who is fair skinned, has long, lightly coloured, curled hair, pretty, cute, interesting, erotic and who looks like a doll [.. a doll? .. *finds nothing to say*]
    Least favourite type of the opposite sex: A girl who I can't talk to
    Favourite girl's fashion: Exhibitionist
    Ideal date course: Wake up → take a bath together → leave → go for a drive → batting center (batting guidance) → Tokyo Dome → Baseball commentary → Jabitto* Bento → Goods shop → Batting center (batting guidance) → BAR → I'll leave it to your imagination
    An action a girl does that startles you: Showing their underwear
    A name you would give a child: Murami
    A treasured item: Human life
    Worries: I'm not intelligent
    A time when you feel happiness: When a LIVE is fun
    The person you currently want to meet the most: The people who have been giving me encouragement
    If you had three wishes, what would you wish for:
    1) The top
    2) I want to meet that person
    3) I want to become missing
    The biggest prank you played on the other members: Forming the band with me
    A dream that left an impression: In the middle of the train, I ate two phones that belonged to some person I didn't know [OMG! LOL!]
    Something that recently emotionally moved you: "Shukai ni Saku Ai" [Screw song]
    Something that recently made you angry: Traffic jam
    Something that has recently been on your mind: Isn't there a suitable Tanba-san?
    The way you spend a day off: Studying language
    Presently, what kind of room do you live in?: A house with delicious fried vegetables
    Currently who is your favourite artist: SCREW
    An artist that you respect: Senpai [I'm assuming kagerou, because he was a kagerou roadie]
    The first CD that you bought: Mothra's* songs
    The first live you went to: L'Arc~en~Ciel
    The first song that you copied: TOKIO
    When was your first public performance: When I was a middle school student
    A SCREW LIVE that left an impression on you: March, 4th
    The SCREW song that you're most pleased with: "Shukai ni Saku Ai"
    A mistake that happened during a live: Hic*
    A way to relieve stress: AV appreciation [AV = Adult video ]
    Outside of playing music, the most important thing is: Heart
    Favourite motto: Believe in yourself
    A word to your present self: Even if you die right here, don't regret it
    A word to yourself in ten years: Congratulations for 10 whole years.
    A word to all the members: Kazuki, Yuuto, Jin, Until I'm on the verge of death, please be good to me.
    Your future aspiration: World Domination [heheheh ]

    *ざっけんな [Zakken na], "Miscellaneous matters" is actually what it means. ^__^'
    *ジャビット弁当 → http://www.tokyo-dome.co.jp/dome/fan...
    * Ah, another long explanation. Byou wrote ポコッ, which is hard to explain, but I'll give it a try. It's not a hiccup, but it's more like he froze up. You know, when you're talking or whatever and your body kind of seizes, or twitches and it results in this O__O! kind of feeling? Something like that.

    3 Comments 232 weeks

  • This makes me laugh

    What meaning does the name 'ScReW' have?
    Byo : I don't really like things to be 'straight forward, ' I prefer things with which you need to use your head, to think about it. The people need to listen to us carefully, intensively, to 'screw' themselves into us, and as a band, we want to do the same to our fans (laughs). :L

    This is from an interview X3

    2 Comments 258 weeks

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SCREW - Gather Roses [PV]

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