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Roxas Valentine

My gods it's been a while since I was on this xD

5/20/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 21, Luv 49
  • from A mix of my bed and my house....
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: August 2008
  • Last active: 1/12/12
  • www.bebo.com/FoxyRoxas
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About Me

Terns and conditions apply
Me, Myself, and I

What to write here

well i never really know so a just rammbel?

My name is Roxas Valentine ( and no, thats not my real name, although i wish it was), I am a roxas cosplayer,a Aizen cosplayer and apperantly a komui lee cosplayer (dont ask me how that happened).

I make all my cosplays by hand and i think that sewing is very therapudiec , although many others will disagree with me.

I Vlog (video blog) on a number of different site but im not telling you were unless your awesome and i trust ya.

Ask me for my msn i you wish but if talking doesnt occur, expect ot be deleted

So yeah thats all i have to say.

OH,my frined list is in no order, so no bitching or whining, hokay?

Goodgood ^.^

I was at epiccon 09

I am the cabbage!!!!
Scared Of
Me be man, me be scared of nothing xD yeah right :P

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  • Ma first questionare in la Bebo

    First Name? John

    Nicknames? Roxas,Roxy , Roxas of the Funk XD or Rik

    What do you prefer to be called? Roxy/roxas

    How old are you now? 17

    How tall are you now? 5'11/6ft

    Brave enough to share your weight? 12 stone >.<

    What shoe size do you wear? 12/13

    Do you have any tatoos? None

    Any piercings? 1, left cartillage...

    What color are your eyes? blueeeee

    Do you wear glasses or contacts? Glasss more often but i do sometimes wear contacts

    Ever wear colored contacts? Yupp

    What is your natural hair color?Dakry blonde

    How long is your hair? Short for me >.<

    Where do you currently reside? iDam athy

    Is this your hometown? unfortunitally yes

    How many times have you moved? 3 maybe?

    What is your heritage? Irish


    What College did or do you plan to attend? IADT

    What was your favorite subject in school? Tach graph,Bio or english or french

    Ever skip class? define "skipped"...Like stayed in school but didnt go to class? Never

    Ever gotten detention or Saturday School? i got detention i never went though

    Ever been suspended? Suprisingly not

    Did you have a steady boyfriend/girlfriend in high school? Nope....

    What was your longest high school relationship? about 4 months?

    Were you involved in any sports? school wise? No...otherwise? yes


    Do you have a big family? im relateted to everyone in this frickin town but immediate family is small

    Do you have any siblings? 1 Brother....

    Do you put your family before your friends? it depends....

    How many best friends do you have right now? 4....clare,emma,riku,zara

    Who is your very best friend in the world? see above 4

    How did you meet him/her?Clare:via liz.....Emma:Via elly.....Riku:via evin/bebo....zara:via lauren

    How long have you known them? zara,6 years....riku,,,,3 years....clare,,,,2 years,,,emma,,,one year

    Do you feel like you are drifting away from any close friends?At times....

    Who all lives in your house? me...bro agus mam

    Do or did you have to share a room with anyone?hell no


    For or against sex before marriage? for!!!!

    Should marijuana be legalized? yeah lol just for occasional use

    Are you open minded about religion? each to there own its fun to learn about them

    For or Against Gay Marriage? completly for

    Do you really care about the environment? Ya

    Do you care if the polar bears are becoming extinct? yeah there beautiful creatures it wud be a shame to lose them tru human neglect

    Do you believe in magic? Yupp

    Ever done drugs? yeah nothin hard though

    Ever drink alcohol before the legal age? course

    Ever use a fake ID or one that was not you? never needed one lol

    Ever sneek out of your house? no just walked out quietly without an explaination and hoping my mother wudnt see me

    Ever shoplift from a store? Maybe and mayne not

    Ever steal from a friend or family member? nope....just permentally borrowed

    ARE YOU:

    Single or Taken? Taken

    Truly Happy or Just OK? just ok

    Leader or Follower? depending on the situation

    Giver or Taker? Giver...or at least id like to think so

    Outgoing or Shy? bitta both

    Phone Talker or Texter?talker! by far

    Tall or Short? TALL

    Blonde or Brunette? Bitta both

    Day or Night Person? Night time

    Responsible or Carefree? responsible

    Loud or Quiet? loud....and quite,,,,,,ohhh kinky


    Reality TV Show: none

    TV Station: Current

    Movie: TNBC

    Actress: Keira knightly

    Actor: heath ledger

    Band? Elliot Minor

    Clothing Store: errr...ebay? D jkjk

    Website: gaiaonline.com...dealextreme.com..

    Sport to Watch: ice skating/gymnastics

    Sport to play: iceskating

    Olympic event: ice skating

    Radio Station: none

    Drink: juice and fuzzy navals

    Food: pizza

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  • Hasegawa Emi
    luv Hasegawa Emi

    Hey there, I tried replying sooner but Bebo was being annoying and wouldn't save the comment!! How are you doing? Been up to much this summer? I've been travelling around alot, was in Honduras for a month (that' s in Central America, in the rainforest and all that jazz) helping out with animal research and became a scuba diver. Then I was in Spain. And all inbetween I was looking after my 6 snake and 2 gecko eggs, which all hatched, making a total of 10 snakes and 4 geckos in my room!!!!! Haha!

  • Emma L

    heya jon, hows things, yeah has been a very long time..........then again i don't live in athy anymore so i don't think i would see you too often in Wexford.....:P :) Hws things with you? enjoying the summer? :) :)

  • Hasegawa Emi
    luv Hasegawa Emi

    Hey there! I've been good, just spent most of the summer away! Was in Honduras for a month helping different research groups on their animal studies, and became a scuba diver, etc etc then I went to Spain. How's you?

  • luv Diane

    hahaha:L :L :L :L :L OmG quite scary french story 2 tell toi:O :O :O

  • Feckface

    Nope, using my Wii and the Homebrew Channel :P

  • Sorcha
    luv Sorcha

    Hiya!!:) :) hwr u? john ialways luved u 4 ur randomness bu guvnar!!? What the fuck?:O :O

  • Drowned Wednesday
    luv Drowned Wednesday

    I know... but then again theres still lots of time to relax and have fun ^^

  • Riku-Uzumaki
    luv Riku-Uzumaki

    Well id leave belfast europa at 9 and get into dublin busaras at 11.40, mimi said she was going to meet me at the spire at 12 if you want to meet me there or just meet me in the bus station at 1140 ? <3

  • Squall Leonhart
    Squall Leonhart

    Yeah. If i can get the material before summer ends then i'll be able to work in between school hours.

  • Roisin W
    Roisin W

    lol, i probly should, i need to watch more animes! all i watched this summer was ouran high school host club :D ah, i know what you mean. I gotta get into shape aswell so i can wear my tifa costume! A wyth bag would be awesome. i HAVE to do this now!! XD

  • Stitch

    Hair wise=]

  • Riku-Uzumaki
    luv Riku-Uzumaki

    oh yeah that ould be awsome !!! , i was talking to mimi there and shes gona meet me at the spire at 12 <3

  • Roisin W
    luv Roisin W

    I dont really know those animes, but i have seen pics of pandora hearts before. everyone in it has really cool costumes ^^ Yup, adult rydia, complete with ridiculously long capes :D and i defintley should make a whyt! i might try make it so it can double as a bag... edge and cecil are cool. you should totally cosplay them!! or one of em anyway XD

  • Drowned Wednesday
    Drowned Wednesday

    Hey ^^ I'm great. So sad its already august though. >.< Back to school soon.

  • Squall Leonhart
    Squall Leonhart

    Yeah i hope it works out :)