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Ierusalema Fou Bible College

** E Mafaia Mea Uma I Le Atua**

8/21/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
This is the Ierusalema Fou Bible College official Bebo Connection, it's purpose is to connect IFBC former and present students. We hail from the village of Iva Savaii, a Family whose passion is to be Equipped, Empowered, Exposed and mostly to be involved in the Expansion of God's Kingdom.

Feel free to add us, and share us some photos you have, Enjoy browsing through our page.

God Bless and Remember "We live to Serve"
&gt;&gt;&gt;We Honor&lt;&lt;&lt;
Our God
To: - IFBC Visionary, Founder & President - Rev F. Joe and Milika Amosa .... We are blessed to be in the circle of the many You have encouraged, enhanced, influenced, impacted and challenged to take life to a higher level. With God's help, the College was founded and fulfilled its vision of educating the disadvantaged. Having Alofaina Christian Church as the major support and shelter with you as Senior Pastor.... We are grateful to call you "Dad & Mom" ...... Thank you for giving to the Lord..... Though we lose some we gain some .... along our journey many came and parted ways with a changed heart and a better view to life and ministry.

We love you and we enjoy serving God with you.....May He continue to carry through!!!!!
&gt;&gt;&gt;Who I Want To Meet&lt;&lt;&lt;
People who have the passion for Jesus and passion for the Lost....... Join Us and together we can make a difference. Ierusalema Fou is destined to help you fulfill God's Divine Call in your life and ministry.... Because we Live to Serve Him by serving you.... Keep Passing The Faith!!!
&gt;&gt;&gt;Ierusalema Fou Bible College Motto&lt;&lt;&lt;
Join The Ierusalema Fou Group.....

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  • O L L O Z
    luv O L L O Z

    HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DAD.... U DA BEST... mahalz mu na... O

  • Xx Agavale-VaigafaxX
    luv Xx Agavale-VaigafaxX

    Heres some love for ma home school.. love you all and hope there is a going to be a reunion in the next year or so.. God bless you all my brother and sisters.. pray guidance upon you all.. love from Iakopo and family.

  • Jenny Tulipe Huch

    hi i didnt go to the school but i come from Iva and i reckon its really amazing how there's a bible college in Iva and stuff!! awesome stuff!!:)

  • Stumu Tevas
    luv Stumu Tevas

    Ua a mai outou Ierusalema Fou ma le tsunami.. fa'afeta i le Atua o lo'o maua pea outou le ola ma le malosi.. e ui lava na afea nisi o aiga i le malaga a le maliu ma le oti ae fa'afetai i le Atua ua amia nisi ae tuua le to'atele... tau iina i ai le agaga o le Atua ma ia fa'amaise i aiga o lo'o maua i loto fa'anoanoa i a'i latou o lo'o tagi mai ala.. ia fa'alototeleina ma ia latou tumau pea i le Ali'i.. alofa atu tevas

  • Niah

    malo ierusalema.......ia maguia lava le faauuga o alo atu ai.......especially the graduates of 2009

  • -NamulauuluBaby

    umm ;; i am Fealofani Togia daughter . Lea alofa tele mai ia fealofani Togia andd wife ia Maria to you all ;; and to Joe Amosa and wife . Just to let you know that he is doing well in Australia and that he would like to CONGRAT to the class of 2009 . tele alofaaga to you all Fealofani and family

  • Ivanmira
    luv Ivanmira

    talofa ieru. big CONGRATTS!! to the graduates of 2009.malo le tauivi malo le onosai malo le finau.praise God for bringing uz this far, it is not the end of the race but the beginning of the call.bless yas for perservering.sori we r not dea to witness the blak robes nd our funky pulou fa'auus lols,but uz are neva forgotten in prayer.well done.fa'amalo foi i o outou susuga paia i faiaoga mo la outou galuega mae'a aua le a'o tauaina o tama fanau a samoa.u guys are a blessing in disguize lols u know wat i mean.much lov and blessings to uz. alofa e le uma i le laumua pele o ierusalema fou ae maise tatou matua peleina Rev Joe n Melika Amosa.our prayers are always wit uz.we are proud to be products of Ierusalema Fou.praise the Lord,aleluia,AMEN IVAN

  • Stumu Tevas
    Stumu Tevas

    "GO IERU" Fa'atalofa atu i le susuga a le Puleaoga ma le faletua ia Joe ma Melika, ali'i faiaoga ma o latu faletua ia Aukuso ma Su'i, Pati ma Folole fa'apea susuga a Pili ma Richard aemaise le mamalu o le laumua Ierusalema Fou i Iva Savai'i.. e le galo outou ua misia fo'i le mafutaga.. GOD BLESS stu....

  • Xx Agavale-VaigafaxX
    luv Xx Agavale-VaigafaxX

    Im not from or have i seen or been to IERU but my husband is and just dropping in to give some love on the page from us... Hope you all are taking good care of your beautiful selves as the Lord is with us.. Keep on searching, keep striving, and keep going Forward... Go Hard and Keep strong for the Lord.. add us if you know my husband as he misses home so much... God bless you all Iakopo and Mau Agavale-Vaigafa

  • Iuliannah
    luv Iuliannah


  • O L L O Z
    O L L O Z

    Nice Skin man............ alofa aku^_^

  • Bj Amosa
    luv Bj Amosa

    malooooooooooooo Ieru e le galo oe i lou nei loto;Amata mai lenei ao'ga sa toa tele lava tamaiti sa auai totonu le ao'ga;toatele foi ua fai ma faifeau ao'ao faiao'ga galulue totonu lava ekalesia eseese;Tamaiti omai mai Amelika Ausetalia Niusila Hawaii ma Samoa Upolu ae maise ai Motu tele o salafai o Savaii;e oo foi palalagi sa ao'aoina ai latou gagana Faasamoa ae maise ai Faiao'oga palalagi eseese lava o mai Amerika;momoli atu alofa aga le susuga le Puleao'ga ma le Faletua ae maise ai le laumua IEru lae i IVA;ao'aoina ai lou ola AUAUNA alofa aga foi mo Tama ma teine tuai totonu lenei ao'ga

  • Miss-You-Mudj
    luv Miss-You-Mudj

    Ierusalema...... .... This college is where we learnt so much.... The memories we can never forget and the brothers and sisters that we made will always be dear to heart.... Ierusalema Fou lou lauma, e pele oe i le agaga... God Bless Rev. Amosa and family, faculty and students the past, present and future... Soifua ma ia manuia "...OLA E AUAUNA..." "To be a leader you first have to know how to follow"

  • Faleu P
    luv Faleu P

    Hey IFBC, What an honour for me to be added on to this site!!! Praise Be To God for All that He has done in my life. Most of it had to do with being in this school, I can never forget the fond memories...many experiences of Good and Bad but it's all in the Plan!!! Thank you for adding me and my family on the IFBC Bebo site and may the Good Lord continue to Bless our Bible School and everyone involved in it. Much Love to Dad Joe and Mom Milika...Thanks for the sacrifices! With Much Love and Respect, Faleu V Pule aka Panapa, Emma and the Pule Girls!

  • O L L O Z
    luv O L L O Z

    ♪†.† ♪..♪ ♪....† ♪..♪ ♪..♪ † .†.♪ ♪..♪ ♪..† ♪..♪ .†.♪ __________%% __________%% _________%%% _______%%%%% ______%%%%%% ________%%%% _________%%% _________%%% _________%%% _________%%% _________%%% _________%%% _________%%% _________%%%__%% _________%%%__%_% _________%%%___%_% _________%%%___%__% _________%%%___%___% _%%_____%%%__%____% %___%__%%%%%%___%% %_____%%_____%___%% __%____%%%%%___%% ___%_____________%% ____%___________%% ____%%__Keep___%% ___%%__Singing__%%% __%%___Gods_____%%% _%%______♥________%% %%_____Praises_____%% %%________________%% %%%______________%% _%%_____________%%% __%%%_________%%% ___%%%%______%%% _____%%%%%%%%% Prayerz alwayz for meh & for you^^ N E V E R A R E G R E T B E C O M I N G A N I F B C F A M I L Y ^^ GB & "Luv ya'll 4eva"

  • Ivanmira
    luv Ivanmira

    Kia ora Ieru.. talofa lava....... man ola e auauna......how can we forget the school dats so dear to our hearts.....all glory and honour to the Man above for His blessings to each and everyone of us....just droppin to share the love with ma Ieru Crew..... Much love

  • FitunRina
    luv FitunRina

    I am fully stoked at the memories aye! Brilliant idea of having the school Bebo :) Thank God for the school there at Iva. Today, so many past lessons on the Word still keep me up to date. Though, much in need of refreshment and restoration always :) With the school I learnt that though the way seems easy, it's not... so not an easy road... God bless u all @ the school :)

  • O L L O Z
    luv O L L O Z

    Share the Luv Give Ierusalema Fou Bible College your luv for today. "Luv me do.. you?" Ae a... dis skul loves me and me loves it....... Changed me inside out..... made me of who I am today .... Shine On..... <;) )><~ollo~><;) )>


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    Malo lava le soifua i lau susuga i le Pule aoga ;Pr F Joe n Milika. O a mai oulua? malo lava le soifua ma le faamaalolosi i le galuega a le Atua.Ua leva foi ua le toe fevaaia'i tatou a? Ma le toe talanoa a! Ua misia atu lava oulua iina, aemaise foi ole ekalesia, ae sili ai ole aoga. ok. mea sili...

    Peleioane Tuiafiso.L.W 0 Replies

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