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Hueco Mundo

We must Destroy Soul Society, and take over the Both World

8/2/08 | me too! | Reply

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Hollows Rules
Me, Myself, and I
Hueco Mundo: Hueco Mundo (虚圏(ウェコムンド) Weko Mundo?) is a dimension between the human world and Soul Society. It is where hollows reside when not hunting humans, and they are undetectable as long as they remain inside. Entrances to Hueco Mundo are created by ripping the dimensional fabric between the two worlds. On the surface of Hueco Mundo is a desert-like realm, covered in perpetual night. The little vegetation that meets the eye is actually formed from crystal; and while the sky has clouds, there is no water to be found anywhere. Few hollows reside on the surface, and the landscape is dominated by the imposing Las Noches palace. Directly underneath is the Forest of Menos, where the hollows mainly reside until provoked to leave.

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  • Rgistration

    Never Letting Go by Never Letting Go

    Age(if known)-


    Espada number(if there are any left if not arrancar)-

    release form(if known)-

    and thats it short and sweet
    1 Reply 259 weeks
  • arrancar and hollows

    Never Letting Go by Never Letting Go
    It may not be my place to say but here goes hollows and arracars are the only ones who can become espada or the fractions

    We need to take over the soul society before we take over karakura town and we need to defeat ichigo kurosaki and his friends

    and finaly if any one has and pics they want of a hollow,arrancar or so on just ask
    0 Replies 259 weeks
  • Invaders: Name and URLS

    Byakuran by Byakuran
    When these punk ever enter, kill them on the spot. Leave no life in them


    2 Replies 259 weeks

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