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Leeds Army Cadets Force

Want to find the nearest army cadet unit near you? Just text (ACF UNIT) <With-out the ( )> to 83248...

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Welcome to the bebo recruiting page for the army cadet force in leeds and bradford.

This group is here to help all people between ages 13-18, who are interested in joining the army cadets in leeds.

You can find ACF Units in the following places:

New Carlton (Carlton Barracks)
Harewood (Harewood Barracks)
Thornbury (is classed as Leeds)

If you want anymore info on any of these dets please leave a comment and one of us will get back to you ASAP.

Dont forget you can email any question in to ccoyyacf@armymail.mod.uk

-- -- -- --

Here you can find out how to join, what we do and even where your local army cadet detachment is.

If you need any more help just add one of the moderators.

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  • Detachments

    New Carlton Detachment

    Carlton Barracks
    Carlton Gate
    LS7 1HE

    Training Nights:
    Tuesday - Thursdays

    Parade Time:
    1900 Hours


    269 (West Riding) Bty Ra (V)
    SAS Reserve

    Harewood Detachment

    Harewood Barracks
    Regent Street
    LS7 1AT

    Training Nights:
    Monday - Thursday

    Parade Time:
    1900 Hours


    34 (Northern) Signal Regiment (V)

    Seacroft Detachment

    East Leeds Family Learning Centre
    Brooklands View

    Training Nights:
    Tuesday - Thursday

    Parade Time:
    1900 Hours


    150 (Yorkshire) Regt Rlc (V)

    Towerhurst Detachment

    Cadet Centre
    Oakwood Lane
    LS8 2QB

    Training Nights:
    Monday - Thursday

    Parade Time:
    1900 Hours


    34 (Northern) Signal Regiment (V)

    Use this link to find the nearest detachment to you.

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  • What we do

    The ACF was founded back in 1860 by Miss Octavia Hill with the threat of the French invasion.

    In WW2 the ACF played a key roll in the defence of the British Isles.

    Since then the ACF has done so many things for this Country and many Famous people were at one time Cadet including Jodie Marsh, Peter Kay, Zoe Ball and our own Chris Moyles yes he was at one time a Cadet of what is now know as C Coy in fact i am lead to believe he was at Seacroft.

    But what we do:

    at your Detachment Training nights you can expect some of the following things:

    Drill & Turnout (to instill disipline, teamwork & Leadership)
    Skill at Arms (to train you how to fire a weapon safley)
    Map & Compass (so that when you do Expeditions you dont get lost)
    Military Knoweledge (So you can show pride in the ACF and your Regiment)
    Shooting (most dets have a range for you to shoot on)
    Filed craft (although it may be slightly limited due to lack of grass in Leeds)
    Physical Training (to get you fit so you dont Biff out)
    Cadet & Community (to instill community pride and show the public what you are)
    First Aid (so you can save lives if the occasion arrises)

    These Subjects are broken down into different lessons to help them more digestable and they are also broken down into APC (Army Proficiency Certificate) Levels starting at Basic, 1 Star, 2 Star, 3 Star, 4 Star and then Master Cadet.

    You also have the ability to do Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme through the ACF and you can gain a BTEC in Public Services worth 4 GCSE's at A-C level without doing any extra work all you do is turn up to cadets through the week and attend as many weekend camps and courses as you can.

    We also do Leadership courses in the ACF which are done to a very high standard and are good for those cadet wishing to persue a career in the Army as an Officer.

    If you have any more questions just email at ccoyyacf@armymail.mod.uk

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  • Question Time

    Hi Potential Recruits,

    If you have any personal questions you would like to ask I.E. medical etc then please feel free to email us @ ccoyyacf@armymail.mod.uk

    All questions will remain confidential and will not be diclosed to anyone outside the organisation.


    Sgt R Platts

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  • NathanDixon.

    hiya ii was wondering how to join the cadets at thornbury ?? type bk pleaase

  • Amber Baby
    luv Amber Baby

    i was just wondering about the seacroft cadets were it is achally based DYCA or East leeds, and how to join please write back when you can thanks x

  • Luis Medina
    Luis Medina

    Hello Leeds Army I'm your fan.

  • Chris Kenworthy
    luv Chris Kenworthy

    Just thought i would pop by and let you all know im back and hope to see you all again soon on camp :) x

  • Clarehugh

    i closed it down!! muhahahaha

  • Chris Kershaw
    Chris Kershaw

    what's happend to the 'C'coy page again?

  • Darren S

    merseside acf is the best

  • Sam T
    Sam T


  • Sam T
    Sam T

    What about bradford det (C-coy hedquaters) !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Clarehugh

    lies both of u harewood is best det we haz certificate to prove it! :) i hope

  • Fresh Prince Of Bradford
    Fresh Prince Of Bradford

    just so u no mate he's liein the Parachute Regiment is much better just cum to Thornbury ...=]

  • Mr K.D.W
    Mr K.D.W

    good stuff

  • Abbii Boomtin 9/25/08
  • R.I.P Lee Martin O'Callaghan
    R.I.P Lee Martin O'Callaghan

    please come by and pay your respects for a fallen hero..!! Killed in iraq serving his country..! thanks

  • - Oaki
    - Oaki

    Tut kieron.. your writing is going downhill ;) its .22 not 2.2 :o not meaning to be petty like lmao... And ye i think the main part about that presentation is the part about them being AIR CADETS lolz... Thats why hardly any joined haha

  • Mr K.D.W
    Mr K.D.W

    haha when i was in year 8 we had the Air cadets from Thornbury come into Priesthorpe and they did a talk about what they did and shit..showed a presentation bl bla bla..then went on about what they fired..( 2.2 Rifle ) haha...anyways after you could see the 2.2 rifle which was in a carry case..wernt aloud to touch like anyways that did get alot of attention...but because they went on about boring stuff...technical details about gliders i doubt many joined up...however ACF seems more appealing and fun :)

  • - Oaki
    - Oaki

    Actually not meaning to kill anyones spirits but even in a school it needs paperwork, AND the schools permission, and sadly not many schools are willing to give support to the ACF... For the best results we need the ACF permission and paperwork done, this way we would be allowed to do it in uniform and maybe get some webbing + kit. also if we can get an AI with us then we could possibly bring along a DP, which would really get the kids attention. :) Also if we need any props like posters, leaflets etc. then ill take care of that :D