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IMarried To Every1 I Kno :P N Even People I Dnt Kno....Funn :P

7/2/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 18, Luv 104
  • from Death Valley/HELL! Mwahahahaha
  • I am Married
  • Profile views: 1,144
  • Member since: July 2008
  • Last active: 2/1/12
  • www.bebo.com/ZinniaB6
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About Me

What Happened To The Ever Lasting Friendship???? =[
Me, Myself, and I
Well Im Zinnia But I Betcha Already Guessed That lolz
Im A Drug And Your Addicted To Me ;)

Meow Mow........

I May Not Look Like Much On The Outside But Im A Hell Load Of Shit On The Inside ^_^

To Do List 2009

Run Into A Wall
Sort Out That Thing With Jess :D :)
Buy Mor Kake
Find A New Tutor
Find A New Picture
Make A Kake
Gain Weight
Get A Boyfriend....;)
Get Anova Boyfriend..... :B
Do Chés Hair
Go T4 On The Beach
Steven Bradley ;) xD
Find That Sexxii Asian Guy!!!!

lol Ché Haz Orgazmic Hair xD....lolage porage

Gotta Get Ova Yhoo Sometym xxxx

Georgie Porgie
Ma Bp Since Like Foreva Ago Besties For Life Nuthin Can Split Us So HA!
Bps or Life N Death Foreva N Eva

Loveage xoxoxoxo
Green Day, The Medic Droid, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Nirvana, Blin
 k 182, Sick Puppies, Bring Me The Horizon, Insane Clown Posse, The Hoosiers, The Ting Tings, Tenacious D, Bullet For My Valentine, Betty Curse, Bowling For Soup, A.F.I, Tokio Hotel, Panic At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Escape The Fate, Hawthrone Heights, Underoath, Skillet, The Red Jumpsuit, Lostprophits, Weird Al xD , Apparatus, Armor For Sleep, Avenged Sevonfold, Forever Breathing, Papa Roach, Avril Lavigne, Children Of Bodom..Blah Blah Blah Blah
The House Of Wax, Childs Play 1, 2, 3, Bride Of Chucky, Seed Of Chucky, Saw....s
Jaws, Jack@$$ ....Blah Blah Blah Blah

Badmitton, Basketball, Football
 , Tenis, Table Tenis Blah Blah Blah Blah Basically Anythin!
N I Run Around Like A Twat just For The Fun Of It

Ya Know What I Mean ....Pink Leg Warmers Up To Mi Knees Yhoo Hav All Seen It lol
Oh Yea N My New Parachute Pants xD lol If Yhoo Havnt Already Seen Em Yhoo Sooooo Hav Too! lolz
I Play Guitar Every Tuesday With Jamie :D Hes Awesome N A Great Teacher :)
lol I Stle His Money N Made Him A Kewl Money Hat It Waz Ikal But Still Good xD
I Like Card Games (Strip Poker) ;) lolz I Love To ust Hang Around Sometymz....Cuz I Can lol I Like Acohol ....ALOT N I Smoke A Lil But Try Not To :S
I Hav A Cat Hes My Baby :D :L Love Him To Bits The Fat Bastard xx =3 xx
I Try NOT To Fall In Love Cuz It Alwayz Endz In Heartbrake But Still Sometymz I Just Cant Help It Silly Really....
Im Immature ....Not Much Mor I Can Say Bout That Comment lolz

Scared Of
Loosing My Stuff,
Being Suckied Into My Toilet,
Being Really Fatt Wen Im Older :S
Dieing Alone...Again >.<,
Not Doin Everything I Wanted To Do B4 I Die
Not Loosing My Virginity lol
Happiest When
Sleeping, Eating, Partying, Talk
 ing To Mi M8s,
Flirting ;) ...Being Wiv Ma Invisible Boyfriend Patrick XD
Love Ya Patrick
This Iz Gonna Be Long =S
Rosii Best Sister Evaaaaaaaaa Gotta Love Her! We Watch Each Ovas Backs Well She Only Watches Mine Half The Time The Lil Bitch Tits xD
Georgie Alwayz There For Been Ma Bp Since Like Foreva Ago! Shes Bootiful N Needs To See That Some Time :D
Jordan An Awesome Dudey Lol Or The Nob With Legs Az We Know Him Az lol Hes A Great Guy N Will Make A Brill Hubby 1 Day :) Plus Hes Pretty Sexxii xD
Laura.....Ya Nob! Lol Year 7 Waz Rough But Its Gettin Betta :D Lol Yhoo N Georgie Might Actually Be Friends 1 Day....Its Kinda A Love Hate Relationship Wiv Yhoo Too :P
Chloe Loud Spazish What Mor Can I Say Apart Frm Shes Ace N Soooo Much Funn!
Brighde Ill Alwayz Be There For Yhoo .Yhoo Betta Not Go To Boardin Skewl Or Ill Kill Yhoo :L Barbie N Ken Togeva Foreva xx
Jazzle Dazzle Awesome Pretty lol Very Funniie Wiv Good Style
Demi Lol We All Love Demi My Album On Facebook Iz Just To Show How Much I Love Yhoo :L Plus Yhoo Hav The Best Haircut Eva! ....Accept Billie Joe's ...
I Waz Just Diein To Write Sumin In Here!
lol I Keep Repeatin Myself In This Bit :S :L
....^_^ Hes Gotta Like Good Music ....Hav Great Hair....Bcuz Im Just Obsessed Wiv Hair So Meh
Hav Nice Eyes ^^ n Hav The Best Smile Eva :D x

Apruebe Ahora Joda Lejos! xD

Lookin For A Guy Older Than Me
Taller Than Me
Great Hair....Like Ché's Or Betta Lol, Gotta Like Peporoni Pizza And Spag Bol....Not Togeva Tho lol, He Haz To Play An Instrument Guitar Wud Be Best And Sing oooo Yea Id Really Like That :D Dreamie, If He Can Draw Even Betta! Oh N He Must Like Green Day! Love Yhoo Billie Joe xx

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  • =]

    if you do this u better be dead serious ....Or ELSE!
    Put an X in the box if its a yes leave it blank if its a no!
    [_] go out with me?
    [_] give me your number?
    [_] kiss me?
    [_] let me kiss you?
    [_] watch a movie with me?
    [_] let me take you out to dinner?
    [_] be my gf?
    [_] have a fling with me?
    [_] take me home for the night?
    [_] Would you let me sleep in your bed?
    [_] re-post this for me to answer your questions?
    [_] have a relationship with me?
    [_] Dance with me?
    [_] Spank that ass?
    [_] Help me with homework?
    [_] Tickle me to death?
    [_] Let me tickle you?
    [_] Stick up for me if i was being put down?
    [_] Carress my body?
    [_] Play strip poker with me?
    [_] Say yes if i asked you out?
    [_] Get wasted with me?
    [_] Instant message me?
    [_] Greet me in public?
    [_] Hang out with me?

    0 Comments 207 weeks

  • Bored

    The Last Week Haz Been Sooooooooo Boring!
    All the year 10's are at work exsperience so that cud be y its been so quiet :L
    I Decided To Marry Every1 I Saw Tuesday? I Think n i am now married to Mr Yersley n the Janitor Bill and loads of ova people sadly Mrs Tilly wudnt be my wife cuz of her husband :L
    i sed i cud take him out but she insisted i didnt :/
    well i bored of writin in here now so fuck u im gonna go do sumin mor interesting :P

    1 Comment 211 weeks

  • Lol Fun Times!

    Poor Ché Wet His Panties Awwww
    Slightly Desturing When Yhoo Raped The Wall Tho....hmm
    lol Dodgy Fuckin Day Hugged Josh....ewwwww Hugged Ché....eh lol
    Felt Like Punching Hannah In The Face....Soz Hannah :D
    Felt Like Punching Josh In The Face....Sorry Bt I Just Cant Be Sorry For That :L
    Im Not Really Sure Whu To Wrie Now Lol
    Drama Waz Good Eh Georgie I Waz So Close To Puttin My Ipod On If Only Miss Wasnt In The Room Damn Her grrr
    I Cant Thinkkk Arghhhhh
    Food Tec Yesterday Really Hurt Sorry Georgie I Didnt Mean To Kill Yhoo Wiv Boiled Water Fuckin Skewl Needs To Get New Panz 1z That Wont Try To Kill Us!
    Omg Sex On The Beach Sunday xD hahaha Cya There Ché :L lolz

    Well Pretty Much It
    Nighty Night Dudes n Dudettz xxxx

    0 Comments 214 weeks

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Who is your Disney Prince? (girlz only)
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    Im spamming your page =] How are yuu~?

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    thanks 4 accepting the add

  • Scrufles
    luv Scrufles

    Hiya :)

    9/14/09 via Mobile
  • Matt Hosking
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    hey hunni wish u were online, i could do with talkin to u, xxxxx

  • Scrufles
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    lol samage

  • Scrufles

    np so wuu2 ??

  • Scrufles
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    100 th love

    8/19/09 via Mobile
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    eh hem, thats a very long "nap" hehehe love you hunni xxx

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  • Alex

    omg 2 loves,, are u feeling ok?

  • Alex

    goodie,, better l8 thn never :L

  • Alex

    u still owe me love i wnt it now!! xxxxx

  • Matt Hosking
    luv Matt Hosking

    haha i wouldnt say they were fighting, wish i belonged to u, :D love 4 u too xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Social Suicidal
    Social Suicidal

    Well it aint me. Ask josh on monday 8)

    7/4/09 via Mobile
  • Alex

    danm u i want mty love u owe me lol ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  rrrrrrrrr bck

  • Alex

    shut it gay i will,, if u give me some :P

  • Alex

    hahahahahah i spose u think thts fun,, well its nt, its only funi if u are gay,,, nd even if u were 2 call me gay just remeber.. it takes 1 to know 1

  • Alex

    kool,, coz its 2morrow in like 45 mins haha so il hold u 2 it nd ur the only gay 1 round here