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Griffooo Is Lushhh :D

1/10/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 471
  • from paiges bed ;)
  • I am Married
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  • Hollie'S Girl.
    luv Hollie'S Girl.

    i havnt commented you in agessss!!!:O you okie babe. love you fuckin loads;D xxx

  • Hollie'S Girl.
    Hollie'S Girl.

    i havnt commented you in ages! you okay?(: what you been doing lately babe? no love left :| writeback, love you & listt :D xxx

  • S'F'T
    luv S'F'T

    =] x

  • - JordanHillman'
    - JordanHillman'

    yeah babess. your lushh :P x

  • S'F'T 5/3/09
  • - JordanHillman'
    - JordanHillman'

    your sexy.

  • S'F'T
    luv S'F'T

    SSMILEEEEEEEEE :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • - RafaBenitez.
    luv - RafaBenitez.

    "SaffronLouise What Bad thing can i say about this girl? She is truely a goood friends, shes always here for me and i love her! We are not as close as we use to be; but i need you to know, you were placed in my heart when i met you, and you cannot be rubbed off!" Sabinaa; iloveyou:D (L) gonaa miss you LOTS when we leave :( :( <3 3' ox

  • Hollie'S Girl.
    luv Hollie'S Girl.

    wat the fuk you on about lmao!:L :L loves you lotss xx

  • Nicole Cadman. 4/25/09
  • Tanya
    luv Tanya

    Oo Hes In Prison :( 3 Months. Proper Upset Bout It Aww Well Done Bbe Im Doin My Own Lil Session O Maths Lol. Ain Been Doin Much Revising N All Lol Love You More ;)

  • Hollie'S Girl.
    luv Hollie'S Girl.

    daily love babe. looveuu!:) i aint even going to bother to think of how many loves you owe me lmao:L love you & lisstt xxx

  • Hollie'S Girl.
    luv Hollie'S Girl.

    look who it is? its sum fit shit;) love you gawwjusss:D xx

  • MOfo
    luv MOfo

    i loved itt tooo but my big fattt ass is hurting now :L x we didnt really talk :( x

  • Tanya
    luv Tanya

    How Did What Go Lol I Still Ain Reli Revised :S i Js CARNTTTT Luv Yu xx


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  • Best;;iilOveyOu! [L]

    HannahPrice | GemmaHarris | TanyaLawson | KatieKidd
    Wow, The SpiceGirls ;D We all have so many AMAZING, unforgetbal time. Gemma &+ Hannah have now officially moved in with me ;D Theyy Rock. Me &+ Tanya,, yesss.. You've guessed it, are gonig to walk down the driveee in may; 'With our GRADE C'S'.

    What Bad thing can i say about this girl? She is truely a goood friends, shes always here for me and i love her! We are not as close as we use to be; but i need you to know, you were placed in my heart when i met you, and you cannot be rubbed off!

    Now here's an Essay! I love her and list! we have some great time together; likee our wild chocolate brownie fights, hiding behind phone boxes when spying ;p Girl you are always here for me thanks!

    Boooooyaaaa, its come to a point where when thinking about shaney all i doo is imagine her walking with her ipod in smiling nodding her head and tapping her feet!, Onnn Red 1 ;) Awrr Shaney; you doo make me laugh ! Your A Star.

    I've known this girl for centurys, all because of ourr COOL parents basically, we've grown up together and i tend you not class her as a freind anymore, more as a sister, but i thought i best mention her, cos i lovee her. soo much &+ shes never not there for me!

    HannahProsser | GabyZonotti
    Well All i can say is 'Your number 1' Narr our times out, are just mental, likeee jumping in the middle of a road just for a picturee, well we are amazing! Starbucks with these guys; well you'll be in there hours, we wasss ;D

    AbbiTwohigg | Kayliegh Faulkner
    oooops. sorry abbi, i copied your ideaa ;p well these girls are there for me when i need somebody to talk to, we have our laughs in form and i will never forget you both, well how can i i got our year 7,8,9,10 &+ 11 photos! Abbi, d.w i'll be there 8th May, in that floral dress; knocking that camraa outt :P

    NicoleCadman | BeckySheeran
    I dont think i can describe these seperatly cos i only ever see them together. LMAOO. You are truely talented girls, yeahh i may be better than you at dancing but thats only cos i won stomp right nic?

    Stacei Paterson
    This girl is truley great, ever since i met her i knew i could trust her, if ever i need someone to run too, its stacei, shes aways makes me smile, she knows im her best dance teacher, and our dancing in your living room whilst people walked past, well no more said ;p

    Who more than This girl; to play double in badminton with aye, got to be said our, scoreing dance Kicks big ass mind! When im around this girl my very childish side comes out, this maybe because you can balance umbrellas on your nose? Rightt ash :P

    We've grown appart, but i know she's always here for me, and the same goes for her. This girl has taught me loads, she has influenced my welsh, OMG, i likee welsh now :\
    She is a CCAB, and totally rocks at football.

    Rebecca | Bethany | Shannen
    I've known them not long, but there always here to talk too. I met them through Young careers and since then ive got on with them alot. Swimming rocked socks with rebecca and Shannon although Rebeccar being a moose she is forgot to take our SEXY picture.

    County Girls
    Well.. there are so many to put you all under separate names, as you know; the wins have been great, the losses not soo great. But we always seem to have a laugh. Each individual are blessed. Love you all.

    &+CharlSheeran ;)

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