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I Walk Along These No Named Streets...

7/14/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Lets Get Wankered!
Me, Myself, and I
Thought this might need an update:

I LOVE Parties!
They make the whole boring week worthwhile =)

I also LOVE mates, you all know who you are, and you guys are like another fuckin' family to me.

I Like music xD

I love goin' abit crazy and having a laugh, "gettin' in the ZONE!"

I love Joe for my hat

I just seem to be loving everything, i'm in a good mood i suppose.

Anyways, i'm about done

Much Love
(oh, and i'm more than a bit happy that BLINK ARE BACK! )
This could be a movie,
This could be our final act,
We don't need these happy endings


The Other Half Of Me


One amazing little tossbag =)

I'm so fucking bored, I'l go through my iTunes =) :

Angels and Airwaves,
Avril Lavigne (Old Style),
Biffy Clyro,
Billy Talent,
Bloc Party,
Bowling For Soup,
Boys Like Girls,
Box Car Racer,
Bullet For My Valentine,
Enter Shikari,
Funeral For A Friend,
Green Day,
Jimmy Eat World,
Kids In Glass Houses,
Kill Hannah,
Linkin Park,
Madina Lake,
My Chemical Romance,
New Found Glory,
The Offspring,
Panic! At The Disco,
Rage Against The Machine,
Red Hot Chili Peppers,
Scouting For Girls,
The Script,
Simple Plan,
Snow Patrol,
Sum 41,
System Of A Down,
Within Temptation,
You Me At Six
30 Seconds To Mars,
I am...
... In a better mood
Anyone Up For...
... A Bottle of vodka?
Today I...
... Had an exceedingly boring day, but had a nice journey home with ellen =)
Happiest When...
... Pished!

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  • A Song That I Love

    Dont know why, but me and this song get along well (Y)

    Extraordinary Girl - Green Day

    She's an Extraordinary Girl,
    In an ordinary world,
    And she can't seem to get away

    He lacks the courage in his mind,
    Like a child left behind,
    Like a pet left in the rain

    She's all alone again,
    Wiping the tears from her eyes

    Some days she feels like dying,
    She gets so sick of crying

    She sees the mirror of herself,
    An image she wants to sell,
    To anyone willing to buy

    He steals the image in her kiss,
    From her hearts apocalypse,
    From the one called Whatsername

    She's all alone again,
    Wiping the tears from her eyes

    Some days she feels like dying,
    She gets so sick of crying

    She's all alone again,
    Wiping the tears from her eyes

    Some days she feels like dying
    Somedays it's not worth trying,
    Now that they both are finding,
    She gets so sick of crying

    She's an Extraordinary Girl, an Extraordinary Girl, an Extraordinary Girl

    0 Comments 227 weeks

  • Stolen of JAZZ

    Starting time: 15:55
    Full name: Samuel Waters
    Nicknames: Sam, Spam, Spammig.
    Eyes: Green/Blue/Grey
    Height: Bout 5ft 5?
    Siblings: Brother
    Ever been kissed: Yeaah boi ;)
    Who is your celebrity crush: None unfortunately
    Ever hid under a chair: Got chucked under one in R.E. once...
    Online or Offline: Msn being gay = Offline
    Like anyone: All my mates ;)
    Who have you known the longest out of your friends: Sam C
    Who is your loudest friend: Fer-lic-it-eee
    Who do you get along with: Most people
    In the last two weeks have you cried: Nah
    In the last two weeks have you been mean: Not especially
    In the last two weeks have you been happy: Hell yes! apart from the leg incident (N)
    In the last two weeks have you been yelled at: Yeah
    In the last two weeks have you hugged somone: Yeesh
    In the last two weeks have you wished upon a star: Nope, want to see a shooting one, then i might ;)
    In the last two weeks have you read a book: Yeee
    Are you happy: Yeeeeessshhhh
    Are you talking to someone: Nope
    Do you believe in love: Sure, why not?
    Do you believe in The Closet Monster: Nope
    Do you believe in the monster under the bed: Nope
    Do you believe in half empty or half full: Half empty, cant be dissapointed that way (Y)
    Who named you: Parents?
    When was the last time you showered: Yesterday
    What is the last thing you said online: "Hi babez"
    What is right next to you: Empty hot chocolate mug =)
    What was the last thing you did: Moved my leg
    Where do you want to go on your honeymoon: Somewhere foreign
    Where do you want your wedding: Fuck knows, its up to the woman :L
    Where do you want to be buried: In the ground?
    How's the weather: Cloudy, Cold
    How's your grass: Wet?
    Thing you find attractive about the opposite sex: Eyes, Personality, Tits/Arse ;)
    How do YOU eat an Oreo: Shove it in whole (Y)
    Favorite TV shows: Skins
    Favorite site: ummm, i'm not that cool
    What do you want to be when you grow up: Fuck knows
    Favorite band or singer: Sum 41, Funeral For A Friend, Blink-182
    Favorite chocolate bar: Galaxy
    Favorite country: Italy
    Favorite animal: Land Crab
    Favorite Store: HMV
    If you could change your name it would be: Nothing, i like my name =)
    Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: Nah maytee
    stupidest thing you have ever done: Been a cunt mayte?
    Fire or water: Fire is warm, water is needed, i'l go for water in the summer, fire in the winter (Y)
    Favorite number: 88
    What are you listening to right now: Something on dads radio
    Lust or love: Lust ;)
    What would you change about you if u could?: My teeth, My back
    Whens your birthday? 23 May
    Do you have pets: A Ferny ;)
    Who sent this to you: I nabbed it off jazz ;)
    What do you think about this person: Love her xD
    Anything: Yeah, a beer please (Y)

    0 Comments 232 weeks

  • Stolen off Joe =)

    This time last year, can you remember who you liked ? -

    Two days from now, where will you be ? -
    Right in this very seat

    Do you think anyone has feelings for you ? -
    Hahaha, Nah

    Have you ever thought you were going to marry someone ? -
    Not yet???

    Do you already know what you are gettin for christmas ?
    No :L

    Do you wear socks to bed ? -
    If its cold, or i fall asleep fully clothed

    How late did you stay up last night and why ? -
    Till 11, cant remember why

    Who was the last person to call your house ? -
    My Gran

    Has the opposite sex ever sang to you before ? -
    Probably :L

    Have you ever ridden a horse -
    Fuck No!

    Have the opposite sex ever written you a poem ? -

    Have you ever been in a relationship longer than 3 months ? -
    Yep, just

    If you can only drink one liquid for the rest of your life , what is it -
    Apple & Banana Juice

    Have you ever been nice to someone who treated you like crap -

    Are you anything like you were at this point last year
    Probably not :L

    Have you lost contact with someone you wish you didn't -

    Who are your favorite people to talk to when you`re down -
    I Try not too, but jazz/sarah

    Does the person you like, like you back ? -

    When`s the last time you talked with the opposite sex on the phone ? -
    Cant remember, recently

    Do you think you are a good person? -
    I'd like to think i'm a good friend, but i wouldnt say i was a totally good person, what with the binge drinking ;)

    What will you be doing in 3 hours ? -

    Do you have a stereo that cost over £300 ? -
    No =\

    Do you miss how things used to be ? -
    Not really

    Excited about anything -

    When was the last time you got a good workout ? -
    Today, walking from college to tescos, then to PC world, then to the beach, then back all by my larry (N)

    Does anyone call you baby ? -
    A few, either jazz taking the piss out of my fern voice, flic, joe. They use babez more =)

    Are you a patient person ? -
    Depends on the amount of sleep i'v had

    What would you do if it snowed right now ?

    Have you ever thought you liked someone and then found out that you really didn't ? -
    Many a time
    Do you believe exs can be friends ? -
    They can if they want to be

    Are you ticklish ? -
    Only one place =)

    Are you a jealous person ? -
    I try not to be

    Has anyone ever mistaken you for someone else ? -

    Do you like to text or call more ? -
    Text, calling is too expensive

    Do you have any kids ? -
    Got one brewing up right now (Y)

    Were you more or less outgoing a year ago ? -

    How was your day ?
    Boring, Shit.

    Do you get shy around the boy/girl you like ? -
    Not really

    What color are your eyes ?
    They change from green/blue/grey, atm they're green

    What`s the weather like outside ? -
    Dark, Cold, Wet.

    Do you want to see somebody right now ? -

    Next time you will kiss someone ? -
    Fuck knows, i dont plan :L

    Think back to the last person you held hands with, would you kiss them ? -

    If you like someone does his or her first name start with a B, K, R, C, or G ?

    Who's thinking about you right now ? -
    Noone i guess?

    Who was the last person you took a picture with ? -

    Have you ever seen your best friend cry ? -
    Yeah =\

    0 Comments 234 weeks

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  • Felicity
    luv Felicity

    All thanks to you that i dont use this anymore, i love FACEBOOK :D i miss you very much too xxxxxxxx

  • Emma-

    We Saw It, We Found The House & The Lampost :L YOUR A GENIUS, i saw you today :L Looking GANSTA''' as usuall,, 8) Laterzzz Taterzzzz, x

  • Emma-

    I Didnt Know Any Names, For some reason i was thinking of the dwarfs that arew with snow white :L I Was Like Hmm Sneezy & Grumpy & Dopey, They Arent Blue :L Hahaaa I Get it Now, SMURFS, Not DWARFS, x

  • Emma-

    I Am A Smurf & My Smurf Cousin Is Here Too, ThankYou For Calling Me a Smurf Because Smurfs Are beautiful, :D x

  • Emma-

    Smurf? Where Do I look Like A Smurf? :L Thanks, And Yes A load Of Drunken Shit Is What You Get When You mess With Emma Hayley Drunkered Sam & Drunkered Sarah & Other Sam ( Drunkered Also) :L x

  • Rich
    luv Rich

    Hahaha xD. Hows it going mate? x

  • Emma-
    luv Emma-

    Sam. The Comments You left on My Page Are Very Funny-- Like "Your A Cunt Rag, Yes Your A Rag That Cleans Up Cunt" :L & Sarahs "Fuck rat" :L Gutted & Stuffed, How Are You Anyway? I Have A Cold :( have Fun Mowing Your Carpets, x

  • Rich


  • Jazz.
    luv Jazz.

    Sorry for my farting boy friend.. i luff you babezz

  • Emma-
    luv Emma-

    Same As, Im Actually Chewing a Pair Of Scissors :D x

  • Rich
    luv Rich


  • Rich

    Yeah wanna go to gig and mosh my ass off. And yeah last time was Thursday before last. Eesh. I dunno if there is but I won't be out this weekend. I have a Graphics exam on the Tuesday after this weekend coming so won't be able to come out, gayy. Cunting fucking graphics. Fucking hate college. Ugh I can't eat. Too full. Ugh. Food. Mood. Good. Dood. Wood. Nood. Poo'd. Crood. Loobed. Frubed. Boobed. Tubed. Shubed. N00bed. Owned? I think so. What about you?

  • Rich
    luv Rich

    You Fit Bint. I Wann Go Angels And Airwaves Concert. Dunno Why. Just Do. Right Now. Naked. Yeah Naked Gig. You Knows What I'm Sayin'. You Got Malested By A Half Naked Girl At A Gig. 0wn3d? I t|-|1/\/k 50. /\/\@y83 1 5|-|0l_| |_ |) t@|_ |< |_1|<3 t|-|15 Fr0/\/\ /\/0\/\/ 0/\/? pWn3D? Yeah.... Anyway. Bored. Love you. Bored. Rawr. Miss. Orange. Peanut. FUCK IT. I'm SO FUCKING BORED. GRR.. Bin Raiders. <3 X

  • Felicity
    luv Felicity


  • Jazz.
    luv Jazz.

    Awwww some one got a lil' pished last nigh ;) aha :P cheers for the talk last night :D we hadn't had one of those beast in too long mann 'twas well nischhh :D i got laughed at walking home by about 20 old people.. and the midget guy who works in culverwells.. or how ever its spelt.. and ellen's 'mam!! ..bastards.. well except ellen's mother. she is fit bruv. hope you had a swell time at college chuck ;) xoxoxoxxoxoxo

  • Emma-
    luv Emma-

    Monday =) Cool, Long Time No Stay :L Haaahaa,

  • Rich

    Muahaha. My masterful planning! :L

  • luv Sarah

    I got a letter about 4 days ago saying i have 84% attendence which doesnt meet the colleges 95% ... No shit? College are stupid ... £80 fooking pounds!! :O :O To be honest i reckon Pias behind it :L shes a tossbag :) xx

  • luv Sarah

    argh ... I hate espanish sooo much do you have to pay for exams? I DO!! Tossers :D xx

  • Rich

    Right, new game. I have seperated a sentence into 7 pieces, and one out of seven people, including you, will get a word. First person to comment my bebo page with the correct sentence is the winner. Good luck. Your word is; "Felicity"