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Brittany McClain

i miss u Ronnie, u were and always will be my bestfriend! love u!

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  • from United States
  • I am Married
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About Me

Live Like You Were Dying
Me, Myself, and I
Hi my name is Brittany McClain. What can i say about my life?..let's see. I am a pretty outgoing, fun person..maybe annoying at times. But everyone can be that way. I get along with almost anyone as long as they don't start drama. I take life one day at a time but everyday is a new adventure and I live it to the fullest. I have been through and seen so much in my life that it can be scary to some. But no matter what my mood is or how I feel, I always wear a big smile on my face and try to keep a positive attitude. Even when the going gets really hard. I have some of the most amazing friends and I couldn't ask for a better family. It's hard sometimes to help others with their problems when I can't help myself but yet I always seem to put others before me and help them more. But that's just me. My time is coming up but no matter, I will always be the person I am today..
Dr. Pepper, V8, Tea, Tequila, Vodka, Everclear, Bud Light, Kool aid, Cherry Coke
My husband
Scared Of
SPIDERS!!! and Thunderstorms lol
I love life! And I live it to the fullest! I have so many extremely amazing goals that I want to accomplish before I die..which no one really ever knows when that is so my moto is 'Live Like You Were Dying' and I think those are words to live by for everyone!
Mexican! Spicy!!

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  • !!!!!!!!


    0 Comments 356 weeks

  • WOW!!

    ok so ive been havin sum stomach problems that concerned my mom...so she took me to the doctor yesterday and guess what he told me?!?!?!?!?! I HAVE AN ULSER!!!!! this is sooooo not cool! i have to stop eating fast and spicy foods! mexican food is my fav!!!! how am i gunna do that?? but anyways...he gave me this medication thats sposed to help but it makes me sleepy so he gave me ridilin to boost my energy...........i think yur only sposed to take one but i 'accidently' took two this mornin cuz i was super tired and now im like hyper. like majorly. i cant sit still and when i talk...i never shut up. i go on and on and on..blah. i hope im not being annoying to anyone. haha but im sure i am. ok, im sticking to one a morning now!! :L :L :L :L

    0 Comments 358 weeks

  • OMG!!

    :othis totally sux ass!! my mom didnt get the phone bill paid or she says she did but yea...well i tried callin a certain sumone this mornin and it was shut off!!! i cant handle not having my fone!! im gunna die!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!>:(

    0 Comments 360 weeks

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  • Mwee Love you!
    Mwee Love you!

    haha Lesbians.... jk jk never never never..... lol how u doin my love??? im bored and dosing on some hight maintance Tylenol.... haha Hmmmm i wonder why lol hehe*.. so yea my head and body really hurts what the fuck all happend last night i totaly dont remember much its kind of funny.... lol but...

    Cowgirl Up 0 Replies
  • PLEASE!!!

    i need this to look pretty!! :D haha please draw and leave comments... :( its so lonely and just wants to be pretty like the rest of the world...:L

    Brittany McClain 0 Replies
  • BORED!!!

    i am bored outta my mind!! sumone needs to call me er cum c me er idk sumthing!!!! HELP!!!! :L

    Brittany McClain 0 Replies

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  • Kyle Dawson
    Kyle Dawson

    I just scored $748 in four days spending time online! All thanks to - http://goo.gl/QnVwV trust me, you will be happy

  • Jessica McClain
    Jessica McClain

    lol. oh i see.

  • Jessica McClain
    luv Jessica McClain

    Hun. You need to change the engaged. I belive your married! hehe but i love you! :D

  • Cheyenne Gardine
    luv Cheyenne Gardine

    ok so the sutpid fucken cunt said that it wasnt her that did it ...she said that u guys rated ur ownsevles my goin on the inet nd that 3 rd period that she saw one of u guys tlkin about it but i highly fucken doubt that..i need u guys at school so bad i fell like shit cuzz i dont wanna fucken kick the shit out of them with out u :( im so fucken pissed i was cryen my eyes out at lunch nd ppl wre tlkin about it nd i ripped there fucken head off i was so fucken pissed cuzz they get up set when u tlk about them but errrr omfg ppl r fucken stuck up especially the fucken gay as cunt cassie!!!!

  • Eric Parsons
    Eric Parsons

    You shshshshshshshshshshshshshsh your mouth!!!!!!

  • Cheyenne Gardine
    Cheyenne Gardine

    haha i think there just jealous so they have to make up lies to be cool like us duh!!:P who woodnt want to be like us....at least we can get acutual hot guys that arent posers like u know who...he thinks he al bad ass haha yah right well ik we need to hang out after my tourny..nd im srry about the shit tht was said about u..welll im out l8er kuv yas girly

  • Tyler Fulmer
    Tyler Fulmer

    o just great not...idk shit but i dont care tho......so how is you in jon goin or what is happen there??

  • Tyler Fulmer
    Tyler Fulmer

    there r u happy that i am on now..lol...o yea that is kool....that suck

  • Tyler Fulmer
    Tyler Fulmer

    o yea...that is nice..jon is a good guy..he is a good friend to.....i just can get my mind off of dallas...i well just be sittin in class then all the sudden i hear her voice in my mind i think any ys..lol..yea i try fuckin callin u but go fegger u dont anwser : (..

  • Tyler Fulmer
    Tyler Fulmer

    i dont know..where did u sleep in the car at??? that is funy..i want to go back to bed i went to bed at 730 in the fuckin morng

  • Tyler Fulmer
    Tyler Fulmer

    so yea i am really fuckin bord

  • Tyler Fulmer
    Tyler Fulmer

    yea i dont remember alot of last nite lol..o yea

  • Tyler Fulmer
    Tyler Fulmer

    i sm slo fuckedswe up p off tahtr gsa....btu atesd some monhs

  • Cheyenne Gardine
    Cheyenne Gardine

    ik there relly dumb sayleighs the one who acutall smokes pott not us nd wtf everybody knows now jsut cuz of sum fuckin pics!!

  • Tyler Fulmer
    Tyler Fulmer

    o yea i heard about that...when are u movin with dallas????? idk if i well be home tho but just give me a call

  • Cheyenne Gardine
    Cheyenne Gardine

    yah duh we shood go beat some bitches ass's lol..and i know we look so hott lol!!

  • Cheyenne Gardine
    Cheyenne Gardine

    hey im so goin with u guys tonite idfc lol its borgin with out u guys errg..pluss i have like 30 dollars saved haha lmao...jake and dallas ahh but he is rlly hot lol ....well betta go before mr.lavene has a tanttrum lol l8er!!!

  • Cheyenne Gardine
    Cheyenne Gardine

    haha o yah falling down wow i felt rlly bad at first lol but it was some crazy shit and jake did smell fuckin awesome lol well ttul luv ya's