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The Eastenders writers are talentless hacks.

2/19/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • It's Still Doctor Who To Me (A Poem)

    What's the matter with the clothes I'm wearing?
    Don't you know that a bow tie's cool?
    Maybe I should wear some beat-up Converse
    Or a coat like a patchwork fool.
    Where have you been hangin' out lately, Doctor?
    Your new suit doesn't look like Jarvis Cocker...
    Everybody's talkin' 'bout the new Doc shocker
    But it's still Doctor Who to me.

    What's the matter with the new style Daleks?
    Can't you tell that they're way too bright?
    Should we go back to the old gold design?
    Don't you know that they look a fright?
    So what if the Daleks look kinda chubby,
    With colors and styles like a big Teletubby —
    Fat rumps, skirt bumps — long as the plunger pumps
    It's still Doctor Who to me.

    Oh, it doesn't matter what they say in the forum,
    'Cause it's always been part of the plan.
    The new Doc is real
    But you can't get the feel
    From a quick GB scan
    Written by a grumpy fan!

    How about a pair of cool new heroes
    And a series written by the Moff?
    No, we're lookin' at an ID badge misprint
    And how you turn a bomb-bot off.
    Look at the Scottish lass that we all adore now,
    The Daily Mail complains that she looks like a whore now.
    Amy Pond, Zoe-Gond, sonic like a magic wand,
    It's still Doctor Who to me.

    What's the matter with the fanboy nation?
    Don't we know when we've got it made?
    Why do we have to dissect the details —
    Do we just need to go get laid?
    The show we love to watch is still going great now.
    So why get caught up in all these factions and hate now?
    Cardiff docks, quarry rocks, 'long as there's a blue box
    It's still Doctor Who to me.

    Everybody's talkin' 'bout the new look,
    Funny, but it's still Doctor Who to me..

    0 Comments 169 weeks


    I like complaining, God knows I do. I do it all the fRucking time. But I decided to write this down, just so you know I’m not a miserable old cunt and that there are some things that I enjoy.

    First of all, there is the Kingdom of Adventure. Kingdom is the only comic/RP/war gaming shop in Fife and I’m really glad I found it. Not only are the regulars and two members of staff a joy to be around, they are the only group of people that I can really geek out around, I mean okay I can be nerdy around Kerr or Sammi or Nancie but more often than not it is met with a simple head nod, but these guys...well let’s just say after one particularly arduous session of Dead Lands: Reloaded, Caz asked how it was and I told him I had my ribs broken by a magical dinosaur skeleton that I had been shooting from the top of a train and it made perfect sense to both of us and it’s about the only time that’d EVER make sense. And it’s just a wonderful place to be, so thanks to David, Caz, Chris, Sara, Andy and more or less everyone there, you guys rock.

    Then there is the =SSMB=, or the Sonic Stadium, it was my first online community and while there I have gone by many names; SMOG, Koyosan, The Conductor, Omega and finally; Jack of Blades. Sonic Stadium is the most mature forum I have ever visited (behind TVTropes) and even when my interest in Sonic wanes, I’ve always stuck around.

    My family, okay I give them ALOT of flak, but they are the only family I have and they are pretty okay...I suppose...but one member of the family stands out specifically, he is the newest member of it, his name is Evan. He’s my baby brother and he is the cutest thing ever.

    My friends from the college; Grant, Aimee, Stuart, Meagan, Gillian and –although she isn’t there any more- Danielle. You guys are pretty cool tbh, I’ll be honest when I first met you I thought you were all going to be pricks. But I was pleasantly surprised and thank God for that haha.

    Kerr, we’ve been best friends since 2007, I think...third year of high school basically and you are the funniest cunt ever, okay so twice a girl has come between us but shit it doesn’t matter cause we’re still buds and that’s what counts. I know I can ask you for a favour any time and you’ll be there, so thanks for everything man, you rocks <3.

    Nancie, I have known you for such a small amount of time but we are already so close, you’re there for me whenever I need you and vice-versa, and you’re always there for me to bounce ideas off of and tell me where it needs improvement and that’s aces.

    Okay, Sammi now. I’ve known you for even less than I’ve known Nancie but Sammi you are just amazing. You’re such a good friend and you listen to my giant rants and find them funny and I love you for it. You’re a wonderful person and have such a cute accent. I love you lots my little jelly tot.

    And finally you. Lauren West. I’ve been saving you for last because I honestly don’t know what to say that I haven’t said before. Lauren you are absolutely amazing. And you did something for me that no one else in the world ever has, you made me happy and even though we’ve broken up, I’m still happy. You turned my life around from the basic shit that it was before and for that I can’t ever thank you enough.

    So yeah, see I’m not a miserable bastard, some people make me happy and I’m grateful for all of them.

    3 Comments 176 weeks

  • You Are All Morons

    Why? Why must crappy shows like 90210 get remade while quality shows like Fawlty Towers end after only sixteen episodes? Why must crappy music like Basshunter and Lady GaGa continue to dominate the charts while good musicians (you know the guys who actually PLAY instruments and can you know actually SING) like Barenaked Ladies get ignored? Why must crappy books like Twilight make millions while good books like Anno Dracula fall flat? Why do morons like Katie Price and Jade Goody get more press coverage than important issues like the state of our dying nation? Why do football players get millions of pounds that THEY DO NOT DESERVE while people are still on the streets? Why? Because you are all retards who don't have the ability to make your own God damned desicions and instead mindlessly suck in what ever the media throws at you instead of actually looking at what you watch/read/listen too and form well rounded opinions! In fact if ANY of you can present me with constructive, postive things to say about any of the series I derided here, then I'll gladly bow down and eat my four foot long scarf...

    0 Comments 183 weeks

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