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We Love Ronnie Radke

:D x

12/18/08 | me too! | Reply

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58 luv

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Yeah, it's a fan group (:
Ronnie Radke is famous because he used to sing in Escape The Fate, but now, he has a new band; Falling in Reverse

Join if you love him(:
i'll post updates etc as frequently as i can,

born; 15th December,
from; North Las Vegas, Nevada

his real myspace is; http://www.myspace.com/ronniejosephradke

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Jail interview with Ronnie Radke Oct. 15, 2008 Part 1 of 3

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    ty for reminding me to put it up,

    the following was posted on FIR's profile the other day.
    Hey Everyone

    we saw Ronnie today and he is doing great . Whats going on is Ronnie recieved his papers for house arrest which means he will be getting out very soon. He has a parole hearing coming up in august however , by him recieving the packet for house arrest he will be out before the parole hearing on house arrest and then in august when he goes to the hearing he will most likely be dismissed from house arrest which means we can go on tour right away... however, if he has to be on parole or house arrest for a while it will give us enough time to write more great music...and trust us, you have no idea what is instore for you.... the new style will catch everyone by surprise and that is what we want it to do..... there will be plenty of screaming so don't worry.....

    however we want to ask you guys for one huge favor, we want Ronnie to be dismissed from house arrest at the parole hearing so what we were hoping you could do is..... write letters to the parole board one more time...i know alot of you have written letters because i have them sitting right next to me and i will be bringing them to the hearing when we go......whoever wrote letters we also ask if you can write another to the parole bords adress and for those who have not written letters please write one.. these letters will help us get Ronnie off of house arrest quicker..

    please keep in mind that these letters will be reviewed by very important people of the parole board so we ask that they be as professional and typed if possible.. if you cannot type them anything will do...... you can google letter headings for those of you who don't know what it needs to look like........

    on the actual letter heading needs to be adressed as following:

    Honorable Members of the Parole
    Regarding Ronald J. Radke (I.N 1023230)

    and then spill your hearts out about how ronnie has helped you or whatever else you want to say about the situation at hand.......

    the adress to the parole board is:

    State of Nevada Parole And Probation

    Regarding Ronald J. Radke

    215 E Bonanza Rd
    Las Vegas, NV 89101

    and again please comment this blog and our page so that we can see that the word is getting around....Ronnie wanted us to tell you that he really loves the support you have all shown and he has the most loyal fans in the world and that he can't wait to play music for you again.

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  • High Desert State Prison

    On the 16th August, Ronnie was transferred from Clark County Detention Center to High Desert State Prison.

    The Address is:

    Ronald J. Radke
    p.o. box 650
    Indian Springs, NV 89070

    i didnt get a reply; but i dont trust air mail (N)

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  • my favourite blog of his (:

    This were taken from Ronnie's blog on myspace which were written on 08/08/08



    who stood by my side, i appreciate you.

    And i get out in december. These court people are keeping me from going to Virginia to record my next album... but ill have this figured out by then. Ive had alot of time to sit, by myself, and write the most ridiculous lyrics ive ever heard. I think your all going to love it, and you can all write me at the clark county detention center, just go on their website, get the address and my inmate number, and you can send me pictures or whatever you want.. its always great to have someone to write to, and thanks so much to all of those who have been writting me, i have hundreds of letters to respond to with all the time in the world to do it.


    Ronnie Radke

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