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so bored.

12/14/10 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I

i saw this boy from the corner of my eye
i could help but walk up nd say hi,
the way that you move frm side to side
like a pendulum boy got me hypnotized
so i gta kno wht you turned around
baby boo its me nd you if you give us a try
so why one try baby reply give me a shot
and ill give you everything ive got
tick tock on the clock boy time is wasting
me plus you was a perfect equation,
i got game baby but today i ent playin
no faking my heart is yours for the taking,
yeah as long as everything else,
as long as you can promise that i can have you for myself
and no matter the location ill be your navigation
in a situaion ill be your motivation

The Other Half Of Me


i love you my beautiful baby gaaal! x

Kayleigh Louise Robins♥

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  • chloes song.

    all this time you made me cry
    i thought yu sed u'll be by my side
    "baby gal i wont hurt ya" to bad you lied
    i say "baby boy your outa your mind"
    out of all the boys you made me kiss you
    and all this time baby boy i loved you
    and now baby boy were back together
    and it feels like this is gna be forever

    0 Comments 188 weeks

  • Tbh...

    i fucking love life. soo many good things happenin atm! i love it! never been so happy in my life, got a amazing bf and im so happy that im with him, i dont need no1 else. i dont need to impress him hes just amazing. i dun need to get dressed up for him to like me, he likes me the way i am make-up or no makke-up he stil treats me like his princess! i love him so much! he makes me so happy when im with him hes just incredible! thomas wilkes you mean the absolute world to me, i know last time didnt last very long and i know that i hurt you at the end of it but babi thats in the past now, nows the time to make it work completly. We gna grow old together babi swear down! i cnt belive how in love i am with someone so amazing, how lucky i am! you make everything perfect, i can always come to you when im down, you will help me, you always make me laugh! put up with me bitching about people! you are one amazing lad! i think thats why i love you so much! bcz your always there! i love it! and i love you! i just think your amazingg. when im with you it feels asif its just me nd you there. no1 else is here, and i kno i shout when we in the car, but i dun mean too baby! ahh so many fun timesss, playin "lefty righty" ending up in bouremouth and pooole! you make everything so AMAZING!

    3 Comments 205 weeks

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