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New Kids on the Block

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New album out September 2nd!
Me, Myself, and I
New Kids On The Block have sold more than 80 million albums worldwide. The group shattered concert box office records playing an estimated 200 concerts a year in sold out stadiums across the globe. They beat out Michael Jackson and Madonna for Forbes highest paid entertainers of 1990. Their faces were plastered on everything from lunch boxes to sleeping bags to pillow cases.

The guys may have gone their separate ways in 1994, but Joey, Donnie, Jordan, Danny and Jon are back and ready to pick up right where they left off. They were welcomed back to the world stage by a mass of screaming fans after announcing their reunion live on NBC’s Today Show.

In addition to catering to their pre-existing, dedicated fan base, NKOTB are looking to engage a new set of younger fans that may not be as familiar with their music. Their new single, "Summertime," is the perfect summer jam that fans of all ages will enjoy.

The band is set to release their album September 2nd through Interscope Records

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New Kids on the Block - Step by Step

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  • Pre-order The Block!

    The Block is now available for pre-order on iTunes! The album is due out September 2nd and features the mellow jam “Summertime” as well as collaborations with some of the biggest names in pop music. In addition to “Single” with R&B superstar Ne-Yo, other collaborations include “Grown Man” (with The Pussycat Dolls and uber-producer Teddy Riley), “Put It on My Tab” (with the ubiquitous Akon), “Big Girl Now” (with NY dance-pop diva Lady GaGa) and the much-buzzed about “Full Service” (with fellow supergroup New Edition).

    Deluxe Edition:


    Standard Edition:


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  • NerdBomber
    luv NerdBomber

    it's so dead on bebo, lol
    anywho i love nkotb! :DD

    Jun 10
  • Mickey Gonzalez
    Mickey Gonzalez

    Have loved these young men since the beginning.  Their music would make me dance.

  • luv Vera

    My fav Boy Band!!!!!!!

  • Lyndsey Reid 1/29/12
  • Lyndsey Reid
    Lyndsey Reid

    a few pics from cruise 2011

  • Margarita Leon Felix
    luv Margarita Leon Felix


  • Erin Boisse
    Erin Boisse

    this band is awsome

  • Lyndsey Reid
    Lyndsey Reid

    follow NKOTB on twitter for the latest stuff @JordanKnight @Donniewahlberg @Jonathanrknight @JoeyMcintyre @DannyWood. Its really them and they tweet everyday. so join twitter and follow me to. @irishgirl_no1

  • Barbara Anne Cunningham

    love your guys music your big fans of mine

  • NerdBomber
    luv NerdBomber

    i'll be seeing both nkotb and bsb next week!!! :DD can't frickin' wait.

  • Jaime Guli
    Jaime Guli


  • Adele Thompson
    Adele Thompson

    I just think there is not enough music for New kids on the block. they should make another album and have more leads on it. they don't even have any solos on " the BLOCK" album. well the song "single" is actually Ne-Yo's song, so i think he gets the credit for that song, if you listen to his version it sounds better then the NKOTB one. I only like a few songs on The block album, well I think the album sounds to mans point of veiw sounding and that's what i hate about the album, even the adional tracks. I think the ones that are married should watch what they sing and say, cause their whives might get very mad . I think that's wrong.

  • Adele Thompson
    luv Adele Thompson

    I think Joe McIntyre should get on a major recored label and make hit music. he's not known, nobody knows who he is . only if they menchion New kids on the block,

  • Adele Thompson
    luv Adele Thompson

    I think NKOTB should've had more music in 1991, and i'm not talking about 1992, i'm just saying they just had the No More Games remix album with is just pre-recoded material with more added sound to it. and some vocals. but i'm just saying Joe McIntyre should've had more solos and the same with Jordan Knight. They made us wait to long for more music, and then they don't even play the music on the radio. the Face the Music album is like a waste, i mean why didn't they perform for that album, they still should be performing it. Cause it is good music, but i still think it might have sounded better with the help of Maurice Starr, i just think the sound would sound better. cause if you listen to his music, he knows how to make good music. Listen to the song "spacey Lady" on youtube. i do think he was their best producer. he knows how to make music.

  • Adele Thompson
    luv Adele Thompson

    I like this so much better then the officail nkotb site. I like the free site it's better. i just can't see paying money for a web site.

  • Adele Thompson
    luv Adele Thompson

    where's your music on this page, i want to add it to my playlist.

  • Kamelia Octavio
    Kamelia Octavio

    i love u all ^_^

  • Caitlin B
    Caitlin B

    i love joey

  • Debbie

    Loved you guys when I was a kid! :)

  • luv Ana Fao Sii Verity

    luv luv luv luv luv ya!