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The Black Pig Tattoo

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  • Female, Luv 79
  • from Land of the Pirates .....
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Freehand unique tattooing & designs
Me, Myself, and I
Hey there .... this is the site for the Black Pig Tattoo located in Penzance (Cornwall) on Albert Street ... Come look us up .. We'd love to see ya: 0)

We're a friendly family run award winning studio and wand cater for all types of tattooing. We specialize in unique freehand work but we're more than happy to take on the wee things too: 0)!

Fancy a tattoo? ... then Call us on 01736 364612 or email


Opening hours

Tue 11-5pm
Wed 11-5pm
Thurs 11-5pm
Fri 11 to 6pm
Sat 11 to 5pm


The Other Half Of Me
Cherry Angel

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Captain Pugwash - Mutiny on the Black Pig

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  • Guest Spot

    Mac (master body modification dude) is gracing the Black pig with his fab company and massive talent on Sat 30th May

    Procedures include..

    Subdermal implants
    Tongue Splitting
    Ear pointing (yup I'm having that done ....can't wailt :o) )
    Resewing stretched lobes ....and lot's of other lovely weird and wonderful things ....

    Check out his work at ....


    Places limited so book in soon .... whoop whoop!!

    0 Comments 223 weeks

  • Conventions

    March 20 -22
    17th Frankfurt International Tattoo Convention
    Frankfurt, Germany
    Website: www.convention-frankfurt.de
    E-mail: webmaster@convention-frankfurt.de

    April 25 – 26
    2nd North Lakes Tattoo Show
    The Shepherds Inn, Rosehill Estate, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA1 2RR, England
    Website: www.northlakestattooshow.com
    Tel: Mike’s Tattoo Studio, 01228 545156

    May 3 – 4
    4th Newport Tattoo Convention
    Newport Centre, Newport, South Wales
    Website: www.newporttattooconvention.co.uk

    June 6 – 7
    2nd Liverpool Tattoo Convention
    Liverpool University Guild of Students, Mountford Hall, 160 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, L3 5TR, England
    Website: www.design4lifetattoo.co.uk
    Tel: 0151 254 1352
    E-mail: enquiries@design4lifetattoo.co.uk

    June 19 – 21
    Northern Ink X-posure
    Toronto Hilton, 145 Richmond St. West, Toronto, Canada
    Website: www.tattoos.com/nix
    E-mail: dmcgrath@tattoos.com or stuk@tattoos.com

    July 18 – 19
    State of the Art Tattoo & Body Art Convention
    Assembly Rooms, Derby, England
    Website: www.tattoo-2001.com

    July 19
    Portsmouth Tattoo Convention
    Mountbatten Centre
    Portsmouth, England
    Info: Pete Lake, 02392 482495

    July 24 – 25
    5th Stavanger International Tattoo Convention
    Stavanger, Noway
    Website: www.tattooconvention.no

    August 7 – 9
    2nd Starfire Tattoo Weekend
    Kolpinghaus, Poysdorf, Austria
    Website: www.starfiretattoo.com

    August 7 – 9
    Tattoo Jam
    Doncaster Racecourse, Doncaster, South Yorkshire
    Website: www.tattoojam.co.uk

    August 15 – 16
    1st Norwich Body Art Festival
    Norwich, Norfolk, England
    Website: www.norwichbodyartfestival.co.uk
    E-mail: info@norwichbodyartfestival.co.uk
    Tel: Indigo Tattoo, 01603 886143 or Outline Magazine, 01603 629920

    September 5 – 6
    Tattoo Warsaw
    Warsaw, Poland
    Website: www.tattoofest.pl
    E-mail: kult@tattoofest.pl

    September 11 – 13
    2nd Moscow Body Art Festival
    Moscow, Russia
    Website: www.moscowbodyartfestival.com
    E-mail: av@asinternational.ru or alex82work@yahoo.com

    September 12 – 13
    4th Assen Tattoo Convention, Assen, Netherlands
    Website: www.tattooconventieassen.com

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  • Tattoo Apprenticeship

    Tattoo Apprenticeship

    We're looking for an apprentice with strong art and design skills (see info below)... a nominal fee of £2500 is required for training …. if you’re interested send your CV (or email) to 'Cherry' at the Black Pearl Studio "

    The apprenticeship will be divided into two basic parts.....

    Phase one - basic skills

    During phase one of the apprenticeship, the apprentice will learn by undertaking the “FRONT END” of the business. This includes all the responsibilities of the studio assistants, including sales, reception, appointment making, cleaning of studio and equipment, needle making and other odd jobs. Further, the apprentice will be given drawing assignments to strengthen or reinforce their understanding of the peculiarities of “tattoo art”.

    The areas of study during part one will include the following:

    • Both health concerns for the artist and the client
    • Prevention of infectious disease
    • Proper Tattoo aftercare
    • Resolving healing problems
    • Compliance with health regulations

    • Machines - Building, maintenance & repair
    • Power Supplies (including clip cords & foot pedals)
    • Sterilisation procedures/Autoclave/Ultrasonic etc
    • Ink selection

    • Studio cleaning
    • Paperwork for clients
    • Licensing
    • Dealing with complaints
    • Reception - appointments, telephone, etc.
    • Drawing & design work

    Tattoo Art
    • Elements of a good tattoo (tattoo art, freehand, custom)
    • Styles of tattooing
    • Body shape (Placement and sizing)
    • Technique (line work, colouring and shading)
    • Skin types (skin tones, textures, and conditions)
    • Consideration of male and female clients
    • Stencil application procedures

    The duration of this portion of your education is based on an individual assessment of your personal mastery of the skills and information presented. This first phase may overlap with your internship if your technical development is rapid.
    Phase two: Internship

    Internship is the opportunity to practice the skills you have learned in a supervised shop setting. The Internship stage of apprenticeship may likely continue portions of the “phase 1” training. While apprentices may be paid a modest graduated commission during the internship portion of their training, the pre-internship portion of the apprenticeship is not income generating. Apprentices without financial support may need to maintain full or part time employment outside of the studio during most or all of their apprenticeship. Further an apprenticeship is an extremely intimate style of learning and the opportunity to apprentice is governed both by the willingness of the teacher to work with the apprentice and having sufficient volume of business to satisfy the internship portion of the apprenticeship.
    Additional Materials Required for Apprenticeship

    The following materials are necessary to the tattoo apprenticeship

    • Tattoo Machines x2 (Shader and liner)
    • Tool spares
    • Power supply unit
    • Footswitch and clipcord
    • Spray bottles
    • Sketch book, drawing instruments, pens and tool chest

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  • slide show

    hi jack and cherry love the slide show paul and i are both over the moon with the work you have featured

    Shari Cotton 0 Replies
  • Budding artist??hehe
    Budding artist??hehe

    Hey babe how's you? Hen night tonight, birthday tomo and then just under 3 weeks til the wedding!!! Hope you're all well!!xx

    Jennifer J Gray 0 Replies
  • Dreamin

    Daylight Dancer
    Live Is To Hide
    The Prophet Said
    Self Deception
    Tight Rope
    Trace Awake
    My Wings
    To Myself I Turned
    No Need To Explain
    Soul Into Hades
    This Is My Dream
    Wihin Me
    You Create
    What I See
    Without Fear
    Enjoy The...

    The Black Pig Tattoo 0 Replies

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    • RaaRaa.
      luv RaaRaa.

      :O YOU GUYS HAVE BEBO :O <3 I shall Share my Love with you Guys :DD xxx

    • Lucas Bagnall
      luv Lucas Bagnall

      really lovin th work yeah the snake is mad only in cornwall lol is very funny, am totally luvin it here theres not loads of work but am happely gettin bye, is the life x need to get maself a camera hav done a few nice bits n pieces, missin yous lots need to get bak 4 a viz x

    • Jacqui S
      luv Jacqui S

      Hey cherry pie, will private mail u my number. Would love to catch up with u, mentioned it to alison and she's up for it. I'm not working with ehct anymore, yay!! Got a new job, lots of things have happened recently so i'll have loads a gossip for ya lol! Hope ur well, speak soon xx

    • Lucas Bagnall
      luv Lucas Bagnall

      its not fair , totally miss my x box, when does final fantasy come out n did ya manage t play assin creed, hav looked at ya pukin alligator is really good

    • Lucas Bagnall
      luv Lucas Bagnall

      hav had a check around but nobodys lookin 4 anyone the now cos its quiet but there should be work over here in the next few months , whent to look at a flat wi a pool the other day was lovely but am gonna wait till karens bin over b4 a get one, really lookin 4wd to the summer. hope yous r ok love yous lots n lots n lots , cherry let me know what new games ya bin playin lol x

    • Juan
      luv Juan

      how is things going down there. hopefully nicer than the snow and that we have had up here its a joke :L

    • Juan

      The new pics look awesome as usual guys. hope all is well down there

    • Jennifer Goodwin
      luv Jennifer Goodwin

      hey guys...hows things? What is the best number to get you on? Mum is wondering when you are thinking about coming over ( if you still are lol), My sister is thinking about coming over with Zara sometime at the beginning of next year. Hope things are going well Xx

    • Jon

      alright m8 dont know if ul remeber me but you were doing my sleeves when you were in kirkcaldy and i was just wondering if u are planning on visisting any time soon so i could mabye get them finished? if not im more than willing to come down to you.

    • weelou

      hey guys, hows things going in penzance/ all well i hope, things are a bit hectic up here wi work at the mo, but still totally itching for some ink!!! any visits planned for up north, or doing any ta2 conventions soon? hopefully will make it down soon, lets just see how work goes first.

    • Jennifer Goodwin
      luv Jennifer Goodwin

      Hey doodles...sorry its taken me sooooo long to reply. I'm never on here and forget I have it half the time I'd LOVE it if you guys came over for a few weeks at xmas! I've now got a phone line at mine so I can give you a tinkle at some point Miss you sooooo much Hope your all good :-) Xxxxx

    • luv Pirate Ruby

      hey you guys!! how be life in sunny cornwall? the suns out here too but not sure for how long tho lol.... hope your new car is satisfactory lol.... you big yuppy!! anyways gotta go loot and pillage asdas just now so give us a call soon time : ) love yas!! xx

    • Stacy Lawler
      Stacy Lawler

      hi guys just wanted to say thanks alot for the tattoo that you did for me on wednesday,, it awsome, i will definatley be back in september for another one x

    • luv Pirate Ruby

      well you'll just need to take itallian lessons then lol x glad you like ma pic!! had loadsa comments on it x did ya like the pics i sent down in the post? twas fun makin them lol x i was supposed to be going rock climbing today but i fell over whilst roller blading and broke my bum, plus i've got one of my friends comin over that i used to work with at the pillars so all is well : ) got me another interview for a pub on tues!! fingers crossed!!! any ways love ya's, take care and i'll call ya later! xxx

    • luv Pirate Ruby

      hoi you's!! whats with the no replying lol xx hope your all well and healing nicely lol xx

    • luv Pirate Ruby

      ahoy there!! how be the black pig crew on this fine summers day!!?? im just about to go out and enjoy the day : ) hope all is well!!! call me soon!!! loves ya.... p.s. give stig a huge smooch for me!! lol xxx

    • luv Jennifer J Gray

      How's life babes?

    • luv Pirate Ruby

      heya folks hope all is well down your end!! its roasting up here... i dont look aneimic any more lol.... give us a call some time... miss ya's : ) xxx

    • luv Jennifer J Gray

      Thats fab babe!!! You'll have to let me know how your flat is. I won't be able to get a tattoo even if I wasn't a fairdy cat-can you guess..? I only feel yuck in the morning and it's still early days but am Very excited!!!!

    • Damon Creevy
      luv Damon Creevy

      hi guys, hows things? iam going to com down in july to get ma bk finnished!!!


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