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does anyone use tis anymore??

11/15/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 25, Luv 259
  • from navan/dundalk (there both as bad as each other)
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: May 2006
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About Me

Are we right der folks please?!?
Me, Myself, and I
<---------------graspop 09
º¤ø„¸Copy and Paste „ø¤º°
ø¤º°` if you know that the`°º¤ø„¸
º¤ø„¸BIRD IS THE WORD¸„ø¤º°

Hey der ppl im av n im from the wonderful town of navan. Im a bit of a ladette....loves goin out at the weekends, specially on a sat with me boyo's n gettin wasted :D :D
and our new addition to the group....mr mc clean!!! u can call him the shot man :D ya prob know dis if ya kno me but im also partial to the odd toke or ten :D

rock im park moment of the weekend/meego moment.. DAVE: where the fuck is my vodka gone? MEEGO: i thought it was water so i washed my cup with it...

Fave Quotes:
*Some people like cupcakes better... i for one care less for them
*Your A Towel
*you CUNT!!! :O :L

Avryl's List of retarded sayings:
*Howd ya spell anything?
*i dunno must a been something to do with that world war something or other
*can i be yer retarded sidekick?
The Other Half Of Me


loves him :) xxx

Pink Foyd are one of the best bands ever..Machine Head, Megadeth, Evile, John 5, incubus, testament, mastadon, RATM, Metallica, black label society, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, black sabbath, mr.bungle, blue oyster cult, guns n roses, american head charge, jimi hendrix AC/DC, Tool, Pantera, Frank Zappa, tenacious d, arch enemy, bullet for my valentine(VERY dissapointed in the new album..VERY), exodus, shadows fall, 35007 so on so fourth...
i hate dance music and that shit but ill admit when im in solar im partial to the odd dance here n there...

Song Of the week:
Metallica, Fight fire with fire
tv shows/movies
Heroes...mmmm peter petrelli...South Park is just pure ledgend....family guy, American dad, aqua teen hunger force, metalocalypse (haha dethklok!) that 70\'s show, the simpsons, ideal(I SAID THAT HERDRYERS WELL LOUD INNIT!?!) , home and away!(i kno thats bad but like cum on ders so much drama all the time) ne film with johnny depp in it...mmmmm... fear and loathing in las vegas, j and silent bob, pink floyd the wall, clerks1 and 2, zoolander, tenacious d the pick of destiny, the simpsons movie, waynes world 1 n 2, This is spinal tap, Bill n teds excellent adventure (69 duuudes!!!) Scarface
professional spliff rolling
Ya know what really grinds my gears?!
Big brother, navan guards(theres the odd exception here n there) , stupid irish laws, vodka hangovers (its soooo worth it tho) when yer the last one awake at a session and everybody else is goin asleep, cleaning, housework etc, desperate housewives!!! grrrrrr...the rain, scumbags, KNIGHTS PUB... dance music (so frikin repetitive!!) people who ont take no for an answer!! rabble rabble rabble.
Music..guys who play guitar they are just YUMMY. Spliffs, GUITAR HERO!!! wat a legdend of a game.the word cunt.When paulie gets the shots in :D :D vodka, red wkd (oh my god its fantstic), eimears amzing purple drink (thanks eimear!), Nacker drinking tuesdays, festivals, gigs, sessions, my ghd, hot weather, piercings, tatoo's, cheese... good lord i could go on for ages but i just like anything thats FUN!!!
scared of
cannabis never bein legalised.... oh the thoughts of it...

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  • Silvana E 12/6/09
  • Silvana E
    luv Silvana E

    well, hello missus. How's the weekend goin?? xxxxxxxxxxx LOVAGEEEEEEEEE

  • Michelle Loves Shane Xx
    luv Michelle Loves Shane Xx

    Ya but it was like 2 years ago haha

    11/16/09 via Mobile
  • Michelle Loves Shane Xx
    luv Michelle Loves Shane Xx

    Well hello....fancy meeting you here haha :P :P So wot you up too tis fine evening??? Or you cud just what till tomorow and tell me at work :L :L :L :L

  • Dara Woods
    Dara Woods

    YOU CANT WORK FACEBOOK CAUSE UR A PURE RETARD!! no in fact ur worse ...ur an AVRETARD!!! :L :L :L u left ur hamlet in da shop!!! no one likes u!! xxxxxxxxx Apart from me!!:D fag

  • Melmolee
    luv Melmolee

    SOMEONE was off her bin the last time I saw her! :L :L :L hehehe did you enjoy your self missus?

  • Vonni
    luv Vonni

    hey how'd solar go?or did ya go to Ink?my god but it was tragic!it wouldn't even have been as bad if they just re opened taboo!awful!did ya have a good night after.I was shockin sober in smyths!:L :L

  • Melmolee
    luv Melmolee

    Hehehe! Solar on Sat missus! :D Was there last weekend but was a royal mess :L Awh same the lads made me join and now I'm addicted just like everyone else....took me like a week to know what the hell was going on lol :L Yeh its been waaaaaay too long!! xxx

  • Paul Mclean
    Paul Mclean

    Hello loser...

    9/30/09 via Mobile
  • Yan Da Man
    Yan Da Man

    its grand really just like any other flu to b honest u feel like shit for a few days an dats dat. its been a while wat u at these days?

  • Sarah

    hey hey stranger! hows you? long time no see! what you been up to? xx

  • Elaine Smith
    luv Elaine Smith

    Oh cool I love bouncy castles, that'll be loads of fun!! Sickened we're missing that one! To be honest I'd love to be back home. Kinda over it over here now. Not the same without your friends and family. But shur we'll struggle on for another while anyway! Weather is great at the mo. Was like 33 degrees on Mon and its still winter here! Yea I'm still on the job hunt. Signed up with loads of agencies so just waiting now. You'll have to get your ass onto facebook woman - its the new bebo!!! X

  • Vonni 8/23/09
  • Elaine Smith
    luv Elaine Smith

    Hey Av hows things? Seriously missin the emerald isle!! Would love to be back there. Lorcey started work yesterday and I'm still on the job hunt. It sucks. Any mad ones the weekend? Say Hi to the lads for me :)

  • Miri

    helklo stranger!! gr8 fricken amazing experience!! lovin asia i teells ya :) back on the 20th!! dont wanta go home tho!! any news with u?? cant wait ta show ya photos :) x

  • Sue

    If a wood chuck could chuck wood he would chuck roughly 23 wood per minute.

  • Jason Connolly
    Jason Connolly

    yeah dicky was saying ill book off a few days in august come down and get riped

  • Sue

    So I was all like... " I'll stab ya..."...