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Tantei Nanashi

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Me, Myself, and I
Name : Nanashi
Age : 22
Blood Type :0-
Born : Kyoto, Japan
Abilities : Weapons Master, Martial Arts Master.
Moto : Live For Nothing Or Die For Something
Weapon : Various

(Update and Change time I reckon)

悪 Nanashi was born into a small family, With two younger sisters, a loving mother and a stern father. His father was a general in the army, so he had high hopes that his son would follow in his footsteps but this was not to be. Nanashi was weak and frail. Then one day while out with his sisters playing in a near by cave something happened, his father found him standing over his sisters, both of them staring up to the sky with dead eyes. Looking into his sons normally blue eyes his father was shocked to see they where a crimson red, before his son collapsed onto the floor. His father put him in a Secure Army hospital where no one knows what went on until one day, a teenage Nanashi walked out into t
悪 † Bloody Flash Back † 悪
>† 悪 A young Nanashi sat there, the rain pounding down from the heavens as if it wished to end his life. His expression was solemn, his eyes lost in darkness as he remembered what he had done. He raised his right arm, blood slowly washing away from it due to the heavy down pour. He did not want to look around, he could not take his eyes of that hand because he knew that around him lay the victims of it. He couldn't control it, The Darkness had risen up and had its way. All he could do was watch as the people he cared about die, some where so young, others to old to even move. Nanashi knew then that he was no longer a man, he was a demon who wore human flesh. A weapon waiting to go off. He sat there, head hung low. Waiting for death to come take him as a similar voice chuckled "Not yet" 悪 †<
† 悪 About Nanashi 悪†
Nanashi, his story etc are my own creation, but I do use pictures of other people as there simulative to Yamato in appearance , but Yamato is NOT him or realted to him in any way or form. So do not complain as I have explained this and DO NOT copy any of Nanashi's stuff unless it is pictures, that I dont mind.
† 悪 Little Note For Everyone悪†
Do not, and I repeat not make threats or insults to me at all in OOC, or plain insults becuase you feel like it, it is pointless annoying and sad to be read alright. Keep the OOC chat friendly and respectuful and I will do the same.

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  • === Some Special moves of the man Named Yamato ===

    Silver Sin Attack moves
    (All these moves are used diffrently depending on the weapon Yamato has in his grasp)

    ( The weapons with the line below it are what ones can use the special Move )

    Saiyaku Shourai = Invitation for disaster
    Spear,Swords & Guns

    Enbu "Kirikaze" = Waltz "Misty Wind"
    Spear, Swords
    Yamato steps forward, his left foot first as he moves/draws his weapon, the air rippling slightly as he does so. When the weapon is fully swung/drawn Yamato's movments become hard to see, as if mist had coverd him and had hid his movments. Yamato strikes three times, across the left arm, right leg and the left cheek, the movments being disorted by the Mist like affect of the move, making his foe take a step back as blood drips from there wounds .

    Kazakirigama = Wind slashing sickle
    Spear. Swords

    Gouka Kaijin = Conflaration of Ash
    Guns, Spear

    Other Special attacks

    Tou Rou Nagashi (Bleeding the Wolf)
    At close-range, Yamato leans toward the opponent, using his left hand to block the opponent's attacks while twisting his body around as he continous to approach to dodge other attacks (if there are any) and cutting through the opponent's stomach with his blade.

    Tatsu Maki (Dragon Twister)
    Yamato spins his weapon when he strikes to get a drill like effect, Which results in more damage,it also sends the enemy flying away from him at high speeds.

    Karasuma Gari (Demon Crow Hunt)
    Performing an Under slide Kick to the lower chin Yamato knocks his foe into the air, then he flickers around them at high speed, slashing them. He finnishes the move by knocking them to the ground with an Axe Kick
    Daibutsu Giri (Great Buddha Cut)
    Yamato unleashes a series of horizontal sword slashes powerful enough to cut apart anything that it strikes, this is a maximum attack power move.

    Nitou-Ryuu Iai: Rashoumon (Two Sword Style Draw and Resheath Technique: Rashoumon)
    This is a move that can only be used when Sin Judgment is being used.Yamato draws both Katanas from there sheaths at a high speed, then sheaths them instantly, so it looks like they are only slightly pulled then pushed back into the sheath when in reality they strike there opponnet with a power house move, even stronger cutting force thant Daibutsu Giri.

    Hiryuu Kaen (Flying Dragon Blaze)
    Using one sword wielded in his Righthand with his left hand gripping his Rights wrist for support, Yamato slashes his opponent. After slashing them his opponent then bursts into flames from where they were slashed.

    Defense Moves

    Yurayura suteppu (Flicker Step)
    This enables Yamato to move at fast speeds to where ever he wants, including up straight walls.

    Enerugī tate(Energy Shield)
    Pure energy incases Yamato in a bubble like shield, stopping any physical attack hitting him ( This includes Fire, Ice, Rock, darkness etc ) for a brief period of time, he can also use this to incase others instead of himself.

    Insutanto Suteppu (Instant Step)
    An advanced Version of "Flicker Step", instead of moving at fast speeds Yamato is teleported to a Spot he can see in his mind, this only works if he can see that spot and he can go through solid objects like Metal/Rock when he does this.

    Return Pulse
    A force of energy pules from Yamato to return attacks, But it does not work on hand-to-hand or weapons, Only projectiles like blades, arrows energy blast etc.

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  • ====== The Symbols of Sin =======

    ==Symbol of Fire " 火 " == Does massive fire damage, burning all that are trapped in its circle as the blaze shoots upwards. Can also be used as a stream of fire spewing from the palm of his hands.

    ==Symbol of Air" 風 " == Creates a massive tornado that whips the enemy into the sky, slicing them with small cuts as it does so. Can also be used to Increase his speed or the cutting edge of bladed weapons.

    == Symbols of Earth " 地球 " == Makes large rock spikes burst out and and speed at the enemy for a sharp thrust attack. Can also be used to create defensive walls.

    ==Symbol of Water " 水 " == Encases one opponet in a bubble of water, draining there powers and damaging there energy. Can also be made into to a whip if there is water near by.

    == Symbol of Lightning " 電光 "" == Brings down a terrible storm onto Yamato's enemies. Can also blast it from his hands in sphere form or be used in hand to hand combat or with bullets/blades.

    == Symbol of Ice " 氷 "" == Creates a large Blizzard, which has razor sharp ice particles that slash at the opponet, not harming Yamato himself, as he has full control over there movements. Or can be used to fire ice like projectiles or in case Yamatos arms and legs with claw like forms.

    == Symbol of Void " 空間 " == Bring outs the power of darkness to bring pain and suffering in many forms from dark spells to creating hellish like weapons. It can also be used like a form of back pack.

    == Symbol of Heaven " 天 " == Heals injuries and repairs bones, can not heal severd limbs without long periods of time and effort.

    The Symbols of Sin can be used differently with the weapons Yamato will be using such as burning blades, Lighting bullets etc.

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  • The Weapons Of Onikagé

    All of his weapons are made from a rare Silver and are Named " The Silver Sins", the metal being a lot tougher than normal Silver and because of this Yamato used them to craft his own weapons.

    = Shira-Yuri (White Lily) =
    This is Yamato's main weapon, it is a white Scabbard Katana, slightly longer than most and stronger due to the way it was built. It is lightweight and lets Yamato attack with either speed or power. Named after a past lover.

    = Samjiegun ( Three-Section-Spear) =
    At first it looks like any other spear, it is long in length with the design of a dragon crawling from one end of the pole to the other, but it is actually a three part numb-chuck which when used to extend (The blade separates from the pole and stays attached via a chain) he can control the direction with his willpower alone so it always strikes it's target.

    = Silver Cross ( zweihänder or broadsword) =
    This large silver blade is Yamato's second main weapon. It is about the same size as the sword carried by Auron (Final Fantasy 10, his first weapon) , the diffrences is that the blade has a large black cross design on the blade (Which is pure silver)and the hilt has a flame design to it, with black gems encrusted on it. The main power of this weapon is Maelstorm. Where the blade glows a dark purple/black and explodes on contact with whatever it slashes without doing any damage to the blade itself.

    = Purgatory Night =
    The third Silver Night is diffrent from the rest of the Sin weapons as this one is a firearm ( His first one to be exact ) . Purgatory Night was a large Silver made M1911A1, the grip had the word "夜" on each side which translated to Night, and across the side of the barrel on both sides was a fancy looking cross. The barrel at the end instead of iron sites it had a wolfs head, and inbetween the ears was the aiming mechanisim, while the end of the slide was what seemed to be a small fire design. From the bottom of the gun's handle hangs a small cross on a chain.

    =Sin Cannon =
    This is the newest Sin weapon, and is made out of a rare black silver. This, like Purgatory Night, is a firearm. The gun itself is a 8 shot Revolver, with a large square like barrel design. This gun's power is diffrent from Purgatory Night as the bullets are not controled by Yamato's will. Instead they are more like "Maelstorm" from Silver Cross. Each round explodes slightly like a small bomb when it connects with its target enough to push back or damage armour, but even if it misses the ripples in the air can damage the foe slightly as the power in this gun is strong. It has a speical move named, funny enough as it it, " Explosion" instead of giving a "Bang" when he shoots gives of more like an "Explosion" hence, the name Sin Cannon It does more damage and effects a larger area around it. The other special move is "X-Stream" where Yamato spins the chamber, then fires the shot. The spin of the gun and chamber combined with the sudden shot makes the effects of the origanial expliosion ten-fold. It also contains a "lightning" abilities where rounds can give of a shock of electricity when fired Instead of blowing up.

    = Sin Judgment =
    Yamato's dull Katana, the first twin style Silver Sin he has created. Both Katanas are, like all his Sin weapons, made from pure Silver, the blades are Decorated and are slightly longer than normal sized Katanas and so is the Silver Sheaths. the sheaths are on both sides of Yamato's hips when summoned so that special techniques involving using the sheath are capable of being done. The twin blades main special power is there ability to shoot blast of tornado like streams, which cut an opposition, "Whirlwind Storm" the most powerful move to this weapon is when Yamato rapidly sends thousands of slashes, cutting all before him in nano seconds.

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