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Anger Management

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  • What is a podcast? Become a subscriber today for free!

    In doing some market research over the past few months, I've learned that many people either don't know what a podcast is or have slightly the wrong idea what it is. So I've decided to take time out to explain.

    Podcasts are audio or video files that can be downloaded (99% of the time for free) online, generally via iTunes or via individual web pages. They are used, predominantly over this side of the globe, to alow people listen to highlights of their favourite radio shows and keep informed...even if they cannot listen to the show when it airs live. It also allows people to keep up with shows that aren't available on the wireless...you can listen in daily to a show in Botswana, if you're so inclined!

    However, podcasts are also used for the likes of short comedy/informative videos, to get clips of stand up comedy, or some people (like famous movie director Kevin Smith for example) simply use them as ways of ranting and talking to fans without the fear of language/content restrictions.

    If you have an iPod/mp3 player and AREN'T downloading podcasts, in my opinion, you're not using it to its full potential. Personally, podcasts get me through the day: whether I'm on a bus, working a long, boring shift or just chilling out with nothing on TV...they ensure that I'm kept entertained and informed of what's going on in the world at all stages.

    It's so easy to keep track of your favourite podcasts these days. Just do a search for a show in the iTunes store, if they have a podcast simply click 'Subscribe', then every time you open iTunes the latest episodes will download for free. If you have an iPod, every time you sync it the podcasts will do so automatically. If you have an mp3 player, just put them on manually at your leisure whenever you need them.

    Some Recommended Podcasts To Get You Started:
    The Ray Foley Show
    Best of Chris Moyles
    SModcast (the aforementioned Kevin Smith podcast)
    5 Live World Football Phone-In
    Football Weekly
    CH Originals: CollegeHumor Original Videos
    The Onion News Network
    Best of YouTube
    Jonathan Ross
    Mark Kermode & Simon Mayo's Film Reviews

    Of course, I'm not just doing this out of the goodness of my heart and plugging other shows. By all means, while you're at it, become a subscriber of the Anger Management Therapy podcast. We've subscribers from over 25 different countries and are always looking to add to these numbers...because more subscribers = more cool stuff like prizes on the show for YOU to win!

    AMT podcasts EVERY WEDNESDAY with highlights from both Sunday and Wednesday's show. It's about an hour-long so perfect for boring bus journeys etc. We often have podcast-exclusive material, be it skits that wouldn't be suitable for the community airwaves, interviews that we didn't have time to air in-full on the live shows or just Andy and I chilling in studio having the banter that we mightn't have time to on-air.

    Currently, we've ALL of Series 2 online for free download...so if you haven't already check out the travels of Caster Semenya, Andy's journey into becoming a 'New Man', me proving I'm a mere mortal in 'Don't Forget the Ly-Rick', interviews with the likes of Skully from Razorlight, Breffny from The Apprentice, Irish comedian Eric Lalor and much, much more! We also have the highlights all the way back to our 2008 pilot shows and Series 1 if you wish to truly catch-up!

    Simply click the link below, click on 'SUBSCRIBE' and make sure that you don't miss out on any more of 'The Future of Irish Radio'.

    Remember, Series 3 starts on Sunday 10th January, 2010. Until then...


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  • Ballymun Bruiser/Verona Incident as discussed on Liveline

    Ger Leggett (aka Ragin' Rick) here.

    This afternoon, there was a topic covered on RTE Radio 1 show, Liveline, where a caller complained about the behaviour of Kevin Metcalfe (aka Ballymun Bruiser) during his entrance for his match against AMT host, Sean Coffey (aka Angry Andy) on Friday night in Verona Football Club. Verona was rented by Irish Whip Wrestling to host the show and took no further part in its organisation or events.

    Bruiser and I both appeared on Liveline to discuss this. As many of you will know, I was hosting the show on Friday and we at AMT were filming it for a YouTube documentary on the match which is going to be released later this week.

    In the incident in question, Bruiser grabbed a mask a child had brought with him to the show out of his hand and threw it back in his lap. He also shouted at the child, among other fans, as a way of establishing himself as the 'heel' (bad guy).

    When a fan (Larry; who called Liveline) attempted to get into the ring and confront Bruiser about the incident, Angry Andy promptly went over to shake the child's hand and attempt to cheer him up.

    Unfortunately, this child began crying as a result of this and left the show with his father shortly afterwards. Promoter, Simon Rochford, compensated both the child and his father with refunds of their tickets and free merchandise as a result.

    To re-iterate my points made earlier on Liveline, I believe that this was an unfortunate incident where the child wasn't aware to expect this kind of behaviour at a pro-wrestling show. Evidently the father was also unaware. I witnessed them leaving and was devastated that a child had felt that way at a pro-wrestling event that one mother remarked to me during the show "was the best E50 she'd spent in a long-time".

    Kevin has been a long-time friend of mine and, speaking to him after the event, I know he was also devastated about the incident. He was playing a 'heel' and all of his actions were in line with his character. This kind of behaviour has been ongoing in wrestling for years and entertained millions of people worldwide.

    To point to a recent mainstream example: in the 1990's documentary, 'Expoed! Pro Wrestling's Greatest Secrets', it cites a long-term tradition of heels ripping up signs brought to events by fans. This is similar to Bruiser's actions: with the difference that Bruiser did not damage any personal belongings of the child in question.

    I can completely understand how Larry would have taken his actions this way was he not familiar with professional wrestling. However, to answer a couple of points raised by him during the call that he did not let us address:

    Was this behaviour acceptable?

    Of course not. In any rational context, a grown man yelling at a child he doesn't know is appalling behaviour.

    However, within the context of the professional wrestling show in question, it is expected that heels interact with fans. And their job is to get a negative reaction, so that consequently the babyface can get a positive reaction and right the wrongs of the heels behaviour.

    Why didn't Bruiser confront Larry or an adult in this manner?

    Professional wrestling, much like pantomime, is predominantly aimed at children. The job is not to get a reaction from the parents but the children. While I feel it is corageous of Larry to say that Bruiser would not have gotten in the ring if Bruiser had confronted him, I also think that this displays a lack of knowledge on his part about pro-wrestling's target audience.

    I feel that it is sad that Larry clearly wishes to harm the career of Ballymun Bruiser by encouraging a boycott until he is removed from future events.

    Considering Bruiser has worked with charities like Crumlin's Children's Hospital and I have personally gone around primary schools with him (such as St Francis Xavier's in Blanchardstown) giving lectures discouraging children from trying the stunts they see on

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  • Are you affected by drug use?

    Hi guys,

    Don't know if any of you heard, but last weekend 11 young people were hospitalised due to drug overdoses after a house party in Ongar, Dublin 15.

    Last week, a top drugs expert came out and stated that smoking marijuana and using cocaine is less dangerous than drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

    On this Wednesday's show, we're going to be discussing drug use and abuse from a young person's perspective. We want to examine how widespread it is, if it IS a problem and how it affects us.

    Unfortunately, we can't do live call-in's. So I'd like to open the floor and get some of you guys on board to give YOUR opinions on the matter.

    Have you ever been affected by drug use?
    Do you take drugs?
    Do you think that marijuana/cocaine should be legalised?
    Do you know anyone hospitalised from the aforementioned house party?
    Is there a drug problem in Ireland or is it all media hype?
    If there is, what can/should we do about it?

    Whatever your opinion on the matter is, we wanna hear it. So send us a mail and we'll talk more. Of course, all matters will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence.


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