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The main mod might leave soon so the next mod will be the main one

8/25/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Siberian, Malamute, Elkhound, Samoyed.. Any Husky is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
Me, Myself, and I
What is there to say?? Maybe.. HUSKIES RULE!! EACH AND EVERYONE OF THEM ROCK!!
Like come on, the have blue eyes, some curly tails, fluffy fur AND are like wolves BUT friendlier!!
What other breed is as cute and cuggly as a husky?
What would you rather cuggling up to you in a really stormy night? A husky or a poodle??
Me, Husky cuz like they won't let anyone harm ya but like thats my opinion, if you would perfer a poodle ssshhhhhhhh, we don't wanna hear!!
So if you happen to see this group and like it then JOIN, and if you see this group and are like 'so its only huskys' JOIN but ssshhhh and don't upset people like me who would probley marry a husky if I had a chance!!!! HUSKIES LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!!! All dogs are welcome!! Nearly all spitz dogs will be in here!!!!

Doe it IS husky4president we love every dog so send us a pic!!!

"A well-trained dog will make no attempt to share your lunch.
He will just make you so guilty that you cannot enjoy it"


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  • Attention !

    People are thinking im the moderator but im not its Nightengale
    So dont thank me im just getting it set up for Nightengale !
    But i do leave comments on your profiles
    ((which are nice))
    But NeonLazerSparky Is Not the moderator !

    0 Comments 261 weeks

  • Why the Husky Howls

    The Eskimos believe that Dog-their dog, the husky- was created by a Raven and his wife, and got his enormous strength and stamina from the Raven's indestructible toenails. However they also go on to say that Dog swiftly became a friend of God, too. One day God said to the Dog, "I want you to go down to earth and show Man and Woman something. I want them to learn that there is no such thing as Death and that Life is everlasting."
    So Dog, puzzled but always willing to do his master's bidding, bounded off. When he got down to Earth the first thing he saw was a woman weaping beside the prostrate form of her husband. He was dead.Dog was very sorry for her, and completely forgot to tell her that Death didn't exist.
    Instead he told her it was the end, and helped her bury his body. Then he went with her to show her friends what to do when somebody died.
    Dog returned to God pleased that he'd taught people something new, but God was angry for letting Death into man's world. Poor Dog was distraught at his bad memory and put his head up and howled "aroo, aroo".
    Even today whenever he's puzzled or forgetful- or when the moon is full or the wind in the East- the Husky will put up his head and howl"aroo,aroo,aroo......"

    0 Comments 261 weeks

  • Howling savior (If your unsure of the temperment of a husky this is a must read)

    A story I read had touched me to love huskies for their strength and guidance.
    A story read of a person which owned a husky and a yorkie, of course the husky was the house dog and the yorkie was brought everywhere.
    she never looked up nor down on the husky, it was a gift from her partner, for himself more like it. But one night he went out, she told him to lock the husky in its run, so he did and off he went to the pub.
    She watched tv and ate and drank wine, while outside the husky howled, he howled so loudly, getting louder every second, she didn't take any notice of him, but told him to shut up. she went to bed and just relaxed.

    Down stairs the back door was now being opened by an unknown man, the husky howled louder, like cries more than howls.
    The man went up stairs, a gun at his left arm, slammed her bedroom door open, grabbing her by her neck, he threatened her that if she screamed she would be killed, showing her the gun, an experiance no one should in counture.

    The husky stopped howling, but he wasn't in the run neither, he ran in the back door and seen the yorkie cowering in the seat, left her and ran up stairs.
    With a yelp he jump at the man, grabbing his neck and dragging him down, the police were nearly there by then and the man heard them.
    The husky would not get off him so he grabbed his gun and pointed it to the dogs chest, he still wouldn't let go. A bang came from that bedroom, the husky lay lifeless on the carpet, his blood everywhere.
    The man ran down stairs and out the front door, the police got him.

    The husky didn't survive the shot, it aimed right at his heart, stopping him instantly.
    But the husky saved her companions life.

    He howled early that evening, making the next door niebour ring the police to complain, and the police coming out.
    the husky sensed an unknown smell and howled to scare him away.
    When he got inside the husky jump a 6 ft fence in rescue of his owner.
    He was willing to risk his life in protection of his owner, he lost his life for her.
    The yorkie cowarded over near the chair, not an inch of help was made.

    R.I.P Thunder

    Now the girl that was attacked owns 5 huskies and has a pup that is the spit of Thunder, his name Lightening.
    She is a professional agility dog trainer and her dogs are agility champions.
    She moved that week of the attack.
    Every year she rescues another pup in memberation of Thunder.

    Huskies are more than just a dog, they have been with us before, it is them that can walk with wolves, but has the power of a wolf and the protection of the alpha.

    If getting a dog, and just wants a faithful companion that will protect at any cost, the siberian husky is one that list...

    This is a true story which I read, the names are true, everything is true.

    0 Comments 263 weeks

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  • Moderator and my BIG new idea

    Emmziee- by Emmziee-
    People are asking if they can be a mod,
    But heres the catch what can you do if your mod?
    It has to be picked between the 2 mods, but give us a reason, like you could invite ppl, get vidios, write polls but has to be something we need!
    I'm thinking of starting a character thing were your some sort of husky and that'll be your name here,kinda turning it into a husky place, sled riding and all?
    Meh maybe I'm just addicted to Roll Play but anyway,
    If you wanna be a mod you have to give us a reason,
    I'll take reasons here, and also comments ppl wish to give about the character thingy, no roll playing just character, thought it could be fun:D

    0 Replies 260 weeks
  • Huskies ain't vicious- there self minded

    Emmziee- by Emmziee-
    I asked a friend 'what would you do with a husky?' and she said 'are they the ones who bite and tear? that act like wolves and can never be trained?' I have a husky, she's an Elkhound husky and she is the most faithful dog I hav!!
    Training is difficult but they are self minded and are indepandant, but it ain't impossible
    My Bobbie knows
    Off(leaves food)
    Please (stands on hind legs)
    Over(over on her belly)
    Sing and speak
    And howl

    If huskies are impossible to train, than I guess Bobbies papers are incorrect xx
    0 Replies 264 weeks

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    Okey dokey peoples, this group seems to be dying! D8 So we're gonna spooce it up a bit! 8D Firstly, I need some help... any voulintires?

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    First of all, If you want to advertise your group on the page, You MUST join! Also what do you think of the skin? Lone Wolf Kait did it, isn't it wicked? We should thank Lone Wolf Kait! Thank you! I'm in search of another moderater just to help me get this thing running so comment and I'll add ya! If you have any ideas for the group comment too plz! Husky4President Nightengale(moderater)


    Hey guys .. just joined! Nice page .. very nice. The pics are fab :D :D :D :D I've Great Danes & a Great Dane Group. Would love ye to check it out & become members ... thanksssssssss Shelley


    He is, when I seen it the first thing that came out of my mouth was awwwwww I want a husky puppy!!!

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    awwww that husky was so fukin cute the howling one


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