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Paige Sorry

{I havent been on for like 7 weeks m so sorry to all those people who have let down:( If I do keep this account I wont be on as much}

12/27/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

I'm sorry I was gone so long
Me, Myself, and I
See this body?

These boobs?

This face?

This hair?

These eyes?

These gorgeous lips?

Well they belong to me

The names Paige Matthews I am a Halliwell although my name is different:P
I fight demons alongside my sisters

Oldest[ Prue RIP
Middle[ Piper
Second Youngest[ Phoebe
->Thats where I fit:D

I love you all:D

I am one sexy bitch witch oops
:L :L :L :P :P :O

Anyway I'm a witch
I have four children who I love with all my heart:
Jessica:D :http://www.bebo.com/Xx_Cute_Jessica_xX
Henry Jr.:http://www.bebo.com/HenryJrH
Paige Jr.
And Piper-Anne:http://www.bebo.com/Roleplay_love
Telekinetic Orbing, Orbing, Glamouring.
Paige's powers are much like Prue's. As the third sister Paige can move objects with her mind. Her power is a little different though. It is called Telekinetic Orbing. She can orb objects by calling for them. Unlike Prue's power there aren't the limitations of walls. She can orb the objects to herself or orb them somewhere else. She can also call for the object and it will orb to her half re-appearing and she can throw it. Paige can also orb herself in much the same way as Leo. This power was activated by fear. At first Paige could only orb out and orb back into the same postition. Now paige can orb her self to other rooms or parts of the city. She can also take passengers with her. Also Paige can heal.
Since I was a vampire and stole some demon powers I can now shoot fire balls mild telekenisis(only use in emergencies)flaming I prefer to orb, and I can make claws come out of my hands and I can shoot
QOUTE of the week
“On your knees. Kiss the hand of the Paige!”
-Paige Matthews
My little princess she is my gorgeous girl I love her so much you are the sweetest little girl in the world:D I will always love you:D

The triplets
Henry Jr. Paige Jr. and Piper-Anne I love you all so much:D :D :D
I love you Prue you funny and smart and you have two different personalities your either fun and immature or Not fun and responsible and the thing is i love both personalities. Your always there to help me when Im down or not feeling to well. I love you sis
cleaner your the whole package and I love you. Your the best Sister a girl could have.
You cook amazing food and sometimes i forget to tell you how much you mean to me your really amazing Piper your the best mother I know and you make the best meals and your a great cleaner your the whole package and I love you. Your the best Sister a girl could have.
Your not only my Sister but your my best friend we share everything together our secrets and our dreams. We always help each other out of Trouble and you put together a mean party. Love you sis your the shit.

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On your knees. Kiss the hand of the Paige!
-Paige Matthews
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The Charmed Recruiting Race
100 points (Production Asst.)

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close how horny are you??

are you horny??

My result is: you are one horny fuka!!

wen u think about ur partner you get the shivers and picture them naked an cant wait to get them in bed next to u!

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Paige is a Catholic SchoolVampire
0 chumps infected
0 Vampire points
: 'Sydney-Mari fed Beth to Paige
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Paige is a Creeper Werewolf
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Paige is a Spirit Zombie
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Paige is a Merciless Slayer
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What Sexual Fantasy Are You?

My result is: Dominatrix diva

Watch out boys! You’re a strong powerful diva who knows how to bring men to their knees. With stilettos on your feet and whip in hand, you have them begging for mercy. (We know you won’t give them any.) Handcuff us or tie us to the bed – we’re so ready to be punished.
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Which Greek God are you?


She was the favorite child of Zeus, and had sprung fully grown in armor out of her
father's head. Athena was also a war Goddess, yet unlike the hot tempered Ares, she
was wise and just in war. She represented the intellectual and civilized side of war,
she was not so much of a fighter but more of a wise and prudent adviser. For these reasons
it has always been desirable to count upon her favor when war is at hand, for
Athena, it is said, would never put up with defeat.

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How Well Do You Know CHARMED?

The Source Of All Evil

You have all evil beings quivering beneath your feet and did what no other demon could do... you killed a Charmed One. Although one down and two to go, you did not do your research and The Power Of Three is back to kick your ass.

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Paige Matthews Halliwell
Your Name Is Too Too Sexy! :)

Your name scored 445 in the How Sexy Is Your Name Test

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  • Monty.

    Heeeey Froggy :D . . How Are Youu . ?? ;)

    12/28/08 via Mobile
  • Charlotte

    Hey Sweetie x x Hav,t talk 2 you 4 a long time Hows you?? What you been up 2?? MERRY CHRISTMAS Sweetie Did you have fun?? What Did you get 4 Christmas?? w.b Sweetie PLEASE X X Missed you :(

  • Deleting

    plz add me as a friend thank yhoo

  • Jamie

    im her best friend

  • Jamie

    hi ru Jessica mom