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Nicky Shields

Anyone up for a game of kings tonight?

8/23/09 | me too! | Reply

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"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." -Benjamin Franklin

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HARRY GREGG= HERO........Gregg was a goalkeeper who had 48 clean sheets in his United career. He is sometimes called 'The Hero of Munich' . He pulled some of his team mates from the burning plane during the Munich Air Disaster including Bobby Charlton, Jackie Blanchflower and Dennis Viollet, as well as his badly-injured manager Sir Matt Busby.

"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great." - Mark Twain

"I don't measure a man's success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom." - George S.Patton

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."

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the sun, random walks in the countryside, my next door neighbours, a happy slap now and again, magners, magners light, the daily star, snow days, scoring winning points when im blocked, mock this week, adams crazy outbursts about his "hyundai BA...", la dolca vita, passing wind in an enclosed space or area, stevie moans eye for the women, ben stiller, a bowl of cocopos after school, having a brad pitt/ donald trump and reading the paper, the swedish, the number 773, oloans drinking thresehold, formals with aidan mc cartan, when you mix popcorn chicken with ice cream, when a man embraces another man in an emotional moment, picturing the scene, roy keanes attitude, drinking magners from a straw, pasta and beans, orange unsigned act...mainly dan scotty thou, one tree hill, the O.C, one nighters, stealing drink, straw hats, magic tricks, magnum classics, st mary's, stiffys random questions, a brunch, the occasional pint, a piss in the sink, badmington
Barcroft MidUlster
I play for barcroft midulster under 17s team. this is our second year together nad we finished second in da league las season losing out to maiden city! this year our goal was to win the league, and we done just that but with style!! 1. Concede 1 goal all season, keeping 11 clean sheets. 2. scored over 30 goals in 12 games. 3. we are the First Newry team ever to do it (history there) MID ULSTER CHAMPIONS!!!!!!
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Decky Flynn

Decky Flynn

Seems to stall alot in life..

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take 2 fund riaser in belinis

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  • The League Of Extaordinary TANKS!

    This has to be "The League Of Extraordinary Tanks!" It has been gathered together to show how much of tanks we are!! lol check it out!

    Hugh John Doyle...

    Ronan "Pudsy" Collins...

    Patrick "i hate Shealen" O'Hanlon...

    Daniel "Long Legs" Gallagher...

    Edward "jumper" Anthony Sebastien Fitzpatrick...

    Enda "Polar Bear" Ferris...

    Nicky "Marty Clarke" Shields...

    Mathew Marcus Mary Teague...

    Declan "James Charles" Mc Nally...

    Eoin "Tiocfaidh ar la" Mc Cardle...

    James "Receeding Hairline" Mc Dermot...

    David "waaaaaaaaaaaaw" Mc Entee...

    Mark "Heart Atack" Haughey...

    Dan "Drum Beat" Traynor...

    Ross "Sell me Salt" Mc Entagert...

    Niall "pure culty" Watters...

    pure tanks!! if i left out ne1 leave a comment to c if ur tank enough!!! grrrrrrrrr!! >:( >:( >:(

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  • Saturday Marnin!

    A Saturday Marnin

    "A was walkin' down the lane, a saturday marnin'
    a wasnt doin much, just a bit of farmin'.
    A walked into jimmy joes house, te see if he was ok,
    am doin rightly he said, dya wana drap a' tae

    So a sat down, and a rested ma back
    so jimmy joe, dya have any craic?
    No craic he said, non at tal,
    Nat since a had that shokin bad fall

    A leapt out of ma seat for a heard sumthin roarin'
    what would posess anybody to shout at this time of the mornin'?
    There was a cupla' sheep broke into the glen,
    So a called on ma faithful dog, gud oul Ben

    The dog was fast, he didnt take his time,
    hes real valuable, am glad hes mine.
    It was comin close te twelve, midday was dawnin,
    and that was the end of ma saturday marnin'.

    By The One and Only James Killen!!

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    1) Am I one of your good friends?
    2) Describe me in three words:
    3) Can I have your phone number?
    4) Do I annoy you sometimes?
    5) If you could be anywhere with me where would it be?
    6) What is one memory that we have shared that you will never forget?
    7) Am I easy to get along with?
    8) Name one bad quality of mine.
    9) Name one good quality of mine.
    10) Would you get into a fight to defend me? i wood 4 u
    11) How sweet am I to you on a scale from 1 to 10?
    12) Have I ever made you cry?
    13) Have you ever made me cry?
    14) Do you luv me?

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  • Angelic Naidoo
    Angelic Naidoo

    heyyy whats up androgynous Substance. Beyond only, is the true P

    8/23/11 via Mobile
  • Chloris Craver

    How can the do this for free? http://tinyurl.com/3plxqnb

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • Karen Fearon
    luv Karen Fearon

    hello nicholas! daragh said he dusnt like u nd that ur a crap friend and that he dusnt want 2 liv with u nxt year cuz ur such a tramp...nd u smell...duno y he would say that :/ x

  • Ciaran Fox
    luv Ciaran Fox

    well when was that fundraiser night in belinis? only seen it in your flashbox there now

  • Bill
    luv Bill

    happy bday.xx

  • Stevie Moan
    luv Stevie Moan

    yea do well man give me a wee buzz il sure il answer :L u finished uni yet r whaa??

  • Ciaran Fox
    Ciaran Fox

    Dunno lad. I might Go up tuesday. Wouldn mind just sittin In havin the crack with few drinks and that. I'll let ya know anyways

    12/13/09 via Mobile
  • Stevie Moan
    Stevie Moan

    ah bro heard all about it im ther kid lol drinkin session 2 the heights :L :L

  • Ciaran Fox
    luv Ciaran Fox

    Not sure yet lad what the story is. You workin on sat night? We'l be In for a jar no doubt like.

    12/11/09 via Mobile
  • Roxy

    abuse....hows about yous dont come in and reak me head anymore :P i bet that was theeee nicest sausage soda EVER :D

  • Ciaran Fox
    luv Ciaran Fox

    Well lad, whats the crack? When ya gettin this bus sorted?

    12/7/09 via Mobile
  • Roxy

    sausage soda ?? :)

  • Joy Rip
    Joy Rip

    fine dont go swimmin den!!

  • Joy Rip
    luv Joy Rip

    ha, im ritin 2 u frm da airport, bou 2 board 2 liverpool, hav fun wrkin dis weeknd lol!!

  • Decky Flynn
    Decky Flynn

    u serious?? that mans a creep! cumin back on the 11th of dec 4 a month tho!! cant wait to get back home! startin to go na more but i fuckihate the course!heard adam got a letter hme 4 his attendance...hope i dont get one :L

  • Decky Flynn
    luv Decky Flynn

    you must love the hatfield ba! its no phoenix tho :L how ya gettin on??

  • Paul Downey
    luv Paul Downey

    I'm a bad influence to myself as well though - eg. test today, blocked last night ...not the best of ideas :P But yes, more social magners should be had soon!!

  • Bill

    well lad both my studys, and my wallet cant afford a heavy night out in bfast atm.lol..hava gud one il get talkn to ya at the weekend.xx

  • Eamonn Morgasm
    luv Eamonn Morgasm

    wellll boyy!!! wats the crack nick lad? hows belfast goin 4ya? ive heard plenty of stories n im sure ul hav a few 4ma!!:L here madden n thems cumin on the 12th nov...r u comin over with him!! yea heard use done well..always new, all year u wer biden ur time 4 a big finish lol yeah ill give u a buzz in d next few days mate k ;)