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wow, its been waaaay too long since I've been on bebo. sorry everybody :(

2/14/12 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

its like trimming Rapunzel's hair.... there's just no POINT!!!
Me, Myself, and I
Hi my name is Bella Cullen amy husband's name is Edward and we have a beautiful daughter named Renesmee. I met Edward two years ago and we insantly fell in love but it turned out that Edward had a dark secret that he tried to keep from me: he was a vampire. But our love was stronger then his thirst for my blood!

I was 17 when i came to Forks to live with my dad Charlie, i use to live with my mom Renee but she got married again and she's basically traveling al over the place with her new husband Phil.

I married Edward when i was 18 after he promised me that he would turn me into a vampire if i did marry him. He kept his promise and i became a vampire after Renesmee was born. i now live with my new family-Alice Rosalie Carlisle Emmet Jasper Esme.

To understand my story better read the 'Twilight' saga

***Hi feel free to add me as a friend but only do it if you're actualy going to talk to me.***

('')_('') ~~~~ say hello to ''paw paw'
PLEASE join my group :) its: http://www.bebo.com/animeloversXD

Also, My friend made this group for all ROSALIE HALE lovers: http://www.bebo.com/RosalieCullenX

Ok, i just want to let everyone know, i'm not Kristen Stewart, this is Role-play, please do feel free to add me, i will reply to all comments as soon as i can so please be patient *smiles*
Evanescence, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Linkin park, Within Temptation, Avril lavigne, and of course the 1 and only Tenacious D. :L
TWILIGHT, Sailor moon, W.i.t.c.h, Cardcaptor, Nausicca of the valley of the wind, Kung fu hustle, Howl's moving castle, Whisper of the heart, Princess Mononoke, anything funny really. Oh and i'm a true romantic :D
If you think I've skipped you then by all means repost, I've probably just missed it, but i will reply to you as soon as i can

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Claymore Amv ~Whispers In The Dark~

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  • Mercury from The House of Night.

    Ok well, i'v read all of the house of night books and i really want to roleplay the story so i'm making up my own character =} Heres some stuff about her:



    *How long has she been a flegling?:~
    2 weeks {I'll change this as the days go by}


    She has long wavy chestnut brown hair, Pale skin and deep green eyes that are framed with thick black eyelashes. She's 5,1 in height and has a slim petite figure.

    Mercury is a shy pretty girl. She loves to read, write, fencing and horse riding. Her favorite bands of all time are: Within Temptation and Paramore.
    Her fav movies are Twilight, Ultraviolet, Twister.
    Her movie star crush is he totally gorgious Jonny Depp.

    If you have any other question about her then feel free to ask :) oh and if you want to role~play with me, just send a comment to this blog and i'll reply A.S.A.P.



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  • ***Africa***

    hi everyone :D
    ok i won't be on-line now for the next two weeks because in about 12 hours i'm going to be on a plane heading to Africa and i'll be back on the 26th of february. I'll be on-line as soon as i can but untill then, keep sending in the comments and starters and i'll replay soon i promise :)

    and don't forget to join my group for anime lovers please :D

    by the way, this is for a certain Alice who's leaving, you're one of the best roleplayer i'v played with and i'll really miss you :( (i still want to know what happens :P ) good luck in life :D



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  • **Role-player**

    Hey everyone, do feel free to ask me if you want to be claimed by one of these characters, it doesn't matter who you are as long as you belong in the Twilight world, i will reply to all but you must role-play with me first.... (for obvious reasons ;) )
    Thank you :D

    (oh yeah by the way people, you really really should add these people, there're awesome :) ))

    Bella Swan/Cullen: http://www.bebo.com/Bella_Twilight
    Bella Swan/Cullen: http://www.bebo.com/BellaV18
    Bella Swan/Cullen: http://www.bebo.com/x_edwards_lamb_x
    Bella Swan/Cullen:

    Edward Cullen:
    Edward Cullen:
    Edward Cullen:

    Alice Cullen: http://www.bebo.com/AliceAndJasper4eva
    Alice Cullen: http://www.bebo.com/im_so_ino
    Alice Cullen:

    Carlisle Cullen:
    Carlisle Cullen:
    Carlisle Cullen:

    Esme Cullen:
    Esme Cullen:
    Esme Cullen:

    Rosalie Cullen: http://www.bebo.com/EmmettsLadyL124
    Rosalie Cullen: http://www.bebo.com/ThePureBeautyx11x
    Rosalie Cullen:

    Jasper Cullen: http://www.bebo.com/JasperH85
    Jasper Cullen:
    Jasper Cullen:

    Emmett Cullen:
    Emmett Cullen:
    Emmett Cullen:

    Renesmee Cullen: http://www.bebo.com/Darling_Nessie
    Renesmee Cullen:
    Renesmee Cullen:

    Jacob Black:
    Jacob Black:
    Jacob Black:

    Other: http://www.bebo.com/BrokenRose_xo
    Other: http://www.bebo.com/HileahT (My half~sister =} )

    32 Comments 235 weeks

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Mercury is a Black Widow Vampire
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4,433 Vampire points
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: Torikrisstaalynnross fed Whoo to Mercury
: Torikrisstaalynnross fed Justin to Mercury
: Emms fed Robert to Mercury
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Which Sailor Senshi Are You? (Girls Only)

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What is your very best quality? GIRLS


You like to daydream and have a strong imagination. You believe that there is an answer for everything and never let your friends down. You need time to yourself once in a while and often come up with great ideas. When you get inspiration, you create amazing things, but dislike people telling you what to do.

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  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha

    hey awsome frend long time no speak :D

  • ºTheFrenchCoven

    miss you :( xx how are you xxxxxx

    12/15/11 via Mobile
  • Black Cullen

    I miss you xx

    8/1/11 via Mobile
  • Sasuke Uchiha
    luv Sasuke Uchiha

    yay! yeah wired! wounder why lol but i good just working on koung fu wbu ? :)

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    luv Sasuke Uchiha

    hey omfg long time no speak hope u been on for a chat :DD miss me ? :) xx

  • luv -Alanna.

    Ohh;Ohh;Cee: Hi. :DD Roleplay? :))

  • Rawinia Emery
    luv Rawinia Emery

    so whats hows your day been? we just finshed hoildays thats why i havent been talking to ya. well gotta go. bye

  • Black Cullen

    ooc- :L :L hehe oh yes, awww you should give your poor voicebox a lil rest :L :L too bad you cant go to the chemist and ask for a new one eh? :L :L I was ill on Easter day, how bad is that? :P but im all better now. How about you? Happy late easter!!! <3 " No surprise." Black smirked, as she stuck her tounge at her pack brothers, each of them, from big and moody Paul to her big brother Jacob, looked physiced to actually be doing something, and if that meant to have a ' friendly' race with the Cullens, then they were all for it and Black knew what they were all thinking. " Well, you better make sure Emmy doesnt try anything, you know what he can be like!" Black giggled, as she could hear Alice laugh her chime laugher from the background. " 30 mins, meet all of us at the border where it started.." Black started, before the pack whooped out, " MAKE SURE YOU DONT BACK OUT!" Black giggled, " See you then Bells!"

  • Black Cullen

    ooc- Well, I do try my best :L How have you been? xx " Now, why doesnt that, not surprise me?" Black laughed, as she tried to playfully shove Jacob and Seth away, both boys had used the destraction to sneak up and listen into the convo, besides, all sides were on better terms, maybe, if you could call it, some were even friends! " Tell that mind reading brother, that what he does is not only annoying but its also cheating!" Black giggled, as she could see Jacob roll his brown eyes but did look like he was agree with her. " Name the time and place!" Seth wooped, and before long, the other boys had joined in, it only made Black laugh harder. " A race, long, hard and no cheating. Between vampires, werewolves and yours truly!"

  • ºSarcastic Puppy

    Swin flu's Cousin :L Funny..Awwww suree it'll Goo xx

  • ºSarcastic Puppy

    Goood:) I've beeen better:) Feeelin sick though just had my dinner :L :L No luvs but :)

  • luv Black Cullen

    ooc- Heya :) Awww pet, don't worry about it, seriously, its alright. xxx Chuckling long and hard, before taking a second to breath again, Black smirked, knowing what her vampire family were like at times. " Well, I know how much you adore a challenge, I was thinking that we have a little race, its been a while since I have joined anything, as I have been with the pack for a while. And when I say a race Bella, I mean that we really go for it, Emmett is allowed but Edward, no, as he will cheat." She could only image the look on her brother's face if he heard her say that.

  • Rawinia Emery
    luv Rawinia Emery

    omg.yeah same. hows school so far?man are your exames hard ours are. man i havent chated with you for ages. i wont be talking talking for a while again school hoilidays coming up:( well got to go now hope i hear from you soon:)

  • ºSarcastic Puppy

    Gooood thanks,You:)

  • Rawinia Emery
    Rawinia Emery

    Hey whats up? sorry about the long no comment thing.

  • Rawinia Emery
    luv Rawinia Emery

    how did you get on internet

  • ºSarcastic Puppy

    :) Thanks for Accepting xx

  • Rawinia Emery
    luv Rawinia Emery

    hey whats up man i havent talked to you 4 like ever sorry ive been bussy with skool.

  • luv Black Cullen

    ooc- ** does a happy dance for you** Go Mercury, Go Mercury! <3 :L :L Black chuckled, crossing her arm over her knees, trying to ignore the eyes from the pack, did they have to be so nosey sometimes? " You that desperate eh?" the hybrid asked, before she rolled her eyes. as Quil and Embry called stupid things out, but thankfully Jacob and Seth took care of them, by piling onto them, making a messy boy pile! " Silly vampire!" Black giggled, teasing, " I answer to your beck and call." she laughed, hearing the boredom within Bella's soft voice, " Edward rolling his eyes at that?" Black asked, knowing how Edward could be sometimes. " She is going to say yes." Black giggled, as she heard Alice on the otherside of the phone. " Mrs pixie is right, and you know what, I have the perfect idea!"

  • Black Cullen

    " And who would that be love?" Edward asked, watching his wife of many happy years, yet bored of how quiet and dull life had become. He had to quietly admit it, but he too missed the chaos and how everything was out of place, now it there was nothing but ( well this idea mainly from Alice and Rosalie) shopping and hunting and playing the odd game of baseball. " You arent to going to bother Black and Seth are you?" He guessed with an amused smile, as their only Cullen hybrid had moved out, only to move in with Seth Clearwater. " God, I am soo bored." Black sighed, as Seth chuckled, rubbing her arm, as all the pack, well the ordinal pack were trying to make this day somewhat more exctiing. " Your not the only one." Quil rolled his eyes, as Paul was westaling Jacob. before Black felt her phone go off. " Hey," she smiled, pulling her cell phone out, " Its Bella!" she exclamed as Jacob and Paul stopped what they were doing, " Hey Bella! Everything alright?"


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