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hi guys

4/6/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 21, Luv 297
  • from My Bed =D
  • I am Single
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  • Do This Please =D

    Aяз Wз Cłσѕз:-
    Шσυłd YoO Kiiѕѕ Mз:-
    Шσυłd YoO Fυcк Mз:-
    Hανз YoO Gσт A Gf/Bf:-
    Шiiłł Wз 3νзя Gзт 2gзтнзя:-
    Aяз YoO A Viiяgιи:-
    Hανз YoO 3νзя Siiи Mз Dяυик:-
    Hανз YoO 3νзя Gσт Mз Dяυик:-
    Hανз YoO 3νзя Шαитз∂ Tu Tзłł Mз Sυмfiiиg:-
    Hανз YoO 3νзя Tσłd Mз A BiiG Liiз:-
    Шσυłd YoO Giiνз Mз Uя Nυмвзя:-
    Шαитзd Mσяз Tнαи Fяiiзи∂ѕнiiρ:-
    Hανз YoO 3νзя Tнσυgнт Of Mз Aѕ Gf/Bf Mαтзяiiαł:-
    Шσυłd YoO 3νзя Cнзαт Oи Mз:-
    Шσυłd YoO Fσgiiνз Mз iif ii Cнзαтзd Oи YoO:-
    Шσυłd YoO 3νзя Mαяяч Mз:-
    Шσυłd YoO 3νзя Hαтз Mз:-
    Шнαтѕ Uя Gσσdвii Mзѕѕαgз:-

    4 Comments 267 weeks

  • What Do You Want To Be =D ??

    My Boyfriend - Miki ;)
    My Mummy -
    My Daddy -
    My Big Brother -
    My Little Brother -
    My Twin -
    My Evil Twin -
    My Big Sister -
    My Little Sister- Melissa =D
    My Laughing Buddie - Semper =D
    My Ickle Baby - Semper
    My Daughter -
    My Son -
    My Slaggy Aunt -
    My Pervy Uncle -
    My Best Cousin -
    My Best Friend - Miki
    My Other Best Friend - Adam
    My Bordom Buddie -
    My Pimp - Jordan ;)
    My Sex Slave - Miki Woo ;)
    My Bit On The Side - Miki
    My Worst Ememy -
    My Dancing Partener -
    My Guardian -
    My Sugar Plum -
    My Personal Shopper -
    My Fairy God Mother -
    My Shopoholic Friend -
    My Cool Dude - Daniel Revell :P
    My Valentine - Michelle Obv
    My Chatterbox - Meliisa 8-|
    My Hot Admirer -
    My Action Man -
    My Badass Biatch - Melissa ;)
    My Cutiepie -
    My Messer Upper -
    My Other Half -
    My Stalker -
    My Pain In The Neck - Semper
    My Drinking Partener -
    My Piss Up Pal -
    My One Night Stand -
    My Idol - Adam(semper)
    My Sexy Admirer -
    My English Buddie -
    My Prince -
    My Princess- Ashlee
    My Sexy Gurl - Semper
    My Sexy boii -
    My Fashion friend -
    My Gangsta - Semper cause hes so amazin and cool :P
    My Partner in Crime - Miki :|
    My Dirty Dancer - Semper
    My Fuck Buddie - Brad =)
    My Wild Child -
    My Murderer -

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  • Braders. 6/23/09
  • RuudeeBoiiwhiteyy

    Izit Me Or Doess Your Otherr Halff Tinggg / In A Guy/Girl Match Me Perfectly In Evry Wayy ?? Hmmm... :P Love Youu Babyy Gurlll x

  • RuudeeBoiiwhiteyy
    luv RuudeeBoiiwhiteyy

    A Lyyy 2 Babyyyy AM SOrry ABoutt Tdayyy Hunnii Bunnii i Will C U Before I Go Navyyy <3

  • Benji.
    luv Benji.

    im here in my bed atm, where are you :o :D x

    6/12/09 via Mobile
  • Benji.
    luv Benji.

    Erm in my bed atm, where are you :o :D xx

    6/12/09 via Mobile
  • Marchant.
    luv Marchant.


  • Marchant.
    luv Marchant.


  • Marchant.
    luv Marchant.


  • Marchant.
    luv Marchant.

    i miss you too lauren :( when you coming round or when im i coming round yours :) ? ILOVEYOU !!!

  • Marchant.
    luv Marchant.

    you still mardy with me i'l be on msn tonight babe talk to me then please x loveyou x xxxxx

  • Marchant.

    You Moaned Earlier And Said I Aint Left You A Comment In A While So Here It Is :) Was Good Seeing You Today Babe :) Loveyou xxxx

  • Ben
    luv Ben

    heyaaa babe yhoo ok?? what you been up 2 hun?? hows life been lol or u just layed in bed like always lol;) xx here have some love xx

  • Dani

    No, Ollie Sykes is gorgeous, your the one being silly. :)

  • luv Bethany Hildred

    hello sexy ;) i havent spoken to you in a while so i thought i would leave a comment as i was passing through how are you ? love you laurennn :D