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11/19/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 22, Luv 1,079
  • from Eastbourne ;)
  • I am Single
  • Member since: June 2008
  • www.bebo.com/3_kezza
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

■ kerry louise townsend.
■ eastbourne.
■ family & friends.
■ jedward, i love you. ♥        
The Other Half Of Me
Grace Summerbell

Grace Summerbell

i love you thing 2.

JLS, brighton centre, 90210.
FRONT row, amaaazing!!      
best weekend of my life;
12.O6.O9 - 14.O6.O9              
i'll never forget it.                            
love you all.            

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  • memories.

    - MCFLY; october '07. (amazing night, 4 rows from front.)
    - met saving aimee; october '07. (met themmm.)
    - x-factor tour; 7th march '08. (with emily, lauren & gina.)
    - florida; april '08. (best holiday ever.)
    - laurens 14th party; 26th april '08. (with the family.)
    - britains got talent tour; june '08.
    - atlantis foam party; 28th october '08. (with the girls.)
    - MCFLY, avenue & reemer; 18th november '08. (amazing.)
    - emilys 18th party; 13th december '08. (crunkkk.)
    - new years eve; 31st december '08. (nightmare aha.)
    - n-dubz/atlantis; 16th february '09.  (with the girls.)
    - yasmins 17th meal; 1st march '09.
    - x-factor tour (JLS); 7th march '09. (with amz, lauren & gina.) 
    - fall out boy; 8th march '09. (with daniellleeeeyyy.)
    - lemar ft. JLS; 28th march '09. (with lauren.)
    - london; 6th april '09. (with the college girls.)
    - plumpton racecourse; 13th april '09. (with the fam & abbie.)
    - thorpe park; 17th april '09. (with azzza.)
    - park night & sleepover; 25th april '09. (with ella & more.)
    - amys party/sleepover; 16th may '09. (with my college girls.)
    - the fair; 27th may '09. (with lauren, abbie, jake & nat.)
    - the fair; 28th may '09. (with amy, lauren & ben b.)
    - bowling, anitas 17th; 28th may '09. (with the college girls.)
    - jonas brothers 3D movie; 29th may '09. (with loz & abbie.)
    - thorpe park; 4th june '09. (with the fam.)
    - CB party; 6th june '09. (with the fam & others.)
    - my 18th birthday; friday 12th june '09. (the best day.)
    - my 18th party; saturday 13th june '09. (best night of my life.)
    - kirsty & daves wedding party; 27th june '09. (so fun.)
    - hannahs birthday meal; 28th june '09. (with college girls.)
    - cinema, my sisters keeper; 11th july '09. (with amz & loz.)
    - redoubt skate party; 18th july '09. (with the skaters.)
    - sleepover; 29th july '09. (with ben, jay, ella & lauren.)
    - gildridge park/random night; 3rd august '09.  (with the girls.)
    - lucinda's 18th bbq; 8th august '09.
    - celebrity football; 9th august '09. (with amy, lauren & abbie.)
    - chessington; 10th august '09. (with grace, lucinda & zoe.)
    - my GEEK RAVE; 26th august '09. (amaaazing girls.)
    - meal; 11th september '09. (with ash, yaz & hannah.)
    - FLORIDA; 14th - 28th december '09. (with the fam.)
    - JLS ; 9th february '10. (FRONT ROW!!)
    - x-factor tour; 28th february '10. (with amz, loz & abbie.) :O

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  • i ♥ you.

    tegan burchett;
    well, where do i start with my teganator, i dunno what id do without my bestest friend in the whole entire world ;) oh you do make me laugh, asking those random guys if they'd play tennis with us, when me you abbie & lauren went paddling in the sea and your the only one that got soaked :L the scary tramp by treasure island that was talking to himself, the pervy old man with glasses who was like "hello girls" ;) oh god and ill never forget getting skalked by them 3 little foreign boys "SREE!!" :L goodtimes. i love you :D

    rachel herring;
    you make me smile, it's plain and simple really :D im so happy we're friends and we better stay this close forever coz i dunno what id do without you now. when im in need of someone to make me laugh or to have a little mini rave with i know who to call, you everytime ;) you are sooo friggin amazing and i love you so much.

    amy mcgowan;
    oh loserface does love her gayface rather alot to be honest :) you make me smile when i feel down :D you truely are the one i can depend on. im so glad i met you and that we're so close now coz i seriously couldnt live without you and that's the truth. if i lost you now i actually dont think i could go on :L i miss you so much. you're my number one fo' ever baby and always will be ;)

    yasmin knights;
    i actually love you to death ;) you're one in a million you really are. i love being around you, and just listening to your random stories and the most stupidest things you come out with that no one else would dare to say aha. ill never forget all the times you've complicated things when we go to places. like how hard is it to order a pizza, it took you like 15 minutes :L i really couldnt live without you now :D

    ashleigh bullen;
    kezza loves her retarded red afro headed azza ;) thankyou for always being there for me when i need someone to talk to, you really do help even if when you think you dont. your one of the few people i can trust with ALL my secrets aha. ill never forget the time when we just walked around forever and ended up talking all night in the park :L i dont know what id do without you :)

    hannah coles;
    we havent been close for that long but im so glad we are now coz your sucha good friend :) i miss sitting next to you at college and having our little random funny chats :( we've had so many memories already, and i hope we've got loads more amazing ones to come. we're both no help at all in a chaos :L we just take photos together aha, goodtimes. i really hope we're friends for a very longgg time :D i love my fellow snobby clapping partner.

    lucinda guy;
    i still remember the first day i met my lucefinger, at school in drama in year 8 and we've been so close ever since ;) we always have such a good time when were together doing the random things we do. making weird voiced videos and taking sexy faced photos :L we've had so many memories and ill never forget any of them, and so many more to come :D best friends forever and everrr.

    grace summerbell;
    i really cant believe ive put up with you for 7 years ;) aha we've had so many amazing memories that i'll never forget and we've got loads more to come. you will always be; my angel in the night, my smelly indian and my bigger plank of wood, even if you think people from bulgaria speak boganarian, that you were born in 1999 and that your favourite foods are gherkins and pickled onions :L it's one of the reasons why i love you. 2002-forever babycakes :)

    dani, fatma, menila & arehone;
    i miss you four so friggin much :( we dont really see eachother anymore, we we're all so close in our little group. we've had so many amazing memories, more than ive had with anyone else ;) i love you guys.

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  • loving things written by miss grace summerbell..

    hello my fudgepaka
    ha i love operaaaaa
    what is that im ment to have wrote
    or written
    laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (opera)
    in words he rangggggggggg
    i here his voice
    the phantom of the operaaaaa is there inside ur minddddddddddddddd
    laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa laaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    ryt fudgepaka im going home to watch the billll i loveeeeeeeee ittttttttt
    laaaaaaaaaaaaaa oooooooooooooo u touch my tralala
    oooooooo my ding ding donggggggggg
    oi u fudge
    i want ur babysssssssss keeeerrryyyyyyyyy
    hehe im sooooooooo i neeeeeed
    zigazig aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    im gunu go hme now and eat gerkinssssss
    im an indiannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    1 thaat rides a horse coz i love the horsey smellllll
    i want it on me nw lol
    i love yoooooooH xxxxxxx

    you r the my light in the dark
    u r the beating in my heart
    but that is not enough
    will i ever be here by ur side ;) LMAO

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    thankyouu ;) x x lovee youu x x

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    Sorry ive done them now ;) ii didnt edit them though sorryyy :S love youu x x x x

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    II PROMISEE PROMISE PROMISE II WILL PUT MY PICTURES ON HERE TOMORROW ;) ii just cant be bothered now though :( please can yoouu send me the link to your facebook once you put them on ?? OMG TODAYY WAS AMAZING!! II LOVE JOE SO MUCH =] II EVEN LIKE JEDWARD (Y) (L) LOVE YOUU XXX II WILL SEE YOU SOON :) X X

  • -Raawwrr'
    luv -Raawwrr'

    Im on noww :) ii miss you too :( but were seeing you tomorrow :) x factor =] actually ii quite like them now :) its hard not to =] but ii love joe more :D your banner ?:L Lovee Youu x x

  • -Raawwrr'
    luv -Raawwrr'

    Thatss goood (Y) ii havnt seen youu in ages :( love youu x x

  • Abbie Robson.
    luv Abbie Robson.


    1/16/10 via Mobile
  • Abbie Robson.
    Abbie Robson.


    1/16/10 via Mobile
  • Abbie Robson.
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    1/10/10 via Mobile
  • -Raawwrr'
    luv -Raawwrr'

    heyy (Y) Are youu having funn? yeppety yep yep (Y) extremely lucky :) We havee snow! :) see youu soon (Y) when do you come back ? Lovee Youu x x x

  • -Raawwrr'
    luv -Raawwrr'

    Please can yuu send me the link to your facebook once youu put the pics of last night on?? lovee youu x x ;)

  • -Raawwrr'
    luv -Raawwrr'

    I know :L See you saturdayy,, still dont know what to wear :@ :)

  • Abbie Robson.
    luv Abbie Robson.


  • -Raawwrr'
    luv -Raawwrr'

    Haha :) Thats what ii told him :L DEFINATLEY STRANGE :) LoveeYouu x x

  • -Raawwrr'
    luv -Raawwrr'

    yepp :L ii have a dress for the after bit tooo :) I have no idea :L ii dnt wna be over dressed or under dressed :) ? ii know his is a perv. he told me he was gunna dance with me nd make sure he took plenty of pictureeess and that he was gunna dance with tom as well but only if he didnt touch him up. Which is apparently what he does. (Tom i mean.) Touches esteve up. Which is like so not true. He's just a pervert. Thankyouu x x x i lovee yuu x x ;)

  • -Raawwrr'
    luv -Raawwrr'

    27th November ;) Hopee soo :L bute maybe they wont cos its like a week before the wedding :) partaaaayyyyy ;) What yuu wearing to the wedding? and reception? Esteves going :@ God i hate him. He said he's gunna make sure he gets a "special" dance with him! Ha. Please dont let that happen! counting on youuu ;) Lovee Youu x x

  • -Raawwrr'
    luv -Raawwrr'

    :L ii know the next time i'll probz see yu is if jay does something for his birthday :) or auntie catherines wedding thingy :D

  • -Raawwrr'
    luv -Raawwrr'

    I miss yuu too :( ii havnt seen yuu in likee 2 weekss!! ;( Have yuu still got my simpsons game?:L ii lovee yuu x x


close The Longest Completely Random Survey Ever!

1.What DVD is in your DVD player right now?
bedtime stories :)

2.If you were abandoned in the wilderness, would you survive?
god no :L

3.Do you look more like your mum or your dad?
my mum.

4.Is that your natural hair color?
it is.

5.How many hours of sleep did you get last night?
about 9 i think..

6.Are any of your great-grandparents still alive?

7.Do you have a crush on anyone?
yes ;)

8.How long have you known them and do they know you like them?
not long, and yes :L

9.Can you lick your elbow?

10.If you jumped out your bedroom window right now, how injured would you get?
i'd only be injured if the conservatory roof broke.

11.If you woke up as the opposite sex, what’s the 1st thing you would do?
probably freak out :L

12.Do you wear fake tan?

13.Do you like sneezing, or do you hate that feeling?
it's okay i suppose :|

14.What is your favourite room in your house?
my room.

15.What was the last thing you had to drink?

16.Do fish make good pets?
i havent had any, wouldnt want any either..

17.Would you rather have a pet Ostrich or a pet Sheep?
sheep :)

18.Has an animal ever attacked you?
pigeons do all the time, not attack but fly straight at me :L

19.What kind of mobile phone do you own?
pink sony ericsson w580i.

20.Whats the biggest amount of mobile phone credit/phone bill you've had in a month?
i have no idea.

21.Who’s car were you last in that wasn’t family?
erm.. sara's? i dunno :L

22.Are they a good driver in your opinion?
of course ;)

23.When’ s the last time you showered
this morning.

24.If you didnt shower for 3 days do you think you would smell?
i dont seem to get smelly :L

25.Do you sleep in a single or double bed?
double :)

26.Do you make your bed daily?

27.How many clothes do you have in your closet?
quite alot..

28.Where’d you get the top you’re wearing?
primark ;)

29.How many windows/tabs do you have open on your computer right now?

30.Do you ever crack your knuckles/fingers?
my thumbs sometimes :L

31.When was the last time you laughed really hard?
with lucinda ;)

32.Do you take compliments well?

33.Do you find piercings attractive?
not really :L

34.Would you rather be able to fly for a day or be invisible for a day?
that's hard, both :L

35.Do you personally know the people on your top friends list?

36.Where does number one live?
in hampden park.

37.Would you date them?
nooo, he's my cousin :L

38.Who kissed you on the forehead last?
my mother ;)

39.What color of socks do you have on?

40.Do you have any interesting bruises or scars?

41.How long does it take you to get ready to go out?
depends, sometimes hours :L

42.Have you bought anything today?

43.Ever dated someone you didn't find attractive in the least?

44.Where’s the closest hoodie to you right now?
right next to me, my JLS one.

45.Morning or night person? Or Afternoon?

46.Have you ever changed clothes in a vehicle?

47.What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever licked?
i dunno :L

48.How many pics of just you do you have?
a few.

49.What fast food restaurant do you think has the Best French Fries?
mcdonalds ;)

50.Would you prefer Irn Bru or Vimpto?

51.When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?
i need to wash my hair :L

52.Have you ever had a “kick me” sign on your back without realizing it?

53.Lap top or pc?

54.What color is your keyboard?

55.Who is your internet provider and who pays for it?
have no idea, and my dad :L

56.Have you ever sat down in a chair but fell to the floor, only to find that someone pulled out your chair on purpose?

57.Do things like that still amuse you when they happen to other people?
yes alot.

58.Did you know that twinkle twinkle little star and the alphabet have the same rhyme?
i didnt til like a couple of months ago..

59.Did you just sing them to make sure?
in my head :L

60.Are you a secretive person, or are you open with your thoughts?
bit of both.

61.If you had to, would you rather eat maggots or worms?

62.Have you seen a sunflower in real life before?

63.Have you ever used eye lash curlers?

64.Do you text or call more?

65.Do you find Russell Brand funny or irritating?
definately irritating, he's disgusting in everyway :L

66.Do you think relationships are ever really worth it?

67.What item that needs batteries is nearest to you?

68.Who was the last person you slow danced with?
lauren ;)

69.Have you ever taken a picture of your eye?

70.Do you actually believe that Alaska is covered in snow?
i dont know, maybe :L

71.Do you prefer peppermint or spearmint?

72.What is the most amount of money you would spend on a pillow?
i wouldnt buy a pillow :L

73.If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
greeeen :)

74.How many tv's in your house?
6 i think..

75.Type your name using only your elbow

76.Do you ever go a few days without changing your underwear?
errr no :L

77.Are you ever purposely irritating?

78.If you were another person would you be friends with you?
of course aha.

79.Do you still have your tonsils and your appendix?
no tonsils.

80.Favourite sports to watch?

81.Can you play Poker?
i tried to learn but didnt really work out to well :L

82.Do people ever make stupid mistakes when spelling or saying your name?

83.Have you ever touched an Elephant?

84.Have you had a Birthday so far this year?
yup, 18th :)

85.Do you like to have ice in your drinks?
only in water.

86.Have you ever used a metal detector to look for treasure?

87.Do you prefer Lemons or Limes?

88.Do you prefer trampolines or bouncy castles?
bouncy castles :)

89.Have you ever crawled through a window?

90.Did your parents spoil you as a child?
yesss :L

91.Look behind you, what do you see?
a window.

92.Have you ever lost anything down a toilet?
yes :|

93.Do you prefer beef, pork, or lamb?
beef, i hate pork and lamb :L

94.Are you an aunt/uncle?

95.Do you know all the words to your national anthem?
nope, dont know any of them :L

96.What comes to mind when I say cabbage?

97.Do you still watch kiddie films and tv shows?
yes ;)

98.If you were walkin down the street and someone sprayed you with water what would you do?
shout at them :L

99.Have you ever broken a bone?

100.How many times have you moved house?
once, when i was 2ish.

101.If you could make someone disappear who would it be?
i've got 3 people in mind..

102.Curtains or blinds?

103.Can you cook a Sunday Roast?
yes :)

104.Have you watched 'the cunt family' on youtube?
i cant say that i have no :L