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Sapphire Blues

facebook me guys those who know my name will find me :P hehe

2/26/10 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

s2 Free yourself from the Crowd
Me, Myself, and I
Your love is my drug <3
The Other Half Of Me


wuv u hollykins! this girl means tha world 2 me!:)

To Do :)
To Do list...
Richard Gere!;)
ok seriously..lol
start upper6th
go out atleast a 2 times a month with friends...
go to more parties..
do some art work.
buy a new belly bar
hit the 6month healing mark for my belly piercing
get a new belly bar put it when the old one has been taken out

Get seasons 1-5 of The Hills <3
6th december my 18th birthday
Get my formal dress ^^
Get a small tattoo on my lower hip/ side of my foot
12th December birthday party
6th form xmas concert
go caramel blonde...not bleech blonde!! lol
get a new mascara
buy some awesome new clothes
lose more weight
take exams :(

The cool people ;)
Like i say i can not rate my friends or put them in order, but i call friends the type of people to sit in a carpark and eat pizza with you :L Ones that will stand up for u no matter what happens:L Friends are the ones that see u standing in the rain soaking wet and lend u their umbrella so they get wet instead ;) Friends are pohotographs you keep forever in your heart, oh and driving around ballynahinch on a thursday night playing hide and seek car style 8) :L My friends are perfect and i can not fault them, yeah we have down times but there are too many up times that outshine the down times ;) i love my friends even if they steal my shoes and put them in their blazer pockets!!:L Ones that get wasted along with you while at a party and go running through fields with you!!! ones that take trips to starbucks while at uni open days!! i could write forever about my friends!!!!
ツBetter keep ur eyes on me ....ツ.
ツi am the one and only..ツ Goes by Tasha, Tasha..whatever u like ツ im 17 doing AS leves at wellington..Im doing Art, R.E, English Literature, Comes from the middle of no-where, is that lil ol' country gal ツ I like the simple things in life, im very stubborn and headstrong...it can be good and bad lol Im shy sometimes, but once i settle in and warm up to you you'll fiund that you will never be able to get rid of me ツ Im a fun, loving dizzy kinda gurrrlllll ツ But like most poeple i can be a Bitch sometimes, i dont deny it ツ May not be one of my best 2for1 offers i have but no one is perfect ツ Im straightforward as you can see....likes to ahve a good time and to be honest i feel like im filling in an application form for some sort of job because you fill in everything about ur qualities etc etc

thats it for now
I dont bite ツ
Dislikes/ uneasiness/cant stand....u get it?? :)
brakeups etc just total bitches in general =], bad hair-days :( , exams :( backstabbers, people who ''unknowingly'' screw with your feelings, the fact i have an allergy to caffine! no coke! :( :( missing people, falling out with people u dont wanna fall out with but u know its for the best.., changes.

Over 90% of the population drink alcohol. In my opinion, it is stupid! I do not see why anyone would want to waste their lives drinking. No offence to any of you who do but my view on it is that its stupid. Imagine seeing someone you love completely wasted? Would it not hurt you? It would if you had a heart. SO, LEAVE ME A COMMENT AND TELL ME WHY YOU DRINK! I DONT GET IT!
Infatuated by...ツ
watchin thunder and lightning storms its just like random i actually like the forks of lightnin better that the whole storm lol im random that way.....writing books , dates, long slow kisses(im soppy lol), The Beach, The sand, Long journeys, walks that clear ur head , Journeys that go no where, Juice ^.^(orange O:-) ), having people to love and care for, music <3, kissing in the rain, cursing people's names at 2am when they send me texts but they are always nice texts so instantly forgiven :) , Florida, Tenneessee, WoW, knowing , while on a long holiday, that you ahve someone or something good to come back to :) , lepoard print <3, My Bath and Body Works Vinilla Sugar Perfume ^_^ , waking up on saturday knowing i can go back to sleep if i want to <3, King Arthur Talesgetting hugs...getting cuddles..giving hugs and cuddles :] yesh people :D I spread the luff :D :D
Ten reasons it sucks to be a penis :L
01. -You've got a hole in your head. 02. -Your master strangles you all the time. 03. -Your head is smaller than the rest of you 04. -You shrink in cold water. 05. -You never get a haircut. 06. -You always hang around with 2 nuts. 07. -Your closest neighbor is an asshole. 08. -Your best friend is a pussy. 09. -Your scalp gets cut off if you're Jewish. 10. -Everytime you get excited, you throw up. :L :L :L :L

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  • What would you do? and what if?

    What would you do if..
    1.I committed suicide:
    2.I said I loved you:
    3.I kissed you:
    4.I lived next door to you:
    5.I started smoking:
    6.I stole something:
    7.I was hospitalized:
    8.I ran away from home and didnt come back:
    9.I got into a fight and you were there:
    10.I died:

    What do you think about my...

    Would u eva?...............
    love me?
    let me kiss u?
    watch a movie with me?
    take a shower with me?
    be my gf/bf?
    tell me u think im cute?
    take me home for da nite?
    let me sleep in ur bed?
    re-post dis for me 2 let me answer ur questions?
    do u think im attractive, beautiful r sexy?
    do u think im funie?
    do u care about me

    0 Comments 302 weeks

  • 4th year's funniest moments

    Not in order but if you can think of anymore that happened throughout the year comment plz...WE NEED MORE!

    1. when nikki tripped over jess's foot and fell flat on her face infront of everyone...they all looked around to.

    2.Me squealing,screaming in R.E...

    3. When nikki pushed anthea and she fell and hurt her wrist...nikki thought it was funny ....

    4.When we started to get into JT's Song SexyBack and nikki's JT obsession spawned...

    5.When we were in english and i did the hamster impression with the word 'VENGEANCE'

    6.When nikki nearly fell off her chair/stool countless of times...shame she didnt actually fall off :P

    7.When we were in R.E and anthea did something like kick nikki's chair or something and nikki near fell off the chair.

    8.when lindsay went to hit i think it was some boy and she hit me by accident

    9.when i started to sexually frustrate nikki

    10.Nikii coming up with the munkfish ,chipstick 'lets go to war thing'

    11.When we all had a go at that shock ball thing and half of us ended up regreting that.

    12.when the english teacher fell off the table and said'somebody catch me!'

    13. when the english teacher poked herself in the eye


    4 Comments 317 weeks

  • Glass and the blood- her destiny was to love, honnor and betray....Betrayal

    She sat on the end of the bed falling back into his strong arms. His touch enflamed her, It had always been so, eversince she had felt the hot lick of fire embrace her, as his lips brushed over her face. He was melting her, like a fire melts a candle; all her strength had left her, though she was not left without defence, bending her to his will; taking massive control over her. She responded trembling to his touch. His hands, with a mind of their own worked on the laces of her gown, his seeking hands found the soft flesh she had kept hidden for so long.
    The fierce wind swirled around them, his hot liquid gray eyes blazed and his hands moved, sending them plumiting into their lethal flare of their conflagration, so deadly and unmanagable.
    She felt nothing but heat, fury, wild, frantic and desperate excitement. They spiralled down and down further in to the sharp and dark depths of the deathly black hallows missing, by a hair span, the deadly bright, death glaring violet and scarlet bolts of dangorous heated lightening that was slung at them. But they were plunging deeper and deeper into eachother, absoulutly consumed in their empty depths.
    Thunder rumbled and crashed loudly above them, the rain thrashed and the flame simmered. The xcited rhapsody fizzled out.

    He lay tangled in this sort of expicible euphoria daudling through the fog of sleep wondering if this was heaven, or just a cruel trick of the mind, this sweet-scented discreeted bliss. He heard a little' gentle sigh, one only pictured in a song, and felt the nice warmth of a living,moving breathing body agaisnt his! He opened his eyes, the room lay dark and lifeless the only life was the wonderful sent of her skin.....he lay in his own bed, and this girl who lay softly breathing in the curve of his arm was the pretty, beautiful, elegant-How had this happened? He remembered every moment, every secret giggle,every gasp of hers-it all seemed to belong to another life looking at her, hardly daring to wonder how she could be real, this perfection! such beauty was unknown! Her pretty face looked so-words could not describe it! But how could this girl be so-so-so real!? Extremely Tangiable!? Totally flesh and blood?! But dangorous?
    He touched her white gold hair and her alabaster cheek, running his finger down the gentle white curve of her flawless neck to her throat-Was this fantasy? Or was it a miricle?

    She gasped as her eyes shot open. It suddenly hit her, like a sword thrust in the stomach twisting and turning to fill every inch. What a gift guilt had as an effect on the heart! Realisation finally dawning on her! It was too late now! She had let the fall linger ,like poison on their lips. She now saw clearly into the future. The tide had drawn them in and quickly supressed them untill the tension grew lavishly. They had surrended,body mind and soul, to this engulfing and toxic holocaust and let the tide's bony hands pull them under.
    She finally saw what rested at the end,the bottom, of all this betrayal!
    It was cold. Dust. Ash. Stone. Done. Gone. Forgotten. Dead.

    i copyright this...:P

    1 Comment 321 weeks

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  • happy 18th.xxxxxxxxxx
    happy 18th.xxxxxxxxxx

    sorry bad attempt buh a tried :D lol.hope ya had a gud 1& luv ya 2 bits burd !!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Holly 0 Replies
  • Sailor Moon!!!!
    Sailor Moon!!!!

    Fighting evil by moonlight
    Winning love by daylight
    Never running from a real fight
    She is the one named Sailor Moon!!!

    LOL this is the first time i've ever drawn her, so i did a chibified version XD hope you like

    Kaka 0 Replies
  • happy birthday!!
    happy birthday!!

    Just a wee picture to say happy birthday.
    Hope you had a gd time.


    Nataliee 0 Replies

close Can You Talk Dirty?

Can You Talk Dirty?

My result is: ***DIRTY***

Your the dirtiest mind that's to ever come across. Your not ashamed to talk DIRTY, and your not one to mess with when it comes down to the knitty-gritty. You can probably cause a riot with that dirty mind of yours, but who said all of gods creatures are pure. We DIRTY people need to stick together and keep the laughs and sexual times going if we're gonna get any. Wouldn't want mama to see this now would, no offence ma, i won't tell if you won't.
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What class are you? on WoW

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  • Holly
    luv Holly

    hey gorgeous! :)) miss talkin ta ya chick :( xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxx

  • Fionarr.
    luv Fionarr.

    I KNOW D: Like last week.. He died of liver failure :( I cried. :( xx

  • Fionarr.

    How did you not hear? He died... :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:  '(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'  (

  • Fionarr.
    luv Fionarr.

    Anyone sane would.. :L Did you hear about the rev? ^Tear^ :'( xx

  • Holly
    luv Holly

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ya sexc biatch! ;) lol.awk did it..stupid piece a shit lol.awk dats gud ya got urself a wee job&al.realy happy 4 ya.4 defo il b out shoppin wit ya 1 f deez weekends f am aff ffs.lol. :* LUL. :* :* :* :D :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Susan Mccallion
    luv Susan Mccallion

    Happy Birthday honey hope you had a good day luv ya..xxxx

  • Holly

    hiiiii wdc?saw on yer bebo ya had dem wee music signs...how dya do dem&also da shiny hearts???love yhoooo!!!!!b :* :* :* :* haaaah xoxoxoxoxooxoxo

  • Holly
    luv Holly

    Some love 4 u ya sxy bitch ye .luv u loads chicky :D XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO HAAAAH

    12/1/09 via Mobile
  • Jenny Wallace
    luv Jenny Wallace

    hellos there :) hws yoOoo??? wat u bn up 2??? glad 2 b off 4 halloween??? have da love xxxxx

  • luv Craig B

    hey natasha u dont know me but i wud really lyk 2 gt 2 know u better. i saw on ur profile dat ur single and i think ur really gud lukin. cud i plz chat wif u x

  • Fionarr.
    luv Fionarr.

    Lmao! Of course I did.. It was rather fun like. Much bitching involved, which always makes a good night lmao!! Hope you had a good night too :) xx

  • Holly

    :DD Heylo Babez!hows u chick?soz no muny n mob!iv ast bout da job 4 ya&al try my best ta gt ya it!LUFF YHOOO!xxxxxxxxxx

  • Larxon 9/26/09
  • Jenny Wallace
    luv Jenny Wallace

    yeaaa, iv bn gr8 XD gt bk wif da x boy soo hessn nicee :) wat u gting at ova da wkend??? xxxxx

  • Larxon
    luv Larxon

    And I didn't abandon you! You cheated on me! You have a list of them and everything! Plus, you got drunk at Heather's party! Hows that for 'caring mother' :P Heather's party though what a night :L Have some more luv :P

  • Larxon
    luv Larxon

    I missed you too :( Of course I'm coming back on Monday. I'm sure that even the teachers are suffering large bouts of misery without me. It'd be too quiet for the school to function if I missed more than a week of school. I think they'd probably have to shut it down So, up for another night of 'endless passion' over the weekend? Or do you need to recover from last time ;) XXX

  • Jenny Wallace
    luv Jenny Wallace

    helllosss :D hws yoooo??? bn at much???? xxxxx

  • Jenny Wallace
    luv Jenny Wallace

    yeaaa, im okiesss taaa :) queens was rather big plusss ill nevaaa gt da marks 2 gt in haha :) skool is going gd 2 ta :D :L ok reather hard aleady which isnta gd sign :S haha artss goin gd fink im a bit behind :S im going ot 2nyttt 2 my m8sss 18th party wooop woooooop cant wait haha at muc 2nyt??? loveeee :) ......

  • Holly

    awk wat rong wee burd?paul cumin bak ova ere ta c me :) cnt w8.wat u been up2 neways?xxxxxxxxx

  • Jamye
    luv Jamye

    heyo, i saw u the other day out walkin with ur ipod and water on the backroads? I was with my dad in the leakfinders van when u wer about to cross the road xox

    9/17/09 via Mobile