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Storm All Stars Cheerleading

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  • Group created: June 2008
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
About Us...

Sheffield Storm :D

Head Coach Is Coral (:

Competitive Cheerleading Is What We Do, Forget Pompoms And Think
Bring it On Style
Tumbling, Dancing And Stunting ,, And of course Working In
A Team is what we're all about.

Storm allstars are having tryouts for the new team on Sunday 28th June 5-8pm and Tues 30th June 8-9.30pm.
if you'd like to tryout then you need to attend both of these sessions.
Both guys and girls, complete beginners and experienced cheerleaders welcome
For More info hit the website: www.sheffieldstorm.co.uk

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  • A special poem for special people

    This is a poem about Sheffield Storm,
    With the amazing uniforms never been worn.
    We've worked so hard to perfect our cheer,
    Our motions our jumps all to get us here.
    We've had hard times, blood sweat & tears,
    So this is a tribute to all that cheer.
    There is Amy who is tall and keeps the fliers in the air,
    and the forward tuck master by the name of clare.
    Asha is the ditz who never knows what going on,
    While Alisha & Rose by fear carry a gun.
    There is the troublesome two know as Lydia and Jenny,
    So Jayd you best not fall keep clinching for that penny.
    There are the two birthday girls know as Charlotte and Jen,
    Who both have "special" tans every now and again.
    Speaking of fake tan Hannah always springs to mind,
    While Anne with her jumps is always oh so kind.
    Then we get to louis who is fearless beyond belief,
    And with her secret back tuck her comes Jamilee.
    Next up is fans with her squeals and her snorts,
    And Emma who always gets whacked when fliers are caught.
    Jodie always looks good with her tan and her kit,
    Now its forgetful Leah with her catchphrase 'I don't get it!?!'.
    So here come Jenna with her mild fear of spiders,
    And tiny little Sophie the lightest of our fliers.
    Kelly was put through the paces to perfect her round off flick,
    While Sarah stepped in to made the lib stick.
    Lucy can scorp, she can spike, she can split,
    While Terri maintains that bean movie is not legit.
    And then it comes to us Miss Daniels and Miss Owen,
    Miss chatterbox and ginge who wrote you this poem.
    Also a mention to those that went away,
    Jordan, Robyn and Katie, Please come back to play.
    And thanks to the supporters who have come all this way,
    We will make you oh so proud so cheer loud for us today.
    And finally Corporal Coral who made us all thinner,
    for all your hard work lets come back winners.
    Here was our poem and now we have to go,
    so lets hit the mat and put on a good show!

    by Charlie Daniels and Katie Owen

    0 Comments 263 weeks

  • Believing that you can do It!

    As the day of our competition nears,
    Remember the smiles, forget the tears.
    Remember the times we've spent together,
    Cherish them now, cherish them forever.
    Next year it will not be the same,
    Some girls lost, some girls gained.
    Doing the routine one more time,
    To fix that motion and straighten that line.
    We've had many falls and lots of tough breaks,
    We took our chances but knew what was at stake.
    We are all exhausted and ready to rest,
    But first we must show the world who is best.
    Regardless of what the judges criticize,
    Remember they weren't there to realize,
    We sweated, we ached, and we worked all the while,
    And we hide all the pain with a convincing smile.
    So show them now what we have worked for,
    Give a little extra where there needs to be more.
    Smile and know that we have finished the race,
    Regardless of what we win or place.
    By Jessica McDuffie

    0 Comments 264 weeks

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Storm Allstars Electric 2008 ( Sheffield)

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  • ºbeccaa

    Heey :) when are the next tryouts & do you have to be able to do stunts like flips? wb, thaanks x

    6/14/10 via Mobile
  • Frisby-In-The-Rain
    luv Frisby-In-The-Rain

    Heyya guys Im from Team Pheonix Cheerleaders and by the look of ur pics and videos you look really good!! soz just thought i'de say andshare the luv!! Luv Sarah --- Team Pheonix Cheerleaders

  • Cheer Geeks.
    Cheer Geeks.

    Hello(: Please can you get some of your Cheerleaders to add This Group + Post Photos For Our Votes (: Wee need to reboost The cheerGeek Group + Get it Flowing Again. Many Thanks! CheerGeeks(:

  • ºJake

    LEAH ADAMZ!" wooohie and robyn :P

  • Charlie Daniels
    Charlie Daniels

    IMPORTANT If anyone didnt get my email about Fridays event message me for full details xxx

  • Coral Head
    Coral Head

    High School Musical Premier Chant: Hey Crowd, Get ready now, the movie's ready to go. We're Storm All Stars, We're number one and here to start the show. We're fired up, We're sizzling, We're turning up the heat. Cause High School Musical no#3 *clap clap* it cant be beat! learn it for Sunday please!!

  • Miss'Ashaa

    how much is tryouts by the wayy ? nd do u have to be able to do a bak flip ? cuz i canttttttttt ! asha xxx

  • Hannan.X

    okii i will do thnx :D x

  • Hannan.X

    no i only no how 2 get 2 the English Institute of Sport i dnt no how 2 get 2 the work shop Gymnastics center wb x

  • Hannan.X

    Hiia i am interested in comeing 2 the open sessions :) wb x

  • Hannan.X

    Hiia:) i will def come 2 the try out s :) X

  • Hannan.X
    luv Hannan.X

    Hiia can any 1 come to the try outs n tryout even if they hav never dne cheerleading b4 wb :) eres sme lv

  • R'Bekkah

    wow:o y'all lot soung rate gurd:D i cheer for DownRock +& you train at the club where i used to go strange... anyhu.... <3

  • Chloe
    luv Chloe

    Congrats with 4th place, that a great achievement considering how long you have been together. Love the uniforms also! Good luck for the future, great to see new teams in Sheffield! Chloe WSA! x

  • Coral Head
    Coral Head

    guys all the comments are so lovely! We are very grateful!! If you are based in Sheffield we are now running open sessions till we set a date for Tryouts!! These are at English Institute of Sport on Tues: 7.30 till 9.30/10. and at workshop Gymnastics Centre on Sundays 5-8. Email info@sheffieldstorm.co.uk for more info! If you loved our uniforms come tryout and get your hands on one!! These are open to both girls and guys of all ages!!

  • Megan

    heya we competed in the same divsion as you guys at future cheer we came second. well done for coming fourth you are great. good luck with future comps Megan ACS Panthers cheerleaders xx


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