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Dan Groves

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  • Male, Luv 11
  • from Aberdeenshire
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 1,174
  • Member since: April 2006
  • Last active: 5/9/12
  • www.bebo.com/dan.groves
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
I think my bebo is in need of an overhaul
Yep... musically open minded....
Evil dead 2, Army of darkness, Major Pain, Big man on campus, Kung Fu Hustle... comedies because life is serious enough.
Scared Of
scared of living in britain my whole life!
Happiest When
Drivin, Drummin, Listenin to music, partyin, Makin music, out on my bike, achieving things..... sitting and watching the world go by......

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  • luv Lynette Ross - Omond

    Hi Dan, Why is that grrrr >:( the holidays just fly past but the time they take to come is lengthy? least you were not offshore most people I have spoken to have been stuck in no mans land !! I had a fun new year went round to Lauras mums house it was funny, Managed to drink until 5am without falling asleep - thats a first for me :L :L No catnip for the cats their too young ! :L :L Things are okay at the moment working hard trying to live sober same old same old. How about you? Have you caught up with our old work buddies lately? I havent seen a soul, well thats a lie actually cause I saw Craig heading into his work nae long ago. Aberdeen is such a small place as well you'd think we'd bump into everyone. Lx

  • luv Lynette Ross - Omond

    Hiya Dan, Happy New Year !!! Hope you had a good time and wasnt stuck offshore ! What have you been up to over the festive period? I was ill for xmas but made up for it over new year, got pissed and didnt fall asleep for a change its a miracle for me :L :L :L Did you go to any of the Feeder gigs last year lol :L :L Lx

  • Scott Mccue
    Scott Mccue

    hey bud long time no see. What you been upto, still drumming I see gd gd :D . Love the afro in your pics. Hope everything is cool speak soon.

  • luv Lynette Ross - Omond

    Howdy Dan, You were listening to Feeder no way feeling OK???? Death metal is more like it ha ha . Feeder have their new album out and I dont think I'd ever say this but I'm nae very keen on it its nae their best thats for sure. Jacqui is back at Aquatic I'll need to catch up with her and see if we can plan a nite oot for us all it would be good to get together and have a natter. B in touch soon Lxx

  • Lynette Ross - Omond

    Yeh grey hair u can fix with a bottle and another bottle that can "fix" is a bottle of red vino ha ha :L Good medicine me thinks :) :) :L :L Feeder as old as the RS my gosh how dare u use that blasphemy against Feeder..... Split up nae chance I ken I'm blonde sometimes but nae that blonde :L :L New hobby.... you could become a Feeder groupie like me :L Maybe you should try learning swahealy or something? Cause wie the rubbish u speak about Feeder u must be top of the class by nooo ha ha ha ha :L :L :L :L Hey it would be gr8t to catch up sometime, Jacqui & me were speaking about getting the Aquatic people meeting up for a drink soon, have to send her a bebo cause that would be cool. Gr8t tae speak 2 u Take care L :)

  • luv Lynette Ross - Omond

    Hiya Dan Of course, you did tell me its just me I forgot ! Must be the old age setting in the dementia as well as the grey hair :L :L Just put me down now :L Things are great with me now that I have tickets for FEEDER was getting a bit depressed cause i havent seen them for a year and a half. Was getting withdrawl symptoms and everything :L How about you, hows things? Lx

  • Lynette Ross - Omond

    Hey Dan, How goes it.... Feeder are doing a gig in Glasgow 22nd May looking for bands to support them your band should sign up:L :L Or maybe your too embarrassed of Feeder ha ha http://indiestore.7digital.com/feeder L :L

  • Barry Walsh
    Barry Walsh

    Sup Danners. Im drinkin in mitchs now and i decided to check out your site so i can show the rest of the lads his minger in Riga...brilliant

  • Amber Visconti
    Amber Visconti

    Yo Yo Danni-boy confused about your quiz... well actually more confused about the answers! Anyhow hows you? Any gigs coming up I can be your groupy at?

  • Lynette Ross - Omond

    Shocking Mr G Shocking !!!! I failed my exams, I did have a good excuse though moving home at the same time ;) Not the fact that I studied & still failed ! Gosh your always working nowadays Dan I'm sure you still manage to squeeze in a few trips to the pub though :L Dof is a Norwegian shipping company located at the harbour ! No cheeky comments please. Its okay but I would still rather win the lottery and never have to work again ! Have you seen much people from Aquatic lately? L :)

  • Elaine
    luv Elaine

    good to hear things are well.. yip things good....afa busy...making dresses for weddings in august... works busy too.. plus my sister is in labour at the moment,,,,all kicked off sat nt at 9pm and she's still not had baby yet........ouch!! so be auntie soon.......feel old...... hows ur house comin on???...any update pics???

  • Elaine
    luv Elaine

    hiya Danny boy!! havent heard or seen u in ages...... how come ur liking work?......u still at acergy in westhill?? whats all ur news??

  • Lynette Ross - Omond

    Mr Groves I'm outraged to hear that you feel Feeder should be split up by now !! :L :L As long as there are Feeder fans like me they will live forever ! Things are great for me at the moment working at Dof which is okay and just finished another set of exams so its nice to have some fun for a change. How about you what have you been up to? Do you still have your band? I see your working offshore now must be great having all the free time when your onshore. Okay not so good the weeks your offshore though. Are you enjoying it? Lx

  • Scott Findlay

    Glad to hear your doing good. I just got married a few weeks past, baby on the way in Nov. all systems go. Im still offshore, Instrument tech on the Gannet. not a bad number. I'll glad to see next Tuesday, it's been a killer trip so far.

  • Lynette Ross - Omond

    Hi Dan Long time no hear, hows life been treating you since you left Aquatic? Enjoying your job now well thats something that we couldnt say when we were working at Aquatic ha ha ! L :)