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Muchas maracas :)

6/29/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 21, Luv 167
  • from Stroud, Gloucestershire
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Profile views: 8,060
  • Last active: 11/30/09
  • www.bebo.com/_RolyMo_
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About Me

Pineapple Juice! =P
Me, Myself, and I
Howdy = ] I Rarely Use This, So It's More Pointful Adding Me On Facebook :)
- I'm Rozaaaay And I Really Can't Be Bothered To Update My Photos Even Though The Last Ones Are From A Year Ago.
- 18. Fabbity.
- Live In Merry Olde Stroud [Which Practically Worships Lentils And Stripy Jumpers]
- Generally Quite Quiet If I Don't Know You [I'm Not Being Rude, Just Awkward, Sorry]
- Currently On A Gap Year.

...Bored Now.
The Other Half Of Me
George Withey

George Withey

Would you like another silverfish with that?

Lacuna Coil . Pendulum . t.A.T.u . Queens Of The Stone Age . Evanescence . Lostprophets . Frou Frou . Placebo . Nightwish . Hanson . Nelly Furtado . AFI . Fightstar . Howling Bells . Within Temptation . Crazy Town . Maroon 5 . Justin Timberlake . Breaking Benjamin . Kate Nash . MaNga .
Dodgeball . Ice Age . Save The Last Dance . Me, Myself And Irene . Titanic . War Of The Worlds . Pirates Of The Caribbean 1/2/3 . Stuck On You . Population 436 . There's Something About Mary . Napoleon Dynamite . Little Miss Sunshine . The Day After Tomorrow . The American Pies . John Tucker Must Die . Knocked Up . The Fifth Element . Cruel Intentions . She's The Man . Zoolander . Slumdog Millionaire .
Things That Usually Result In Happiness Pour Moi:
Summer, Morocco, Bailey's, Flowers, Sid The Sloth =P , Schokolade, My Friends, Stars, Fireworks, Spain, Nachos, Malibu And Coke, Family Gatherings, Red, Storms, Photography, The Sky =D

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  • 100

    1. Name: Rosie
    2. Nicknames: Roz, Rozizle, Rozzle, Rozzers, Roly Mo
    3. Birthday: 10.8.1991
    4. Place of birth: Gloucester
    5. Star Sign: Leo
    6. Male or female: Female
    7. Year: 12
    8. College: 6th Form count?
    9. Occupation: Student
    10. Residence: Stroud
    11. Silver or Gold: Silversilversilver.

    12. Hair Colour: Brown
    13. Hair Lenth: Mid-length
    14. Eye colour: Hazel
    15. Hairstyle: Um..i just let it grow down..
    16. Height: 5' 6''
    17. Braces: Ish.
    18. Glasses: Contacts usually.
    19. Piercings: Ears.
    20. Tattoos: No.
    21. Righty or Lefty: Righty.

    -Your Firsts
    22. First best friend: Hannah or Ellie
    23. First award: Um. Still waiting for that one i think.
    24. First sport you joined: Ditto.
    25. First pet: A fish i expect.
    26. First real holiday: Um...Greece? I think i was alive then.
    27. First Concert: A mixed artists one in 1998 i think.
    28. First love: I don't really know.

    29. Movie: Uh. So many!! I quite like Napoleon Dynamite though.
    30. TV programme: That '70's show atm.
    31. Colour: Red =)
    32. Rapper: Um. No ta.
    33. Band: Too many to pick from. Depends what mood i'm in.
    34. Song right now: Apologise - One Republic and Timbaland.
    35. Friend: I don't have a favourite friend, that's mean!
    36. Sweets: I prefer chocolate =S Um. sweets..hmm..anything really.
    37. Sport: If i had to do one, it would be badminton or horse-riding.
    38. Restaurant: Um, i think i've only ever been to one, so The Olive Tree it is. Unless you count the Balti Spice?
    39. Favourite brand: I don't do brands really.
    40. Store: I hate shopping. The end.
    41. College subject: Photography.
    42. Animal: Hedgehogs or bushbabies or Sid the sloth, if he counts? Just something small and bushy =)
    43. Book: Um. I can't remember one that i've thought was uber-amazing, so no favourite for this either.
    44. Magazine: Don't read them.
    45. Runners: Huh? Runner beans? =S


    46. Feeling: Bored.
    47. Single or taken?: Taken
    48. Have a crush: I don't know if my signficant other counts as a crush anymore.
    49. Eating: Nada.
    50. Drinking: Nada. Craving something though.
    51. Typing: This innit.
    52. Online: For the first time in a million years, yes.
    53. Listening to: Nightwish - nemo.
    54. Thinking about: Well me and Kat were just discussing something, so i'm pondering that. But i can't write it on here because that would not be good at all.
    55. Wanting to: Sleep and hydrate.
    56. Watching: Nada.
    57. Wearing: Jeans and several t-shirts. Wow. The excitement.

    58. Want kids: Not until i'm bored of life.
    59. Want to be married: Not bothered.
    60. Careers in mind: Translator or international photographer.
    61. Where do you want to live: England, much as i hate it.
    62. Car: Iunno.

    -Which is better with the opposite sex?
    63. Hair colour: Dark.
    64. Hair length: Depends on the person.
    65. Eye colour: Hmm. Blue possibly.
    66. Measurements: Taller than moi.
    67. Cute or sexy: Both is always good.
    68. Lips or eyes: Both.
    69: Hugs or kisses: Depends on my mood, but i would generally go with hugs.
    70. Short or tall: Tall. but not stupidly tall, or i'll look like a midge.
    71. Easy going or serious: Bit of both is always a plus.
    72. Romantic or spontaneous: Not sure how these compare really, cos you can be both at the same time =S
    73. Fat or skinny: Neither, but if i had to choose, i'd go with skinny.
    74. Sensitive or loud: Not loud. Not annoyingly untalkative.
    75. Hook-up or relationship: Relationship.
    76. Sweet or caring: Both
    77. Trouble maker or Hesitant one: Neither. Why can no-one be normal or average these days, honestly?! =P

    -Have you ever?
    78. Kissed a stranger: Ish.
    79: Smoked: Yeh.
    80. Drank alcohol: Yup.
    81. Ran away from home: No.
    82. Broken a bone: No.
    83. Got an x-ray: Yeh.
    84. Been with someone: In what way? =|
    85. Broken someones heart: No, as far as i am aware.
    86. Broken up with someone: No.
    87. Cried when someone died: I can't remember.

    0 Comments 281 weeks

  • OK, i was bored enough to make up a fake family...-Begs For Forgiveness-

    My Geek :P = [x]Abbie![x]
    My Pere = [x]Caroline![x]
    My Daughter = [x]Charli![x]
    My Sister = [x]Hannah![x]
    My Big Brother = [x]Abi![x]
    My Oh-So-Sexy Twin = [x]Tori![x]
    My Bitch = [x]Ellie![x]
    My Drinking Partner = [x]Laurence![x]
    My Partner In Crime = [x]Kate![x]
    My Playbunny = [x]Candicey![x]
    My Stalker = [x]Rachy![x]
    My Life Guru = [x]Calum![x]
    My Porn Star = [x]Candicey Once More![x]
    My Bestest Friend Ever = [x]Ellie Again![x]
    My Pimp = [x]Athene![x]
    My Ho = [x]Trinnigan![x]
    My Idol = [x]Hannah Againnn![x]
    My Secret Admirer = [x]Jamie Lyley![x]
    My Lapdancing Partner = [x]ChazBaby![x]
    My Manager = [x]Kate Again![x]
    My Slave = [x]Abbie (Who Is Now My Geeky Slave...)![x]
    My Partay Animal = [x]Hanner![x]
    My Hardcore Gangsta = [x]Trinnigan Again![x]
    My Gay Best Friend = [x]George![x]
    My Friend Who Fits No Category :P = [x]Sarah![x]

    32 Comments 354 weeks

  • Oh dear.

    1. Who are you?...
    2. Are we friends?...
    3. When and how did we meet?...
    4. Do you hav a crush on me? (Haha :L Yeah right, like anyone ever would!) ...
    5. Have you ever wanted to punch me?(Nice)...
    6. Give me a nickname and explain why?...
    7. Describe me in 1 word:...
    8. what was your first impression of me?...
    9. do you still think the same?...
    10. What reminds u of me?...
    11. If you could give me anything what would it be?...
    12. How well do you no me?...
    13. Whens the last time you saw me?...
    14. Ever wanted 2 tell me something u couldnt?...
    15. Are you goin 2 put this on your blog and see what i say about you?...

    9 Comments 356 weeks

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  • Jen

    I just snagged $781 in 4 days at home on the computer! Made it with - http://x.co/KTIW Your going to be so happy!

  • George Withey
    luv George Withey

    Hugs Rosie

  • Carl

    happey days ! lol

  • George Withey
    George Withey

    Its all gd. i have free txts and it desnt seem to have cost me anything yet. Yes i shall be availible on the thurs, is that when ur bk? I can see you were annoyed at mising out on gatherings, bit unfortunate. Anyway u have 10 days of hugs to catch up on now lol. Enjoy the rest of ur time not long left now, love you xXx

  • George Withey
    George Withey

    Yeah i know couldnt hear you yesterday, phone played up and dont know hw much texts are but quite a bit. Anyway as long as you dont turn into a tomato this time and its not painfull its all gd. Yes face indeed lol. Cant wait till your back in a week or so, heres a hug for the meantime. Love you have fun xXx

  • Carl

    lol i be gd thanks i need to get that topless pic off georg and put that on and yer i have finished college naw u? xx

  • Carl

    hey u i havent left u a comment for some time naw so haw are u?

  • George Withey
    luv George Withey

    Hallo just dropping by to congratulate you on your artistic talents of white board artisticness. Have a gd day tomorrow may not see you till sat now. I think a pinnaple may make an interesting drawing lol. Anyway Love xXx

  • Lee

    lol i cant say who that is. i was just askin iif u was. cum on msn. wb x

  • Lee

    lol am not 2 bad thanks na i dont like her in that way so i ent meetin her. they is sum1 who i do like... u seein george 2night? wb x

  • Lee

    alright, hows u? wb x

  • George Withey
    luv George Withey

    um quack oh dear rozll didnt know you turned into a duck lol. Only kidding, nearly cycled over 4 rabbits on the way home 2day as odd as that sounds. Well done on completing your very exciting week of working experience. Love n stuff

  • Lee

    cum on msn x

  • Lee

    it's doin my head in cuz he ent replyin 2 me. has he txted u or foned u? wb x