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boo hoo...... volleyball is over!!!!!!

10/20/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • from United States
  • I am Down for Whatever
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About Me

I scream u scream we all scream for ice cream!
Me, Myself, and I
Well....................... I love long walks on the beach, picnics in the park, and candlelit dinners. actually thats not true. well kind of. i actually like shopping, IMing, hangin with my bffs, swimming in my lake and volleyball, basketball, and track. so yeah.
Kyle S
Kyle is like my first best friend i've ever had. we became bffs in kindergarten at pine trails. this summer she's moving into my hood. its gonna b so cool!!! we're gonna go swimming like all the time. oya
Sam H
Never mind. Sam is a rude and unrespectful of peoples things, food, and carpets!!!!
Tori O.
Tori O is my third bff that i've ever had and kept. i met her in 6th grade when she became friends with kyle i became friends with her. we were in band together then she decided to do quor or however u spell it.......... but i still luv her.
Sarah D.
my fav cousin in the whole world!!! we're like besties. we love to hangout whenever we can because we never really see each other. plus we rock at redneck tubing.... lol

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  • luv Sarah

    oohh yeah i went to camp. im sorry..ha im at the cottage. but your not here :( i wish you could have come up! well ttyl

  • Broken-Hearted Girl. 7/19/08
  • Broken-Hearted Girl.
    luv Broken-Hearted Girl.

    omg... thats sounds like so much fun!!! yah she just told me about it so we r covered but now i have to ask my mom and stuff so yah!!

  • Broken-Hearted Girl.
    luv Broken-Hearted Girl.

    yah it would YAH I KNO SO R MINE WATS UP WITH THAT???...(i thouhgt it was just me to!)

  • Broken-Hearted Girl.
    luv Broken-Hearted Girl.


  • Samarama
    luv Samarama

    OMG i love ur puppy TOO CUTE !!!!!

  • Broken-Hearted Girl.
    luv Broken-Hearted Girl.

    yah u never kno though they might not.... lolz umm i think the 24 at 1:30....whens urs?

  • Broken-Hearted Girl.
    luv Broken-Hearted Girl.

    ooo....well lets hope she didnt!! yah that would be good just to tell them when u go back in....but when do u go back in ooo and not to be mean but i think they will tell ur parents when ur all done with ur check up but im not sure so u might be safe!!!! i wish u the best of luck!!

  • Broken-Hearted Girl.
    Broken-Hearted Girl.

    ur welcome mines good...thnxs for asking u did!..oh boi did u get in a lot of trouble???? and i havent broke any yet..surprising becuz i chew a lot o f gum!!!(i kno naughty me!)

  • Broken-Hearted Girl.
    luv Broken-Hearted Girl.

    hey girly hows ur summer going??

  • Jackie
    luv Jackie

    hey what r u up to

  • luv Sarah

    heres some love for my fav cousin


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Are you an official here?....Cause you've officially given me a boner!!!!

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