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Ichigo Momomiya

For the earth's future, I'll be of service -Nya!

7/6/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

That's enough from you. You're just a kid!
Me, Myself, and I
Name: Ichigo Momomiya
Age: 13
Grade: 7th
Zodiac: Pisces.
Height: 5’1" Weight: 92 pounds.
Bloodtype: B

Nyaaa~ Now the boring stuff is over, im here to tell you a little bit about meee-oww =^.^=
Konnichiwa. I was basically just a normal cute, loving girl who was on an average date with Masaya Aoyama. Everything was fine until my DNA was mysteriously merged with the DNA of an Iriomote Wildcat.

I'm now the leader of the Mew Mews, a group of girls who DNA has also been merged with endangered species. We have to save the world from Chimera Animas, the aliens, and the alien leader, Deep Blue. I really didn't want to be apart of this project, and im still not entirly sure i made the right choice, all i want to do is spend time with my crush, Aoyama-Kun.
When i feel different emotions, from excited to nervous my cat insticts and features find their way to take over my human DNA.
Enough about meow, how are you feline?

Project Mew Mew
Originally, I wanted nothing to do with the "Mew Project" but now here i am, serving to save the world and using up all MY spare time. -sigh- i'll never get to spend time with, Aoyama-Kun. I guess after realising what i am, the importance of the task assigned to me is to save the world.
I now work in my bosses (Ryou Shirogane and Keiichiro Akasaka) so called undercover headquaters, "Cafe Mew"
I Am
ordered to defeat chimera animas – alien parasites – which infect animals and turn them into monsters.
My Team Mates
who can also get quite annoying ¬.¬;;
Mint Aizawa, Yes that spoiled, wealthy girl who is infused with the genes of the Ultramarine Lorikeet.
Lettuce Midorikawa, a meek girl who endures constant bullying and absorbs the genes of the Finless Porpoise
young Pudding Fong, who receives the genes of the Golden Lion Tamarin.
Zakuro Fujiwara, a professional model infused with the genes of the Gray Wolf. Also known as Mints idol.
Mew Mew Style,
Mew Mew Grace,
Mew Mew Power,
In Your Face!

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  • Ichigo Momomiya [current roleplay]

    Aliases Mew Ichigo
    Age 12-13 year old
    Gender Female
    Known relatives Shintaro Momomiya (father)
    Sakura Momomiya (mother)
    DNA Iriomote Wildcat

    Ichigo has some aspects of the typical magical girl heroine personality: sweet and caring, shy around her love interest, and is overactive when she is mad or excited. Overall, she is a friendly person who's willing to give people second chances.

    She is injected with the DNA of an Iriomote Wildcat. Later, as the story progresses, her cat DNA begins to overtake her human DNA. When she is excited or nervous, she grows cat ears and a tail. But if she gets to anxious or excited, she turns into a cat. In the anime, when she kisses someone, she turns into a cat. In both versions, she must kiss someone to turn back to normal. Her crush is Masaya Aoyama.

    Ichigo's parents are Shintaro Momomiya and Sakura Momomiya. Her father, Shintaro, is irrational, overreacting whenever Ichigo is late, and disapproves greatly of Masaya Aoyama before getting to know him. Her mother, Sakura, is more understanding.

    In the anime Ichigo has the ability to talk to cats, even when she is not in her cat form and not even transformed into Mew Ichigo. It is later stated by Keiichiro that she can understand cats due to her cat DNA. When transformed into a cat, she also seems to be able to understand other animals, for example, dogs and birds. In the manga, she only seems to be able to understand cats when she is in cat form.

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  • =^.^= ((old roleplay))

    Name: Hyuga Hinata
    Age: 13
    Birthday: 27 December
    Zodiac: Capricorn
    Rank: Genin
    From: Leaf
    Teacher: Yuuhi Kurenai
    Teammates: Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino
    Family: Hyuuga Hiashi (Father), Hyuuga Hanabi (younger sister), Hyuuga Neji (cousin)
    Most heard phrase: "Naruto-kun" (plays with fingers)

    Background: Successor of Hyuga, the oldest noble clan in Konoha. Naruto's secret admirer.

    The Deal with her: Hinata is burdened with the fate of being Hyuga's successor. Shy and inward in nature, she gets depressed easily. She blames herself for being weak and tries hard to change herself. Hinata idolizes Naruto, whom she believes to be strong and confident. She managed to gain a little more confidence in the Chunnin exams when Naruto cheered her on.

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