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--The Jo-tastic Phenomenon--

How now brown cow. Who knew, blue shoe?

6/13/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Mwhahaha. *evil laughter continues for a long time*
Me, Myself, and I
Welcome to the dark side. Aka, Jo's world. And no, we do not have cookies. They're brownies, for Carlisle's sake.

Jo enjoys long walks on the beach with her kangaroo, Scrappy Coco, who's hair is a bright shade of pink.

Wait....This isn't a dating profile? Ohhh. Oops. Oi, we did it again.

We made this group because Jo told us not to, which was stupid, because she knows we never listen.

Ha ha, Jo.

Ha ha.

Soo....I'm running out of things to say. 'Cause there's just that many cool things about Jo. It's too much for my little human brain to handle. :L

Be envious.

You know you want to.

Be envious NOW!
Okay, I see how it is.

I see.

I see it.

I is not blind.

I is NOT a fruit fly!!!


Do you see any wings on my back?

You do?

OMC!! WHERE???!!!

Ohh, I see. Trying to be sneaky, are we.

You'd better be envious, or I'm gonna...



Who let the dogs out?

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  • The Life of the Jo-di (Jedi, Jodi. Get it?)

    CAUTION: We are not responsible for heartburn, nausea, indegestion, upset stomachs, diahhrra, burned-out eyes, lost purses, or stolen walets. *shifty eyes*

    Jo was born in a watermelon patch. It was a rather sad-looking watermelon patch, actually. But that's beside the point.

    Soon after birth, she was KIDNAPPED (*le gasp*) by two unpreportional spidermonkeys!! One had two different colored eyes. One was green. It was the same one.

    After being raised (well, mind you; table manners are a very good trait) by the spidermonkeys, she was KIDNAPPED by Ninjas, whom taught her the way of the Flob.

    She now lives in Mexico City where she trains Kangaroos for a living. She owns one, named Scrappy Coco (but he likes to be called Sexy Beast) and he has pink fur. He is a recovering alchoholic, but he sneaks one every now and then.


    1 Comment 266 weeks

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  • The story of the Jotastic Phenominalkjakslfhksajfgobblababab­awabble.

    Lyrical Madness by Lyrical Madness
    One day, an elephant stepped on a mouse and the mouse said, "OUCH. What's the big idearr?" And the elephant shrugged and said, "I can't see my feet." The mouse said, "Oh. I'm sorry. Well, I saw this show called the Biggest Loser. It sounds like your cup of tea." The elephant smiled. "Well. Thank you." And the elephant walked off.

    In related news.

    One day, two peterfish lesbians adopted a baby rat. They named it Jo. On the other side of the planet, in Hong Kong, another rat was adopted. They also named it Jo. In England, though, there was a hazel nut that someone ate.

    And one day, a starfish and a sponge met a three year old. She weilded [welt? :L ] a lightsaber. They decided to name her UkranianTyranasaurousIndestructabl
     eMonkeyLighsaberhavingchildofthe UkranianTyranasaurousIndestructabl
     rn corn. They treated her unfairly, always saying horrible things like, "Hello" and "How are you today". It was horrible. UkranianTyranasaurousIndestructabl
     rn ran away and became a member of the Jedi force. But the dude with the wierd face and funny mouthwords said "Hello" to her too. She ran and joined the forces of the antinazis. She renamed herself 'Jo' because no one could remember her real name.

    Like sands through the hour glass.

    So are the days of our lives.

    The LeEndage.
    0 Replies 238 weeks
  • The Useless Forum

    Harry Cruentus by Harry Cruentus

    PARTY!!! :D

    Or not, your choice.

    *gets out the punch*
    13 Replies 266 weeks

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