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Jamie T

??? ??? ???

9/29/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 16
  • from Horsham
  • I am Single
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  • Last active: 6/21/12
  • www.bebo.com/jamieft1
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About Me

I Love Adrenaline Pumping Through My Veins
Me, Myself, and I
Heyyaaa im Jamie!!!!
I live in Horsham

I love playin guitarrrr and i love my new Gibson SG
---[]--- Support ROCK
---[]--- add the GUITAR to your page

"I may be shit at it bt its still fun!"
The Other Half Of Me
Oscar B

Oscar B

Oh Yeaaa

TBH Im up for anythin eccept rap.
My fave band is linkin park and im actually hooked on the album Meteora
Anything Really
If its recomended ill watch it
Anything Extreme
Happiest When
On Holiday :) , With Friends, Boarding, And Any Time The Adreanline Is Pumping!!

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    1. Who r u?
    2. r we friends?
    3. Wen n how did we meet?
    4. Do u hav a crush on me?
    5. Wud u kiss me?
    6. Give me a nickname n explain y?
    7. Describe me in 1 word!
    8. Wat was ur 1st impression of me?
    9. Do u stil fink da same?
    10. Wat reminds u of me?
    11. If u cud give me nethin wot wud it b?
    12. How wel do u knw me?
    13. Wens da last time u saw me if u evr saw me?
    14. Evr wnted 2 tell me sumthin u cudnt?
    15. To put it bluntly, wud u shag me?
    16. Do u fink im fit?
    17. Hav u told ne of ur m8's bout me?
    18. If we was 2getha rit now wat wud we b doin?
    19. Wat wud b the very last thin u evr say to me?
    20. r u goin 2 put dis on ur blog n c wat i say bout u?

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How about a magic trick? *Takes out a pencil and sticks it down into the table* Im gonna make this pencil... dissapear.

Technology is getting so stupidly powerful. For example my iPod can hold 3,000 albums. I own, like, 90 albums. My iPod sits at home sullen and frustrated and underused, like a wife who gave up her career and the kids turned out to be shite!

I'd Love A Gay Dad. When my mates were saying my dad will batter your dad a could say my dad will shag your dad and your dad will like it .

I don't like Vodafone's tagline... 'The worlds biggest mobile commmunity' ...surely that's the gypsys?

I drew the duck blue because I've never seen a blue duck before

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  • Dom Clarke
    Dom Clarke

    OMG... this girl is wearing nothing but her panties on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on CorinaDemiltxhudp@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Dom Clarke
    Dom Clarke

    I netted in $570 in three days being on the web! It came from - http://bit.ly/dsEjy7 You will love me for this!

  • Kaz.X
    luv Kaz.X

    Love for the bez:) LoveyOU x x x x

  • Kaz.X
    luv Kaz.X

    SHUT UP UR MY BEZ NOT THERES:p i think i kinda advertised it a bit though:L LOL:P o well your smell goes with u;) Ly loadz x x x x

  • Kaz.X

    JAMMMMMIIIIIEEEEEEEEE hugo boss anyone;) ly x x x x

  • Kaz.X
    luv Kaz.X

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy right. here it goes.. before u decide the answers no. you ARE going to come see me like every other week at college. and u ARE going to let me do your hair. cos if u dont ill be EXTREMELY upset and then ill be crying even more on the last day! and and and you HAVE to let me straighten ur hair with man straightners:P or nicky clarkes cos theyre better:) but yeah am gna miss you jim jam:( you have to keep meeting up with me! Ly x x x x

  • Kaz.X
    luv Kaz.X

    Jim Jam:'( i'm missing you already:( LoveyOU x x x x

  • Kaz.X
    luv Kaz.X

    I love MY best Friend:D XD even if he does smack me in the head with a frisby at full speed:O x x x x

  • Kaz.X
    luv Kaz.X

    Dearest:) I WANT to straighten your hair! i might lob straightners to school at christmas i can striaghten ur hair during the day:) You Have NO choice:) x x x x

  • Kaz.X
    luv Kaz.X

    Love For Jim jam =) x x x x

  • Kaz.X
    luv Kaz.X

    Aha:P O dear! u sounded smart today though with all your technical talking;) Not that i would notice since i was too busy flirting!!!!U SILLY! Click Reply:) x x x x

  • Kaz.X
    luv Kaz.X

    BONNNJOURRRRR :D ca va? OMG P.E TOMORROW:D (L) click reply x x x x

  • G-E-Mmm
    luv G-E-Mmm

    Hiii!! good thankyou :D how are you? not a lot, audition today for the musical went a bit wrong :( but ahh well :L what about you?? of course :D g-e-mmm@hotmail.com (: x x x x x x

  • Kaz.X

    Erm i have no clue.. its going to be good though :D I'll let Allie Plan this one :) x x x x

  • Charlaface.

    hi lol it's charlooney@hotmail.co.uk it's an old address, don't ask :L

  • E L J .
    E L J .

    yeah i'm good thankyou! sorry it's taken me so long to reply :L what you been up to this weekend? add my msn ebuni-louise@hotmail.com

  • Kaz.X
    luv Kaz.X

    Hellooo:) ermm well to put it bluntly ill. Everyones not used to me allie n indz outside skl the way we were. everyone thought we were drunk:L . MEH! MEMORIES LAST NIGHT:D u ripping my pocket:O me knicken ur shoe LOL! Us playing with our shadows:) And our talk staring at them funny stars which ARE teeth that people have lost:P (L) More memories to be made at other bonfires jim jam:) Ly rather a lot x x x x