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Gary Oldman

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  • Male, 76, Luv 19
  • from Your mothers vag!
  • I am Down for Whatever
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  • Member since: June 2008
  • Last active: 11/22/12
  • www.bebo.com/GaryBigBulb
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About Me

You ever been FUCKED by Gary Oldman.....BITCH!!??
Me, Myself, and I
Hey everyone i'm Gary..........! :D

I'm a Brittish Actor/ Director/ Minge Specialist...............
Sadly i moved out of the palace of dreams, well i was kicked out.

Due to my bedtime farts and other shenanegans.
I used to live with:

Neil "Brook" Mclaren, My least favourite Gothic Prince!!
Angus "Kelly" Miller, Un-hillariously large and strong smelling Bulbus
John "Kemnay" Walker, Fought 5 guys in the ASDA toilets with his penis.... GAYLY!

I'm looking to extend my career into the porn industry.........
because of my massive, constant, raging Whale boner.......
So if any of you ladies are interested.........
Angus and Gow will be holding auditions...... Contact them!!
The Angus Miller Project, Those Dam Hip-Hop Boyeeeeez,
I Killed A Deer With Some Shoes......
Hanibal, Harry Potter 3, 4, 5, The Fifth Element, Sid And Nancy, lost in space, Nil by Mouth!!
Backdoor Sluts 9
 MPING YOUR MUM'S (shmegma filled) GASH.........................
Scared Of
Spooky Ghosts....... Waking up to discover i am no longer Gary Oldman.......................
 john walkers suprisingly comfortable genital hammock.....yet as crust n grime worthy as the underside of sinister stus gouche pubes...........but only mildly scary compared to bumhole miller's cum-plop farts!
Happiest When
Waking up and realizing i am Gary Oldman......... then turning round and poking your mum's
hairy vag!!
I AM>>>>
Do i tickle your FANCY..............
I MEAN.........................
 . FANNY/teeet!?

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  • Gary Oldman
    Gary Oldman

    Kickin back smellin' my fishy bell for the first time in a long time!

    Ladies love 3 things:
    Fishy rims,
    Godly thrusts
    Wallets full of dolla and contraception. 

    Give me a waft of yo gash if your interested in finding it filled to the brim with Gary's special jelly. 

    Peace out. x 

  • Eva Actress Dogg
    luv Eva Actress Dogg

    hi gary nice page

  • Disco Bomb The John
    luv Disco Bomb The John

    Hey gazza i left you a bebo mail.... Wanna reply to me... or we may have to arrange a fight! And y'kno what happened last time we faught.... Yeh We ended up making passionate love.... Oh and have you heard from angelic angoose? I was wondering how he got on with his end of college revelations etc. Maybe we can meet up for a pie sometime?

  • Disco Bomb The John
    Disco Bomb The John

    Hey Oldman....! I'd like to thank you for puttin me back into your top friends it really means a lot! I think our good friend Angoose has deleted his bebo due to the pressures of stardom. I hear he has nabbed a couple of your upcoming roles!? Oh well shit happens Old-Dog, shit happens. P.S Looks like your becoming ever popular with the ladies again i see? \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ good on ya dog!

  • Debrara

    spunk on me too

  • Disco Bomb The John
    luv Disco Bomb The John

    No probs Gary!! I actually forgot i haad it for a while.....! hahahah But yeh sure i'll come round some time.... Wen you free?

  • Deen
    luv Deen

    howdy big G. yeah i do alot of plowing, and mowing lawns. fertilizing and what not. yeah no bother al give that weed a good seeing to. cool.. ah nice choice of movie i can bring the2nd and 3rd one aswell as a selection of cheeses we'll make a party of it.

  • Tara Hunter
    luv Tara Hunter

    hey :) em i might actually, i'll have a look about :) hum that's mean of him/her then xx

  • Katie O Brien
    Katie O Brien

    Hey old guy!

    10/1/08 via Mobile