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Jon Molyneaux

Tonight calls for whores just to talk to.

3/19/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 23, Luv 21
  • from Near Exeter
  • I am Single
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  • Last active: 3/19/09
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  • Miss A
    Miss A

    I just netted $931 in 5 days in my spare time! I love this site - http://goo.gl/dXIIB Remember who hooked you up!

  • Leanne In A Can.
    luv Leanne In A Can.

    Oh my god mr. molyneaux you do not understand how much me and jodi miss you. I mean it. I don't think we've gone a day without saying your name. I guess you nor us realised how much of an impact you made on our lives. I know you're having fun we're happy for you. eeeek. How is Uni? x

  • AndyPandy.
    luv AndyPandy.

    haa, introducing... the one! ... the only ... JOHNN MOLYNEAUX!! xD fun times, how are you ? ly xx

  • Leanne In A Can.
    luv Leanne In A Can.

    working nights sounds proper sucky. someones gotta do it right? bet you've had alot of money which is something i've seriously been lacking. I had a phonecall from college the other day saying that they didn't know if I could come back because my grades weren't good enough to carry on with psychology. lame thing to be told on the phone but i'm going to try and wiggle my way in. eeeek, well worried. I got a c in english a d in communication studies and an e in psychology but i'm ready to try really hard this year. oh yerh an I got my certificate for journalism the other day made my mum put it on the fridge ;) let me know about meeting up we'll drop anything and put you as priority. miss you sir. x

  • Leanne In A Can.
    Leanne In A Can.

    phew! thought I might have missed you already and you went without saying bye. Let me know if you're doing anything or if you want to meet up with me and jodizzle because I know we both want to wave goodbye to the molyneaux. Not quite sure when I start college but i'm going back to do psychology and fast-track literature which isn't too bad. They tried to get rid of me but I clawed my way back in. let me know about stuff and i'll definitely be there. hope you're okay and stuff ;) xx

  • Leanne In A Can.
    luv Leanne In A Can.

    just passing through know myspace is my best bet to catch you but when do you leave for uni? you going out for drinks? etc.

  • Holly Harrison
    Holly Harrison

    Are you poooorley?! :( xxx

  • Holly Harrison
    luv Holly Harrison

    HAVE SOME LUV JON :) xxxxxxx

  • Chris Essery
    luv Chris Essery

    Yeah that'd be wicked mate, we should do something within the next couple o' weeks. But yeah.. i'm good cheers. getting slightly bored of the holidays. dear god, i never thought i'd say that. but other than that i'm alright cheers mate. xxx

  • Chris Essery
    luv Chris Essery

    JOOONNNNNNNNN Yeah, it's been way to long buddy. Need to meet up for a few beers some time soon. How's it all going for you? x

  • La.
    luv La.

    Trust me, it will never count, to anyone. Well, if you want the proper zoo experience... You're just bloody jealous, cricket-st-thomas-boy. And anyway, your zoo will be terrible; you know nothing of zoos! Yehh, but then you'll just ditch me off your top friends lke the fickle socialite you are. (:

  • La.

    See.. isn't it better to let that all out? And no, Cricket St Thomas really doesn't count. I actually havn't been enough times; might go on a mish to London Zoo soon. (: It's fine. Friends are bad. I lke a total of 3 people. (:

  • La.
    luv La.

    Shutup. You wish you were as cool as me. Cockfag. You went to the zoo for the first time in your life!? What did you do in your childhood?! Straighten your hair?! I'm utterly ashamed of you. I am well. Recovered from the weekend, just. I really should get some help. Or some better friends.

  • La.
    luv La.

    I saw the comment. I definatly have a problem.