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  • Cant sleepp...

    1) Do you hate being alone?
    Its alright i guess

    2) What would happen if the last person you kissed, you had a kid with?
    Hmm then we would have a kid.. :L Scary stuff tho lmao

    3) What did you do today?
    Woke up.. Nothing.. HOCKEY!

    4) Last time you were on the phone?

    5) Who will you be sleeping beside tonight?
    Noone.. Or maybe my dog if he comes up lol

    6) What kind of mood are you in?
    tired.. sad.. happy..

    7) Who were you last in bed with?
    Haha hmm my lil bro.. Watching some television.

    Are you going to be engaged any time soon?
    Probably not

    9) What's the best part about being single?
    Not sure actually

    10) Do you watch 'The Hills'?

    11) Wearing any bracelets?

    12) Last thing someone bought for you?

    13) Do you feel awkward when strangers say hi to you?
    No not really

    14) Are you any different now than to how you were a year ago?

    15) Are you taller or shorter than your mum?

    16) Is anything upsetting you right now?
    Missing my girlfriend too much.

    17) If you married the person who last text you, what would your last name be?
    JamesDay.. :P Corey is going to have to change his last name if we got marred :L

    1 Who was the last person you cried in front of?
    Probably my dog.. :L but person probably kelsey

    19) What's your agenda for tomorrow?
    School. Floor hockey. School. Vball. Be lazy for a bit hopefully talk to kelsey and probably go to bed

    20) If you could have one person with you right now, who would it be?

    21) Does anyone know your password besides you?

    22) Did you have a good day yesterday?
    Not the best

    23) Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?
    Depends on with who lmao

    24) What woke you up this morning?
    My lil nephew haha :)

    25) Where are you?

    26) Did you kiss or hug anyone today?

    27) What's on your mind RIGHT now?
    Hmm a bunch

    28 ) Ever thrown up in public?

    29) Would you take a bullet for anyone?

    30) What do you want to be when you grow up?
    Not sure at the moment

    31) Who is your top friend on bebo?
    Idk alot lol

    32) What makes you happy?
    Kelsey.. Family.. Sports.. Scoring lmao idk theres a lot

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  • music lessons ! haha

    on top of spaghetti all covered with cheeeese,
    i lost my poor meeatball when somebody sneeeezed,
    it rolled off the table, and onto the floor.
    and then my poor meatball, it rolled out the door.
    it rolled down the stairs, and into a bush,
    and then my poor meatball, it turned into mush !

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