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In Love

I miss my hubby so much right now I need him so bad

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About Me

I hate life so much
Me, Myself, and I
im a mommy to a baby girl name gabriella she is my world i love her so much im engagnt to chris he is my world my heart and soul i dont know what i would do without him if i lose him again then i dont know what i would do well i love to play sports hang out with family and friends and party
Linkin Park Green Day All American Rejects Fall Out Boys System OF The Down Nelly Evanescence
I love sports alot sports are my life i play baseball basketball and football these are my fav sports in the world

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  • I wish my life was better

    I wish my life was better but its not better its getting to the point were i don't want to be on this earth anymore i hate this town and i hate liveing in this house i wish i could move out of this house and state then i think my life where be better if i was gone and out of this state and far alway from here i want to do something stuiped again but i can't do anything stuiped again buz i promise alot of people that i won't do anything stuiped but its so hard not trying to do something stuiped when you feel the way i feel all the time now sad all the time and i wish i was happy but on the inside i'm dieing so bad right now and its killing me being this way buz i try so hard trying to be happy i think to myself why i'm on this earth for when i just don't want to be on this earth anymore i'm tired of everybody yelling at me and saying i should die well they might get there wish buz its killing me knowing that people want me die and they are not jokeing about it that really hurts me knowing that buz now its stuck in my head that i shouldn't be on this earth anymore i don't eat that much anymore or not all and i don't sleep at all so i just stay up all night think about alot of things like should i die or should i live should i do something stuiped again or not but keep thinking to myself don't do anything stuiped buz the last time you did you hurt the people that care for you and love you so don't it and keep your promise to them and i'm keeping my promise to everybody i promise

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  • I can't take my life anymore

    I can't take my life anymore i wish i was die and then i don't have to worry about hurt everybody that i love the most or my friends but that all i'v been doing now its hurting people and i'm sorry for all the people i hurt i didn't meant to hurt you i hate this town i wish i was out of this town buz then my life where be better without this town buz everybody in this town yell at me everyday and i hate people yelling at me i do and it makes me cry so hard and it makes me think do i need to be on this earth anymore if people just yelled at me sometimes i wish i was never born then i don't have to be this way alot or worry about everybody that around me and care about and love to dealth i wish i could be happy but thats not going to work anymore buz i can't be happy anymore buz i have this problem and i such do something about it but i'm not buz i'm to far in it now to do anything about it everybody try so hard to make me happy and i thank everybody for that and i love you guys for that alot

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  • I Love My Bebo Family

    I love my bebo family alot i don't know what i where do without them in my life buz they mean the world to me i hope i don't lose anybody that is in my bebo family buz i will do something stuiped if i lose anybody out of my bebo family i love all of you guys alot i where do anything for u my bebo family means the world too be i love all of you guys alot

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  • XFuckxUpX

    i don't think i have spoken to you have i?

    1/16/13 via Mobile
  • Asakura

    nice bebo!:)

  • Eden

    why r u soo sad?

  • Big Brother
    luv Big Brother

    hello emogirl that cuts her self i am inviting u to join big brother if u wud like u can ask sum of ur friends to all u have to do is write the application on my blog thank you big brother

  • -Aroha-Witana-Crichton- 4/9/09
  • Isabel Murphy
    Isabel Murphy

    Wow . . your reaaally depressed... :L

  • -Aroha-Witana-Crichton-

    Hey ya thanks for acceptin me xD.

  • luv Lollipop

    Great! it was fun at times and boring too. but it was ok. thanks for asking! ^^ how was yours? Give EmoGirl That Cuts Herself your luv for today. "Luv is blind, so why can I see you?"

  • 8/30/08
  • luv Lollipop

    o. wow. :D

  • luv Lollipop

    nmjc is all. what about you?

  • luv Lollipop

    im great! thanks for asking! ^^ how bout u?

  • luv Lollipop

    your very, very,very, welcome!! ^^ thx for being my friend!!!! ^^ Give The Girl Who Cry Everynight your luv for today. "Free luv, it didn't do anything"

  • Neko Serena
    Neko Serena

    H i i i i i i :D omg im so sorri i havent been on for months TT~TT :( i forgot my damn pass >_< silly meh xP i missed yuu ='[

  • Kagome H
    Kagome H

    no problem :D thnx 4 acceptin lol x

  • Lil Emo Cupcake
    luv Lil Emo Cupcake

    hey girl ur my army on vamp thing lol just wanted to say hey

  • Neko Serena
    luv Neko Serena

    hehe eres yoor luv back ^___^